CHR to continue DDS probe


THE Commission on Human Rights (CHR) will continue its investigation of the Davao Death Squad (DDS) following the claim of former police officer Arthur Lascañas that members of the group executed hundreds of suspected criminals.

Lascañas said that the killings were ordered by former Davao mayor Rodrigo Duterte, now the president of the country.

In a statement issued on Monday, CHR Commissioner Roberto Cadiz said that the testimonies of Lascañas at the Senate was “too compelling and detailed” to be ignored by senators.

“Even if Lascañas’ motive for implicating the former mayor in the [DDS] has been put to question, especially by Senator [Manny] Pacquiao during the March 6 Senate inquiry, the testimony itself is too compelling and detailed to ignore,” Cadiz said.

He added that the testimonies of Lascañas and Edgar Matobato are “sufficient basis” to continue the commission’s investigation.

In 2015, CHR Chairman Chito Gascon had declared that the commission will continue its probe on the DDS to “ultimately hold to account all perpetrators.”

The CHR will take as evidence the human bones gathered from the Laud quarry in Davao in 2009, when the
commission first conducted its investigation.

Several witnesses had said that the quarry was one of the “dumping grounds” of the DDS victims.

The CHR in 2012 asked the Ombudsman to look into the possible administrative and criminal liability of Duterte for his “failure” to look into the killings attributed to the DDS.

But in its report issued in 2012, the CHR made no reference to the human bones gathered from the Laud quarry because of a case filed by the quarry owner questioning the warrant’s validity that was used in collecting the evidences.

In 2014, the Supreme Court upheld the legality of the questioned warrant and also paved the presentation of human bones recovered from the quarry.


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  1. dating magna-nakaw on

    There is not a single evidence, an evidence that should prove beyond reasonable doubts, that Mayor Duterte ordered these killings during his administration. I think the CHR is only wasting their time, money, and resources investigating. If for some reason a human bones is found on the quarry, can they prove that bones belongs to Juan Delacruz? If the witness cannot even remember the name of the person he killed, how can you identify over one thousand victims of the so called DDS? Non-Lawyers like myself knows that you cannot get a conviction if there is /are reasonable doubt(s). DNA testing is very expensive and samples must come from living relatives of those who are dead, if and only if, those dead can be identified. With all these processes, if questionable doubts will pop up along the way again, the judge will vote against the case, and probably an early dismissal of the case.

  2. Leland Sacro on

    CHR is selective about who is HUMAN who has RIGHTS and who is not deserving. Unfortunately, it is the PERPETRATOR who is considered deserving of HUMAN RIGHTS than the VICTIM.

    The constitution must be amended to put measures in place ensuring that the CHR is not associated with any organization – be it political or religious.

  3. Mga walang kwenta talaga kayo at nagpapagamit lang kayo sa mga Dilaw. Panahon pa ni Delima sa CHR wla siyang napatunayan tapos ngayon nakikisakay pa din kayo. Unahin nyo yung mga biktima ng rape, hold up, robbery at pabayaan nyo yung mga durogista at pusher pati mga criminal. Baliktad isip ng CHR kaya inuuna pa nila yung mga criminal kse sa mga tunay na biktima