Choppers bought for P1.2B defective

THEY CAN’T FLY? Some of the refurbished helicopters delivered to the Philippine Air Force.

Some of the refurbished helicopters delivered to the Philippine Air Force.

THE P1.2-billion helicopter project awarded by the Department of National Defense (DND) to a foreign supplier should be stopped as it does not only violate the terms of the agreement, but also delivered old, refurbished units, a source said on Sunday.

In an interview with The Manila Times, the source, who was privy to the deal, noted that the contract was for 21 UH-1H helicopters. But what were delivered to the Philippine Air Force (PAF) were the older UH-1D helicopters. These units, the source said, are not reliable because their parts are already “obsolete.”

“If DND awarded the contract to a qualified supplier, the helicopters should have been fully operational by 2014 and those helicopters should have been used during the Mamasapano incident,” the source added.

He said the helicopters delivered by Rice Aircraft Services Inc. and its Canadian partner, Eagle Copters Ltd., are not yet operational since they are not equipped with protective parts such as intake screen and other features that will allow them to fly under Philippine conditions.

The source said President Benigno Aquino 3rd was hoodwinked into believing that the aircraft delivered were UH 1H models.

“The age of UH 1D is older than UH 1H and the manufacturer [Dornier] is no longer existing and no helicopter parts are being manufactured specifically for UH 1D. This model is using Bell spare parts specifically designed for UH 1H, thus there is always an issue of safety,” the source explained.

“The UH 1H is a Vietnam War veteran while the UH 1D was used by the German armed forces. What they do now is they put in UH 1H parts in UH 1D choppers. There are discrepancies and these would be unsafe,” he said.

Documents showed that negotiation for the contract was headed by Fernando Manalo, Defense undersecretary for finance, munitions, installation and materiel.

The contract was approved by Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin in 2013.

In his July 2012 State of the Nation Address, the President boasted that 21 refurbished UH 1H choppers were on their way to the Philippines.

The source said Aquino lied.

“It was farthest from the truth. First, it was the UH 1D model, not the UH 1H. Second, we only have nine helicopters delivered as of now and all of them have issues. They can only fly, if they could fly, for training and will not be effective for mission,” he added.

The Times was furnished voluminous documents about the project since its inception up to the commission of several violations as stated in various communications between the DND and the supplier.

As part of a “cover-up” by Defense officials, four units of the questioned helicopters were presented last year during the PAF anniversary. But the aircraft would not even start because of engine problems.

The source alleged that high-ranking DND officials compelled PAF officials to “accept” the “defective” aircraft.

The joint venture of Rice Aircraft Services Inc. and Eagle Copters Ltd, according to the source, defrauded the government by submitting the Statement of Compliance during the negotiation, stating that they will comply with all requirements for procurement of 21 refurbished UH 1 Helicopters.

“This act deprived the government the opportunity to negotiate the project with a qualified supplier who can deliver superior quality of Bell UH 1H instead of UH 1D,” the source said.

“The Joint Venture companies also deprived PAF the chance to acquire better UH 1H necessary to carry on with its missions and enhanced its capability as part of the AFP Modernization Program,” he added.

Of the 21 “refurbished” helicopters, nine have been delivered and at least one more is waiting to be “accepted.”

Documents obtained by The Times also showed that Rice Aircraft Services Inc. and Eagle Copters committed the following violations:

Misrepresentation during the negotiation that they have the capacity to deliver within 180 days 21 refurbished helicopters; failure to refurbish helicopters at the approved facility; failure to support the end-user with the necessary manuals for UH 1D because the Dornier class manuals were written in German; and failure to supply repairs and maintenance on the discrepancies of the accepted UH 1D making the units unavailable to fly for a long time in violation of the warranty clause stipulated in the Terms of Reference.

The source said the helicopters delivered were incompatible with night vision goggles and lacked crash-worthy and self-sealing fuel cells.

All units delivered to PAF showed discrepancies immediately after a few hours of flying time.

“Non-compliance with those requirements [in the contract]is highly disadvantageous to the government whereby the pilots or the end-users of those helicopters will be having a hard time to fly during nighttime and their safety is at stake,” the source said.

Because of these discrepancies, he added, the contract for the procurement of the 21 refurbished UH 1 helicopters should have been terminated and notices to qualified suppliers should have been sent pursuant to procurement laws.

