Chiropractors can help in spinal conditions


Chiropractors can help address different medical conditions that could have originated from spinal care problems that are not detected by other medical means, according to the Spinal Care Chiropractic Inc.

Spinal Care is led by Gonstead chiropractic practitioner Daniel Su who graduated with a bachelor’s degree in chiropractic from the Macquarie University in Australia.

Su explained that Gonstead technique involves “normalizing the spine and getting it as good as possible.”

Gonstead chiropractic practitioner Daniel Su shows how to identify spinal adjustments at his clinic in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City. PHOTO BY REICELENE JOY IGNACIO

He explained that misalignments in the spine, called Vertebral Subluxation Complex , could lead to dysfunction of the vertrebrae, and compromises nerve fuctions, which influences overall health and wellness.

Holding a replica of a spinal cord, Su said that “a practitioner has to detech which level it [the problem]is.”

“The adjustments are much harder to do,” Su said.

Gonstead Chiropractic is described as gentle, safe, thorough, and long lasting, of which results are achieved relatively quick. It includes a specificity of adjustments, as well as the principles of patient management and detailed analysis such as history taking, visualization, nervoscope, static and motion palpation, and X-ray analysis that set the technique apart from other chiropractic methods.

Spinal Care also has its own physical therapists who are well trained to detect trigger points in a person’s body.

A trigger point, commonly known as lamig among Filipinos, needs to be released, according to Spinal Care Practice Manager April Grace Olores.

“We need to be specific in the areas that need to be massaged,” Olores said explaining the need for a physical therapist.

Su advised that patients should set an appointment before visiting the clinic, to avoid waiting on queues.

Spinal Care started in 2013, and is now located in the 9th Floor of Menarco Tower in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City.


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