• Choosing the right baby cot

    Babies spend as much as 20 hours a day in their cots

    Babies spend as much as 20 hours a day in their cots

    Baby cots are the first piece of furniture for your baby and it is used to the extent of 20 hours a day in the case of new born. You are highly relaxed when you put your baby to sleep in the cot and mostly you tend to forget few minutes to an hour when you are sure your baby sleeps well. But it is advisable not to leave the baby out of sight unless you ensure all safety measures. Choosing the right cot is very important and you should be extremely careful when you pick one.

    The varieties are amply and you could easily pick a trendy one with right choice of color and style to suit your child’s nursery. There are many models and they come with the sides that drop down, some models convert themselves into a toddler’s bed. You can also intend to use a travel cot which again solves both purposes as most moms prefer to have their own bedding for the baby for hygiene reasons. Whatever is your choice it got meet few standards to ensure safety for the baby.

    •    Purchasing a baby cot is always accompanied with the baby bedding which should also be up to the infant bedding safety standards.

    •    Never overlook to check the cot base, side bars which should be less than 2 inches to avoid the child’s arms and fingers getting trapped.

    •    The height of the sides should be more than 50cms higher than the mattresses.

    •    As you put a dot to an “i” and a cross to a “t” check each and every component of the cot to ensure its firmness and sturdiness.

    •    The edges and sharp part should be taken care.

    •    The mattresses should fit in the cot perfectly and the finger gaps should be avoided for the fear that you baby might lock her fingers.

    •    The paints used should be child friendly and lead free.
    •    Pillows need to be avoided up to 24 months of the child’s age.

    •    If you settle for travel cots try to feel the ease of folding and unfolding and some of them come with wheels so check for its smooth finish and the wheels lock ability.

    •    Some cots grow with the baby as when the baby sits the base should be lowered for the fear that the baby may tumble down. When the baby tries to stand up remove having toys near by and never place the baby cot near other furniture as the child may try to climb out. This is when the child would outgrow the baby cot and you may have to prefer toddles bed. Some types of baby cots give you the rider for converting it into a toddler’s cot.

    Your hunt for a good baby cot ends here and you have many days ahead to see your baby waking up charmingly after a sound good night sleep. Can you think of having any better good morning than something like this?

    About the author: Shubashini Srikumar is a featured writer of ArticlesFactory.com, and specializes in parenting topics.


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