Under the contract, the supplier must deliver the aircraft on or before September 21, 2014. But since it failed to deliver within the allowed period of extension, the supplier had been paying the corresponding Liquidated Damages (LD) pursuant to the Terms of Reference of the project.

After the maximum allowable LD, the contract shall be terminated pursuant to the TOR.

“In this case, the supplier had been paying LD since September 2014. The LD had reached its maximum amount as of November 2014. There was no termination made by DND [that is]continuously conducting inspection and acceptance of the UH 1D,” the source said.

The Defense department had held three public biddings for the Huey acquisition project but all failed because the bidders failed to comply with some requirements. On the third attempt, only Rice Aircraft participated but eventually failed.

The DND then resorted to a negotiated contract with Rice Aircraft.

Section 53 of the implementing rules of the procurement law permits agencies to enter into negotiated contracts when there has been a failure of public bidding for the second time.

Negotiated procurement is “a method of procurement of goods, infrastructure projects and consulting services, whereby the procuring entity directly negotiates a contract with a technically, legally and financially capable supplier, contractor or consultant.”


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  1. The contractor of this project file a complain to DOJ and Ombudsman for alleged extortion of DOF employee asking for his commission otherwise isasabotahi sila. Amoy na ngayon ang totoo. May mga media talaga na bayaran.

  2. This is very serious matter. Not only the life of the pilot at stake but our national security as well. I think we also lack of highly skilled people like Pilot for our Phil. Air Force. Our secretary of defense is unfit to manage his dept. He should know everything about the military arms we need in our armed forces. I remember when Senator Mirriam Defensor shouted them at the senate hearing including the terrorist dept of this administration. They were sleeping… because they dont know NOTHING. pathetic…very embarrassing and shameful this Pnoy Administration. Kung may maginvade pala sa bansa natin, iam sure our defense AND ARMS will last ONLY for 1 week and this president will surrender….our nation…

  3. benith baguio on

    bakit pwding bumili ang goberno lng luma, pero sa mga surplus cars at yun lng ang kaya ng masa ay hindi pwde…… they can always amend the law when it comes to taxes of surplus cars….

  4. Mr. Reporter.

    Kindly please do some research before you write anything. UH-1D is SUPERIOR version than of UH-1H. Get your facts straight. UH-1 models are of course OLD models but they are reliable. Do not try to confuse people here. And to those making “tuwid na daan comments”, you read first also and seek facts. We are embarking on the largest AFP Modernization move compared to the last 3 presidencies.

  5. Yong mga nagsasabi na black propaganda laban kay PNOY hindi nga umaandar ang nabiling mga helicopters ano pa ba dapat patunayan. Pera na naman ng bayan ang pinambili at nasayang.


    Heto i-check nyo. Less than half million dollars lang ang refurbished UH-1H.

    raptoraviation. com/aircraft%20spec%20pages/Huey%20UH1H.html

    $ 500,000 X 21 units x P 43 = P 451.5 M

    Let’s say attached weapons and other military gadgets and requirements are not included.

    P 1.2 B – P 451.5 M = P 748.5 M

    Do you think the attached weapons and other military requirements and gadgets cost P 748.5 M and more (almost double) than the cost of the 21 helicopters?

    Take note: the helicopters above are UH-1H not the older and cheaper UH-1D.


  7. Please expose this:

    In 2004, The US Government delivered 30 refurbished, combat-ready UH-1H choppers including training and spare parts to Thailand for 30 million dollars or 1.29 billion pesos in today’s rate.

    Why do we get 21 old and obsolete UH-1D choppers without training and spare parts for 1.2 billion pesos? This is absurd.


    1) ar15. com/archive/topic.html?b=1&f=5&t=260686

    USA delivers 30 refurbished UH-1 helicopters to Bangkok to help it crush Muslim militants

    BANGKOK, Thailand — Washington has delivered 30 helicopters to Bangkok to help it crush Muslim militants in the south and guard against illegal drug trafficking in the north.

    “We know you will make good use of these UH-1s, as you have the Black Hawks you have purchased [during] the past several years, and which we hope will be the long-term future of army aviation in Thailand,” U.S. Ambassador Darryl N. Johnson told military officers.

