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    Hey, January!

    Elsewhere, it is still winter season.

    People on my feed are either in the US, Japan or Korea enjoying the cold and snow. The closest we can get to that here are retail stores with products brought from abroad that feature winter collections, their store window displays of men and women all rosy-cheeked and glowing from the cold.


    Men? Men all rosy-cheeked and skin aglow from the cold?

    Like the guys in those KDramas a lot of people I know like to watch. Never did quite get into the hype, but I do have a general appreciation for cute boys.

    So, how does one replicate that look on guys without making them look too made up? Something one can pull off as an everyday, I-just-stepped-in-from-the-snow-all-aglow look.

    Step 1
    First, start off with a clean face. Do the usual prep for men. Cleanse, tone, moisturize. Hold off on the mattifier. We’re opting for a non-matte finish for this look.

    Step 2
    Next, we proceed to the base.
    Unlike the usual look I would opt for on males, which is to conceal what needs to be concealed and dust with powder to control shine, this look requires a bit of foundation. Mix in highlighter with your sheer finish foundation and use that all over the face. This will give the skin a subtle glow while evening out the skin.

    Step 3
    I skipped on the concealer, because our model, Guillermo, did not have extremely dark undereyes. For others that have dark undereyes, go ahead and use concealer. Sheer it out so that it still stays natural, of course.

    As you can see, now his face is more evened out and there is a subtle glow to his face from the foundation.

    Next, don’t set with foundation just yet!

    Step 4
    For a look that does not seem too thick, I’m opting for cream contour.

    Streak contouring cream along the sides of the bridge of the nose, along the cheekbones and along the temples. Blend it out. Downward for the cheekbones towards the jawline. Up into the hairline for the temples and along the bridge for the nose. Blend until you achieve your desired look.

    For this one, I ended up using too much for Guillermo’s face. He has facial hair so I didn’t need to blend all the way down to the jawline. I had to blend extra well to achieve what I wanted.

    Step 5
    After all the blending, I wanted to add a pop of color to his cheeks.

    I used a cheek tint to achieve this. I didn’t want to use powder blush because I wanted the color to seep into his skin and look natural. No need to apply it all over the cheek or along the cheekbones like one would normally do. Just dab onto the apples of the cheeks for that natural-looking blush. Blend well and even it out. Use your fingers if you find that brushes don’t exactly blend tints as well. (Just make sure your fingers are clean first!) Heat helps to blend things together.

    Opt for a cheek tint that suits the skin tone. Lucky for me, the model is fair and colors register easily on him. I used Glossier’s Cloud Paint in Haze for this one.

    Groom the eyebrows with a pomade.

    Step 6
    And finally, apply lipstick to even out the lip tone. I mixed up a color that closely matches his lip color.

    Then, set the overall look with powder. Top with a bit more highlighter and shimmer to add a glow at points where light would hit. Or just let it be. Given our weather, a little shine is bound to occur and that would already act as a natural highlighter.

    Now, all he needs is a coat, a beanie and some snow!


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