• Chinoy speaks on China incursions


    Dear Sir,
    My family is pure Chinese and we value our heritage. We have been in the Philippines for more than 50 years and the Philippines is now home to us, and our other relatives who come from Mainland China. We would like to tell our fellow Filipinos that we have long deplored what China is doing to the Philippines and to its other neighboring countries. Their incursion into territorial waters that do not belong to them is wrong not only to us but to the eyes of everyone. We are ashamed of what they are doing and hope that they stop in due time.

    What China is doing is shaming us Chinese here in the country but we could only do as much, by way of relaying our opinions on the issue. We agree on the United States’ pressing for the Asean-China Code of Conduct, which is freedom of navigation. China made restrictions on fishing to the detriment of many fishermen including our fellow Filipino fishermen. We hope and pray China lifts its new law and its new restrictions. We hope our fellow Chinese there would see the light. We will continue sharing our views in this regard. Thank you.

    Jessie J. Ng
    Vista Verde


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    1. 我是一个中国人,目前在菲律宾工作,我认为中国不会入侵菲律宾我敢保证。中国只会攻击日本。I am a Chinese, currently working in the Philippines, I think China will not invade the Philippines, I’m sure. China will attack Japan.

    2. I think our Chinese brothers need not worry that our hatred towards Peoples Republic of China will be applied to you. Chinese-Pinoys play an important role in Philippine society. In fact the richest Pinoy is Henry Sy a 100 % pure breed from China. John Gokongwei is also 100 % Chinese. But Chinese who are in the Philippines are now Filipinos

      • Rosauro Feliciano on

        What we say we have to do and when we do we have to explain that in fact it is working. There are those who say things with sugar coated words. We believe only if what they say is associated with what they are doing. Look around us our economy is not controlled by us native Filipinos. As I say when we say something it must be supported with objective evidence, and not by hearsay evidence or subjective evidence. So answer these questions: Is it not true that most of us native Filipinos are terminated from works after a period of months dictated by employers and re-hire for another equal period of months or so, then again terminated and the cycle repeated? Who invented this scheme or idea? Is this a law promulgated by congress? What I am saying here is not inference but factual truth. Where is that love of country and people? I am not insinuating to make believe that we have pseudo Filipinos in our country, far from it because I know if indeed China will attack us only the local communists, the NDF and its armed wing the NPA, will support the invaders

    3. I perceive that there are more good ordinary citizens in China than bad. It would be interesting if somebody take a free random survey, what percent of the Chinese citizens agree with their government’s action thus far, on territorial disputes with their Asian neighbors, putting their country in potential confrontation with power equal to, or more than theirs, with powerful allies, which if, it happens because of their government’s policy leads to mutual world destruction. Recently, I watched in u tube ” the voice china”. a young woman sang, ” we are family, put your hand on mine, we walk together” very touching. I believe that the Chinese government’s hardened heart will melt, not by constant threat but by love and prayer by all good people of the world for we are in this together, we are God’s children, He will not abandon us. May God have mercy on us all.

    4. To Jessie J. Ng,
      your skin might not be brown, your eyes might not be wide, but your heart, sentiments and wisdom are truly Filipino, whatever you external features may be. My family and i welcome you with open arms and hears.
      I am happily married to a 2nd generation half-Chinese, who share the same sentiments that you do. My children are 1/4 chinese and believe the same thing.
      Our ethnic origin does not define who we are, or what we are. Rather, our accumulated wealth of knowledge and allegiance to the Philippine Flag and Constitution, define who and what we are, and what we need to do in case of aggression.
      What does one do, when intruders keep on pestering and threatening our peaceful way of life? I for one does not take threats lightly. But i still follow “Thou shall not kill/” But by God’s Will, i won’t kill willingly, but i will NOT allow my family, neighbors and countrymen be invaded by anybody.
      i tell any and all foreigners: Your rights end, where my property begins. If you insist in taking what belongs to me, my family, and my children, you do so at great risk to you life and limb. I do not threaten anybody… i promise… you will not live to regret it..

      God bless you, Jesse J. Ng. We need men like you.

      Rodrigo S Zulueta, apo ni katipunero Alfonso Zulueta from torrijos, marinduque.

    5. Jess,We just hope that your motherland will be enlightened that their new power and richness is not the way to get respect from members of international community.They should look what happened to Japan and Germany in world war-2,ultimately they were defeated in the end.

    6. alexander g leonor on

      youre,now a true filipino in heart and in deeds,,mabuhay ka,,sad to say,,ive heard some comments that some narrow minded kababayan,,wants to retaliate to chinoys in case china invade our country which i am str
      ongly oppose..God Bless