    “Last week, the U.S. Commander of Pacific Forces, Admiral Fargo, and I met with Prime Minister Thaksin. The prime minister mentioned the difficulty the Royal Thai Army (RTA) faces, in having been trained and equipped to fight communists in the jungle, or counter an invasion from outside the country,” the ambassador said, referring to dangers Thailand and America perceived during the past three decades.

    “Now the challenges are different, particularly in countering the unrest in the south, as well as in countering drug traffickers,” he said.

    “Mobility is essential, as is the need to be able to deploy forces rapidly. RTA helicopters can and will play a crucial role in these missions,” Ambassador Johnson said.

    The envoy announced the delivery of 30 “refurbished” UH-1 helicopters to the Royal Thai Army at the RTA Aviation Center in Lopburi province, the U.S. Embassy said on Tuesday (June 29). The helicopters, plus spare parts and training, totaled about 30 million U.S. dollars, the embassy said.

    “UH-1s are normally used for day-to-day operations, generally transporting troops and light equipment. These UH-1s were used by the U.S. Army from 1967 to 1990,” the embassy added.

    In May, Ambassador Johnson said in a speech: “Whether the security threat is domestic, as in the case in southern Thailand, or transnational terrorism, as in the case of the September 11 attacks in the U.S. and the 2002 Bali attack in Indonesia, like-minded countries in the international community must come together and protect ourselves, our societies, and our citizens from the menace of militants and terrorists who seek to destroy the fabric of our free societies.”

    2) southeastsun. com/daleville/news/article_85d0608b-7487-53e7-b914-3281fd85e811.html

    US helicopter to refurbish 30 UH-1H ‘Huey’;Helicopters destined for Thailand

    Posted: Wednesday, July 10, 2002 12:00 am

    By US Rep. Terry Everett | 0 comments

    WASHINGTON – US Helicopter of Ozark has been awarded an approximately $20 million federal contract to refurbish 30 UH-1H ‘Huey’ helicopters, Congressman Terry Everett, R-Enterprise, announced July 3.WASHINGTON – US Helicopter of Ozark has been awarded an approximately $20 million federal contract to refurbish 30 UH-1H ‘Huey’ helicopters, Congressman Terry Everett, R-Enterprise, announced July 3.

    “I am pleased to announce the award of this siginificant contract to a Wiregrass company known world-wide for its expertise in helicopter refurbishment,” Congressman Everett said.

    “US Helicopter is a growing part of the defense-aviation corridor of excellence, stretching across central and southeast Alabama and employing an ever increasing number of local workers in high tech, good-paying jobs,” he added.

    “My congratulations to the men and women of US Helicopter for their skill and hard work which are truly recognized in their industry. I also wish to commend US helicopter owners David Thaxton and Dick Joyce for their continued commitment to the local workforce and our community.”

    The new federal contract includes the refurbishment of 30 UH-1H helicopters with work due to be completed by November 2003. Upon completion, the Huey’s will be destined to the Thailand army.

    US Helicopter employs approximately 150 workers at their Ozark, Alabama facility.

  8. This is another “blowing smoke in our as..”
    The reporter did not seem to have red the article about PH purchased of Bell UH-1H Huey helicopters. The DND representatives are not stupid not to check the PO requirements and send the qualified personnel to inspect prior to released of these helicopters.
    Lack of competent reporters seem to thrive in our country. This reporter lost all his credibility! Reporter these days think that readers do not scrutinize what they’re reading.

    Here is an article from defense Update written in December 2013.
    The Philippine Air Force is acquiring 21 refurbished Bell UH-1H (Huey) helicopters to bolster its combat, security and utility, transport capability, the PhilSTAR reported. The winner of the tender was a joint venture of two foreign companies – U.S. based Rice Aircraft Services Inc. and the Canadian Eagle Copters Ltd. According to the STAR, the JV will deliver the helicopters at a cost of about US$28 million, (P1.25 million, $28,000 short of the threshold the DND has set for the procurement). Rice is specializing in maintenance, repairs and overhaul (MRO) and restoration of Bell helicopters.

  9. Well as expected, one blunder after the other, one corruption after the other are being exposed and uncovered now.things are really going bad for the fake straight path of this government. the best defense of aKKKino today was: I was fooled by napenas, this billion pesos contract will also be the same palusot: I was fooled by these people. So we are made fools by the fool president. My Philippines is land of the fools.

