‘Chocolotito’ bad news for Floyd

Conrad M. Cariño

Conrad M. Cariño0

Floyd Mayweather Jr. definitely had a great inclination on equaling Rocky Marciano’s 49-0 record because he announced his retirement after attaining his 49th win and picked a gift opponent in Andre Berto.

Mayweather was already 38 years old when he attained 49-0 while Marciano was 33 years old when he retired with an unblemished record. And here’s the bad news – The Ring Pound-for-Pound king Roman Gonzalez, whose record now stands at 44-0 with 38 knockouts, will likely eclipse the 49-0 records of Marciano and Mayweather if the Nicaraguan continues his mean streak in the ring.

Gonzalez, who goes by the moniker “Chocolotito,” looks even more equipped to eclipse the 49-0 records of Marciano and Mayweather because he does not have major weaknesses in his game. Although he has a staggering knockout percentage, Gonzalez isn’t a slugger cut out from the mold of Mike Tyson or a buzzsaw like Manny Pacquiao.

Looking at how Gonzalez dismantled our very own Brian Viloria the other weekend, it was very clear the Nicaraguan is a ring technician who combines bone crunching punching power. He also has respectable defense and is not one to mix it up recklessly.

And like Canelo Alvarez, Gonzalez entices his opponents to punch first so he can unload his own barrage of punches. This type of boxer-puncher is actually the worst nightmare of a skilled fighter who lacks punching power and a bone-crunching puncher who lacks defensive skills. Perhaps a counterpuncher like Mayweather or Guillermo Rigondeaux can partly neutralize a boxer in the mold of Gonzalez. But fighters like Mayweather and Rigondeaux are a rarity nowadays and it looks like boxing fans want to watch boxers who have styles that are more offensive than defensive in nature.

And thankfully, Gonzalez is now the top pound-for-pound fighter today because what boxing needs to revive itself from the doldrums is to have superstars who have styles that please fans. Gonzalez, Alvarez, Gennady Golovkin, Danny Garcia, Keith Thurman and Deontay Wilder now lead the pack of new-generation fighters who have crowd-pleasing styles. But Gonzalez is on the top of the heap and is the very anti-thesis of Mayweather.

But Gonzalez is not only the anti-thesis of Mayweather when it comes to fighting style—Chocolotito learned to fight in the streets and came from abject poverty like our very own Pacquiao.

When it comes to pay, however, Mayweather is the anti-thesis of Gonzalez because the American has pocketed multi-million paychecks while the Nicaraguan has yet to snare a multi-million dollar purse.

And perhaps having a paycheck not yet as big as Mayweather’s is what motivates Gonzalez to maintain his crowd-pleasing style.

But now that Gonzalez is The Ring Pound-for-Pound king, his journey to 49-0 will now be closely watched by boxing fans who one day might rally behind him in large numbers to see him beat Marciano and Mayweather’s fight records.

So how would Mayweather react just in case Gonzalez nears and eventually eclipses 49-0?

If Mayweather tries to denigrate Gonzalez by saying the Nicaraguan never earned huge paychecks or is fighting in the lower divisions, that would only make more fight fans root for the Nicaraguan.

At 38 years old, Floyd staging a comeback and fighting a no-name or fading opponent would only invite criticism and ridicule while taking on the likes of Thurman, Garcia or even Kell Brook, all undefeated, would be risky for the American.

The Nicaraguan just turned 28 last June and could easily rack up six more victories at a frequency of twice a year, which will give him enough time to recuperate between bouts. So by fighting only twice a year, the Nicaraguan can attain 50-0 in about three years or by the time he is only 31 or 32 years old.

Gonzalez is really bad news for Mayweather.


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  1. Linda.
    I am totally sorprice by tgis casual fans, to compare Mr Floyd Marywhether or Mr legend Guillermo Rigondwaux Ortiz to any others fighter they really need to compare the level of opositon, the quilt of the opponent. Otherwise they can have not 49, 0r fifty fight and 50 ko, they can even go to 100. But they will never do with the same levels of a opponent, and with the masterfull sweet science boxing lesong for each opponent and fans.On what boxing really about and your retirement. Floyd is and expert on that. And he diserve my respect and from the real boxing lover’s.

  2. teodoro m reynoso on

    I dare say Floyd’s 49-0 as undefeated world champion in 5 weight classes involving more than 20 title bouts against quality opposition is better than Marciano’s. JC Chavez’s 63 wins and Sugar Robinson’s more than 80 wins would have meant little had they failed to win a world title.

  3. teodoro m reynoso on

    49-0 is not a mere quantifiable statistic, what counts most is the quality it contains. Floyd turned pro on October 11 1996 and won his first world title just a day short of two years in 1998 in only his 18th pro bout. His next 31 fights were mostly for the world championship in the junior lightweight to the super welterweight classes. He won the lineal championships in the welterweights thrice and the super welterweights twice. Since becoming champion, he had fought mostly against fellow titlists, either reigning, former or future champions and beat them all, most decisively. How can Chocolatito top that assuming he breaches 49-0? Not all 49-0s are created equal!

  4. Innocent Mayweather is retired but you guys who claim to hate him have such a hangover. I have always respected Rocky but never once have I ever put him in the category of exceptional boxers, yes he had a record of 49:0, so did the great Mexican Sanchez and now Mayweather had joined them and even to his most vociferous critic or hater or both we know Mayweather can surpass this record by fighting the current crop of welterweights 2 per week and rack up a 100;0 record but he knows when to move and he has just done that. One great champ who was a victim of the era he lived and fought in, is Rocky. He became a name boxer just as all the greats like the Brown Bomber Joe Louis, Jazzy Joe Walcott and Archie More were too old and their respective careers just about the sigh the last breath and if you are a boxing fan you will know what they each did to Rocky. In a few years, Mayweather will be begin to be seen for what he was in the ring, a great champ, the virtual gangsterism taking place on mainstream and social media of trying to downplay, smudge or even obliterate the boxing scientist of our times will die down in time and people will see in a nostalgic way that they denied themselves a good time of enjoying history while it unfolded. I know because Ali went through all of this but today his then persecutors are his staunch defenders. The great Mandela was not heard but hated by the media and the greedy uninformed backed by the gullible feeding fodder you always get everywhere, today his haters would crucify you for hinting that Madiba was human and like all humans he had frailties. Mayweather with all his frailties will be recognized as a great champ that he is. Others like GGG have become relevant because they were touted as the ones to stop Mayweather from reaching the 49:0 mark. We saw fossils like Boom Boom Mancini coming out of the woodwork to rubbish Floyd purely because he saw Rocky’s feat as Latin heritage. He was now picking opponents for Mayweather . For a man who killed another man in the ring I would have expected Boom Boom whose Nick name should have been Cut Cut Bleed Bleed, to uphold the highest safety standards in boxing but he was in the forefront of the crusade to get GGG dehydrate to almost prune level to fight and obviously lose a one sided fight or hurt himself against the most formidable opponent DEHYDRATION.

  5. What’s 49-0?

    Julio Cesar Chavez went undefeated in his first 87 fights before getting a draw on his 88th and finally tasting his first defeat in his 91st fight.

    Now that is an all time record.

  6. MoisesYsrael Mendez on

    Just avoid Donny Nietes to reach that 50-0 . And it would be beneficial for Nietes and Gonzales not fight each other at this point of their career.

  7. Reminder, no one believes that Mayweather equals or is better than Rocky Marciano, except Mayweather himself and his family. In all of Marciano’s 49 fights, he never runs, clinch or apply dirty boxing tactics like Floyd. The braggart Floyd is not a boxer, he is a marathon runner and Tour de France particiant.