• Chinese working without permits arrested


    At least 11 Chinese were apprehended by the Bureau of Immigration (BI) in a metal fabrication company in Bulacan for allegedly working without the necessary permits. BI spokesperson lawyer Elaine Tan said the agency’s operatives apprehended the Chinese who were caught working for the company. She noted that 11 Chinese were caught supervising and assisting in the operation of metal moulding and metal fabricating. The arrested Chinese were identified as Wang Zhiming, Chen Zhongji, Sze Chun Ni, Sze Mang Hung, Liu Song, Zheng Kang Yan, Wang Fanjiang, Guo Guosen, Li Chunjia, Wu Hongshun and Chen Jian Shi.


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    1. That is the problem with a number of Chinese controlled companies. Joblessness in RP is already high and yet this foreign owned companies are using foreigners, even illegals to works in their operations. A major nuisance are those who operate resource companies, fabrication, and furniture manufacturing. BI should increase its monitoring of companies with significant foreign ownership and take appropriate action as needed. Town and city mayors must provide strong support to BI to prevent our own people getting displaced in our own country.