  10. Ir seems that the author of this report did not even know what he is talking about. You must have to give your sources if you have. But then again, I guess your report is not a reliable one.

  11. Please people.. Do not believe what you read the first time around. Try to investigate the facts first.. If you check the other comments, there are some here that are trying to explain what this all is.. Or if you are skeptical, try to google and you will soon find out that the Dornier UH-1D is the same thing(or close enough) as a UH-1H. And who in the hell would accept a defective product upon delivery?? Its practically common sense.

  12. Mura kasi at ang laki ng kickback, ayan, last year, 2 choppers has crashed few feet after takeoff. Paano, ang binili nila mga “Bagong Luma.” The same technique use in buying our NFA rice, it is paid at regular price of first class Vietnam rice, kaya lang our corrupt government allowed the supplier to buy rice which are unfit for human consumption. Kaya ang NFA is associated with fowl smelling and the taste is poor. Even animals would not eat these rice because they are rejects. As a result, the tax payers are being cheated by or corrupt government officials. Same with the Helicopters. Buti na lang we wait for US HUEY, THE are proven reliable as long as maintenance is good.

  13. I see a few “knowledgeable” people here. First, check with Sarao Motors, they might have expanded their business into manufacturing/refurbishing hueys, you know everything is possible when it comes to the government, Second, check what passports pnoy & his family is using, I think they have developed a chronic hate against Filipinos, the trainer jets acquired by the cory regime from italy killed a lot of young & promising pilots.

  14. This is a job where our congress & senate excel ….. in aid of legislation …a series of lengthy investigation to ferret the truth (in aid of legislation) …then in the end kaput ….. Seriously this should be looked into, if this is accurate Pnoy should do the right thing to right the wrong that has been done, on the other hand if this article is purely bullshit the author should be shot right away devoid of further investigation. case close.

  15. Ito yata yong mga helicopter na yong katawan ang umiikot hindi yong mga blade.Naonse nanaman ang AFP General corruption ito.

  16. They can still have a use for these “1.2B antique helis”, house them in a PAF Museum!

  17. It is better to acquire a handful of 100% working pieces than a behemoth of delapidated and safety risk ones!

  18. The reporter should get his facts straight. What’s your source. Are they reliable.. Otherwise this article is misleading. DND knows what they are doing and unless fraud is committed and truly verified this article is nuts,

    • The source need to be qualified…yes. However, DND should SHOW AND TELL. Silence can be misconstrued to mean ANOMALY…that there is some truth to this report.

    • quinten garra on

      Laki ng commission dito ni Pinoy, Gasmin at Catapang. Ang kailangan matuklasan ay kanilang BAG MAN.

    • Don’t confuse the public all the more, Rice trolls. We know you are paid hacks of DND and RASI. UH-1H of Bell, indeed, has the “D” series. But we are talking of the German Dornier UH-1D here. Besides, if you are to read the Times story carefully, the differences in models and “discrepancies” are only a part of the controversy. The TOR itself and the contract have been grossly violated. How come none of the 21 flew during the Mamasapano encounter when Rice should have delivered them last year? What about navigational safety? It would have been more practical if they bought, say, 10 newer models that could fly than 21 that could not. Show us then, you trolls, that these things can actually fly and be mission effective. As you were former pilots and aircraft mechanics in the payroll of the supplier, you should show us that these junk can really fly.


      This is in regards to the PAF procurement of UH-1 helicopters. There’s a major issue that needs to be addressed with acquiring refurbished UH-1 helicopters. Namely, is the PAF getting Bell UH-1H helicopters, which they have had years of experience operating, OR, are they getting the Dornier UH-1D(Discontinued)???
      The Dornier UH-1D (Discontinued) is a copy of the original Bell UH-1H “Huey” helicopters, which are flown by many countries around the world. They look similar on the outside, but that is where the similarity ends, and the problems begin.
      Dornier stopped supporting their D models back in the 1980s, long before they even went out of business in 2008. This will be a BIG problem for PAF if they get suckered into buying the D models.
      No OEM or Bell Helicopter support – UH-1Ds are orphaned systems, there will be no support available from Dornier(since they’re not around), or from Bell Helicopters. Making parts required to properly maintain the UH-1Ds is difficult and will be very expensive to source.
      Lack of ongoing publication updates – Dornier has long discontinued providing service publication for the UH-1Ds.
      If you’re in Aircraft Maintenance, then regularly updated publications are a very important tool that all air crew needs.
      Parts similarity with aircraft having considerable differences. The potential for confusion and mixing of components and airframe parts is substantial that would result in fatally catastrophic system failures.
      The BELL UH-1H can be upgraded to the HUEY Plus, providing enhanced operational capabilities. The D models can’t be upgraded (at least not with any factory authorization or safety approvals).
      If the PAF is trying to save some money with acquisitions, the D models are not the way to go. The costs of maintaining them would be more than what they paid for, and the REAL potential costs in lives of PAF air crew can never be justified for monetary reasons.
      Give the PAF Air crew equipment that will help them accomplish their mission with out endangering their lives, and use Philippine Tax payer money wisely.

