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THE past year has been witness to fluctuating electricity rates due to the surge of demand from consumers and the shutdown of several power plants. With it being the most common source of energy used by majority of households in the Philippines, this trend has been a cause of concern among many homeowners.

As a response, individuals are becoming smarter when it comes to their energy usage. One solution hyped among these independence seekers is the use of energy-efficient appliances.

“These kinds of home partners have been around for years but their popularity in the market is steadily increasing because of the demand for energy-savings,” says Phillip Trapaga, general manager of Midea. “We can never predict how electricity rates would change so our way of dealing is to adjust our usage instead.”

He continues, “The good news is that many domestic appliance manufacturers are rising to the challenge. The only thing that homeowners need to consider now is to choose which one suits their lifestyle best.”

A common concern among new homeowners is the cost that comes with being solely responsible one’s finances and expenses. Transitioning to this can be challenging but having home partners that are designed to suit their needs can definitely make it easier.

Midea, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of appliances, caters to this segment. In addition to their global quality, the brand also includes energy-saving features that help make electricity bills easier to manage.

A good example is the Mirror Black Inverter series. This no-nonsense intelligent air conditioner features the innovative Turbo DC inverter technology that runs on a wide range of electrical frequencies, resulting in energy savings, as the compressor operation automatically adjusts based on the room’s constantly changing temperature requirement.

This is complemented by the Eco Mode feature that automatically increases the cooling temperature by 1-degree C elsius per hour during the first two hours of use before maintaining it for the next five hours, after which it will automatically switch off.

“What early-nesters really need are home partners that could provide them the same comfort they experience at their old households. This means that appliances should be all-around: user-friendly, efficient, and easy on their finances,” explains Trapaga.

Trapaga advises, “Your electric bill shouldn’t stop you from truly living independently. With the right appliances, you can actually save money while stretching your independence.”

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