      Quote from: xfactor09us on August 31, 2012, 02:56:09 PM
      Hello Marine Air Crew or is it UH 1 Air Crew?

      First let me state that I am currently a German Solider who maintains the UH-1D in Germany. Is it just me or does it seem like Marine Air Crew has a hidden agenda? Let me break this down for everyone in this forum that way no one is misinformed such as Marine Air Crew(MAC)

      1)MAC:The UH-1D are probably a slightly cheaper in terms of acquisition costs, but the operational, maintenance, and safety costs would be tremendously greater than sticking with the UH-1H model.
      Correction: The German UH-1D is regarded as the best UH-1 Helicopter ever built. It is far superior to any UH-1H currently flying in this configuration. Due to it’s SLEP Program (Structural Life Extension Program) and excellent maintenance job the German Forces have sustained. It is a common perception that the UH-1D’s that the PAF will be getting is of the original model that Bell Helicopters built. These models were, as you correctly stated, built under license by Dornier. I don’t know if you have bought anything from a German but it is always excellently maintained and well documented. The UH-1D’s are pristine.

      2)MAC: The UH-1H has the capability to be upgraded to the HUEY PLUS versions. The D models can’t do it, at least not one that would be approved by a manufacturer -Bell or Dornier- or by an aviation administration like the CAB or FAA.
      Correction: The UH-1D’s are eligible for the upgrade to the Huey Plus and are also better suited for it than the UH-1H. The vertical fin in the tail boom of a UH-1D is upgraded and ready for the fast fin and strake kit. The UH-1H needs the upgrade to the vertical fin. Since these will be operated in a military configuration, what does the CAB or FAA have to do with anything? None of the current PAF UH-1H (Including the Huey II) are certified aircraft.

      3)MAC:Also, the PAF maintenance crews could inadvertently interchange parts between the H and D models, which could result in some very serious safety issues – something very easy to do as they look similar on the outside.

      Correction: The UH-1D and UH-1H have the exact same dynamic components. The components on a UH-1D are manufactured and supplied by Bell Helicopters. They are completely interchangeable.

      Let me point out to everyone on this forum what you are trying to do here. Here is another forum that you have been posting this false information on UH 1 Air Crew/Marine Air Crew coincidence? I think not

      Whatever your hidden agenda is just stop it. You are embarrassing yourself as well as supplying these great people on this forum with incorrect information. May I ask Marine Air Crew/ UH 1 Air Crew what is your background on the UH-1D’s? I would assume you are a German solider/pilot/mechanic on the UH-1D being that that is the only country (Germany) that operates these machines? You are obviously not a German soldier because you would know a little more about these machines. If you choose to respond, which I doubt you will, can you please provide hard evidence on the differences between the UH-1H and the UH-1D. I CAN!

      It is easy to say that one aircraft is better than another, but what we are talking about is a contract specification. The fact of the matter is your argument that “ the UH-1D is regarded as the best UH-1 ever built”, is moot, the specifications are for commonality in the fleet. You may be ill informed, but the fleet owned by the PAF is U.S. Built UH-1H rotorcraft.

      When you ask what does the FAA or CAB have to do with anything, it has everything to do with it; a certification agency is who put the engineering to the test for the -703 engine installation. The “ Huey plus” as you put it, is actually a UH-1H Plus coming from anyone but Bell. Huey is a Bell trademark, that is one of 7000 aircraft built, not under license by another manufacturer like Dornier, Agusta, of Fiji. How long have the Doniers been retired by the German military? Is there the equivalent certification agency who kept up with the safety and operational issues? On the fin spar modification, are you saying they are upgraded with a spar that addressed the cracking issues, and was this a Dornier fix or something else? Dornier instituted the SLEP program for the UH-1D, how do you maintain it? You do remember the company that built the aircraft you say is the best…well they are out of business. Where do you get parts again, you mentioned Bell…does Bell agree with that assertion? How would you feel as a mechanic maintaining two aircraft, that by your own admission are different but look the same? If I am looking from a safety and maintainability standpoint, I want my fleet uniform or totally different models, I don’t want aircraft that look exactly the same but are different, would anyone? I am not saying there is anything wrong with a UH-1D in and of itself, but the FACTS are it is not a UH-1H, it was built under license by other than Bell, its parts are not all interchangeable, its engine was also built under license by other than Honeywell, the list could go on and on. If you are going to compare aircraft, let’s compare apples to apples…this is after all what the PAF wants, correct?
      Marine Air Crew
      Posts: 31

      Re: Retitled: UH-1D vs UH-1H
      « Reply #14 on: September 01, 2012, 07:25:36 AM »
      Quote from: gemini1 on August 31, 2012, 12:04:18 PM
      You’ve been to this thread;
      and made almost the same comment, why start a new thread?

      Do you really think that after over 30 years of continuous use of the Hueys, the PAF can still be “suckered” to get the D model?
      You’ve read the post and presumably check the link, why still in doubt?

      Do you really believe that they couldn’t??? Seriously, didn’t the previous administration somehow pay for 2 supposedly new helicopters, which turned out not to be “new”. Granted, it wasn’t for a PAF procurement. Only vigilance of the tax payers can prevent waste.
      « Last Edit: September 01, 2012, 11:14:51 AM by Marine Air Crew »

  19. At least Mike Arroyo sold only two refurbished chopper to PNP, which were not really old. Now it seems that PNoy did worst by buying 21 antique UH-1D helicopters.

    • You are grasping at straws, Kutonglupa. How can you possibly equate this with what the First Gentleman did? That’s just asinine.

    • Manuel C. Diaz on

      The US Government were giving away for free refurbished Huey helicopters. Mexico was a recipient of 21 units.Why did the Philippine government made representation to the US government to get these Huey helicopters for free. Answer would be no kickback if obtained from the United States!

  20. Vicente Penetrante on

    Let us ask: How can this be, Mr. President, when the former first gentleman is no longer the seller of those helicopters?

  21. Jego Ragragio on

    Only a single unnamed source? No other source confirms any of the claims? Did the reporter contact the AFP to get their side of the story before running this?

  22. Mr. Sr. Reporter, please get your facts straight. The German Dornier UH-1Ds Rice is supplying are licensed copies of the Bell UH-1H and are effectively identical facsimiles of each other. Their parts are interchangeable. Both the Bell UH-1H and Dornier UH-1D are based on the same 205 platform and were manufactured in the same timeframe from 1967 to the 1980’s. Your source is probably confused and thinking of the shorter, older Bell UH-1D, which was based on the 204 platform and built from 1956. In fact, some of the units, eight I think, were upgraded to Huey II standard with more power and better hot and high performance.

  23. Indeed, DND Sec. V. Gazmin has some explaining to do and investigate how PNoy and the rest of us are hoodwink by this sleigh of hands signing of contract to supply with refurbished Huey Bell UH 1H instead of UH 1D. Maisamang mai pako sa krus itong Biernes Santo yung nangguyo at nag paikot sa atin??

    • wow ha. akala ko tuwid na daan tayo, hindi pala. at hindi pa original ang pag tiktok ng pera. ginaya yung used helos ng pnp na binili na owned daw ni mike arroyo. gagawa lang ng gimmick ay hindi pa original.

  24. Im skeptical about this. according to other sources, this is just a black propaganda against Pnoy. refurbished not as good that’s why they are cheaper. if you want a better one then buy brand new.

  25. It should be noted that there are actually 2 variants of the UH-1D series. The first is the old Bell-made UH-1D, which were the predecessors of the UH-1H prevalently used by the PAF, and the German-made UH-1D (“D” for Deutchland/Germany) which are actually UH-1H helicopters built by Dornier. The ones the PAF received are the German UH-1D so technically its still a UH-1H. It should also be noted that German UH-1Ds were heavily modified and upgraded units, and have undergone SLEP years ago, and may even be better than standard Bell-made UH-1H.- Max Defense

  26. Really? Does the Author have a proof? Did the Author research?

    The “UH 1H(Hotel)” is the improved version of the “UH 1D”. “Upgrading the UH-1D to the Lycoming T53-L-13 engine(1000kW), plus relocating the pitot tube from the nose to the roof resulted in a new model, the “UH-1H”, which was to become the most produced variant of the Huey family.” Germany built Licensed “UH 1H” not the UH 1D. So if they are from Germany probably they are the UH 1H standard! All of the US army UH 1D was upgraded to UH 1H.

    “As part of a “cover-up” by Defense officials, four units of the questioned helicopters were presented last year during the PAF anniversary. But the aircraft would not even start because of engine problems.”

    Why the F*** will I accept a defective aircraft in the first place?? The PAF and DND knows what they are doing. This assets are a major procurement, and before they accept it, there is an inspection first.

    This is a misleading article.

  27. Ang yabang ng DND at government natin, ano. Dating administration bumili ng heli na luma raw eh ngayon sila bumili ng 21 heli for p1-2b defective rin, mas masahol pa pala ito

    • The original requirement was always for refurbished helos, hence the bargain price of 1.2 billion pesos. Just one brand new would have cost 350 million pesos each. There is a separate program for NEW Bell 412EPs. These 21 were purchased as stopgap. And NO, Pnoy was NOT the former owner of the 21 Hueys.

  28. WOW! This information is more trouble for PNoy. He, he, what will this administration now say about this corruption of no equal. Recall they accused the Arroyo’s for purchasing two, repeat 2 refurbished helicopters from the U.S. and made a big propaganda against the Arroyo administration. Yet, the two worked very well and there were no performance issues against it other than being “refurbished” instead of brand new. Now look at the Aquino administration, buying 21, repeat 21 helicopters but so far only 9 delivered but defective and not the correct model. Now may I challenge the yellows, all of them including the propagandists of the yellows to answer these allegations.

    • Do you even know what the First Gentleman did? He owned the Robinson and sold it to the PNP misrepresenting it as brand new. The Hueys have ALWAYS been shown in the TOR’s as refurbished. The conspiracies you guys are coming with are ridiculous. At worst, all we have here is an underperforming supplier. Nothing to see here but a whole lot of BS.

  29. I think that this article was written based on inaccurate information.

    First of all, the PAF’s requirement was always for refurbished UH-1 helicopters. This was not an oversight, this was intentional. Because of the shortfall in active helicopters the AFP wanted more airframes of the same type as the ones it’s pilots already know how to fly. Hence the decision to purchase more UH-1s. But because UH-1s have been out of production for decades now, the only available units would be refurbished airframes, hence the PAF putting out a public bid (subsequently turned into a negotiated deal after several failed rounds) specifically asking for ‘refurbished’ UH-1s.

    Second, if these were indeed former German UH-1Ds, then they would indeed count as UH-1H model equivalents, since the UH-1Ds license-built under Dornier were actually based on the UH-1H models which were outfitted with 1,400hp engines and had their pitot tubes moved from the nose to the roof of the aircraft. The units shown in the picture posted in this article seems to indicate that this is indeed the case.

    I cannot comment on some of the other accusations listed in the article, but the fact that the first two accusations I mentioned above seem to have been based on false information, then I feel it would be pertinent that the author/the newspaper fact check the so-called “source” of the information this article is based on.

  30. this is utterly disgusting! The nerve of this president lying. They should have made the contractors pay instead for the delays and non delivery of the choppers since last September of last year. I do hope both the presides and the Che president be made accountable for this transaction. Why the Vice President be included? He knows the transactions but never bothered to remind the president about it so he’s also guilty in this regards.

  31. Ninakaw na ng malacanan ang parte ng 1.2 b pesos. Kaya pinatatagpan nila ang tungkol sa helicopter.

  32. Another batch of flying coffin delivered to Juan dela Cruz – so what’s is still new to or government?

  33. wilmer andrada on

    All these money could have been better spent in resettlement projects for the homeless. The cheapest and smartest thing to do is to make secret deals with EU , Canada, Australia, USA and make a request in the name of fighting all this Muslim terrorists to give us the Helicopters,and all the equipment and arms we need in the form of Military Aid free of charge and of better quality.