• CHR head Gascon now the biggest threat to human rights



    For the good of the country, he must resign
    IRONIC as it may seem, it is Jose “Chito” Gascon, the Commission on Human Rights chairman that President Benigno Aquino 3rd appointed in June 2015, who has emerged as the biggest stumbling block to the development of institutions and a political culture that would defend human rights in this country.

    I base this conclusion on the following arguments:

    Gascon, the last straggler of the Yellow Party still in government, has politicized the issue of human rights in the Philippines, and has transformed it into a propaganda weapon against President Duterte. He is the very first CHR chairman since the agency’s establishment in 1987 to do so, to have adopted an openly belligerent stance against the incumbent administration.

    • As such, Gascon’s thrust and activities since Duterte took power hasn’t been to build up the institutions necessary to propagate a culture of respect for human rights. It has been to paint this administration as a wanton violator of human rights, mainly by convincing foreign bodies to believe so. His real agenda is to convince Filipinos to rise up against Duterte and restore Yellow rule.

    • Gascon and the CHR he leads now have therefore lost their credibility as human rights (HR) champions, with their accusations of HR violations received with such suspicion and cynicism, that little has been done to develop respect for human rights in the country, and to instill fear in those who would violate such rights. Because of his politicized stance, Gascon has been unable to get the cooperation from other government agencies, to the detriment of human rights in the country.

    Every time I see a photo of Gascon, I can see either former President Aquino 3rd or Mar Roxas or Sen. Franklin Drilon at his back as ghosts whispering to him, how to hit the government.

    Gascon is, as it were, the Liberal Party’s remaining ranking cadre still ensconced in a government agency with a budget of P500 million yearly, and which has been paying him P4 million annually. (His salary grade of 31 is just two notches lower than the President’s 33.)

    Gascon and the Liberal Party bosses behind him.

    He was the executive director of the Liberal Party’s think tank, the National Institute for Policy Studies, the director general of the Liberal Party from 2008 to 2011, and the political director of its 2010 electoral campaign. After that, he was at Aquino’s beck and call in the Office of the President at the same time that he was a board member of the Bases Conversion Development Authority.

    As Yellow as can be
    In short, Gascon is as Yellow as can be, and the Yellow Cult’s big hope of killing Duterte with a thousand human-rights-violations cuts.

    Not only has his party loyalty determined his stance and actions. Gascon has that kind of Manichaean and messianic world view so typical of activists who went against Marcos only when it was clear the dictatorship would be collapsing.

    As Marcos was the Evil Lord he helped defeat, Duterte is now for Gascon the Dark King he will overthrow, as he practically stated in his oh-so melodramatic speech at the CHR’s recent anniversary:

    “We have entered a period of darkness, the sun is gone, night has fallen. Although we are a tropical country, winter has come. It is in this period of darkness that we shall all be tested as we fight for human rights. “

    This is a guy who must have watched too many Game of Thrones episodes, or think of himself as the Aragorn who would defeat the Dark Lord Saruman. That line “night has fallen”, if you will remember, was exactly the headline of Time magazine cover story that was one of the first hatchet jobs abasing Duterte.

    My sources have informed me it is Gascon himself who has been feeding the foreign and a section of the local press, mainly the Philippine Daily Inquirer and Rappler (both of which have had puff pieces on him), with material they could use to portray government as waging a ruthless war against illegal drugs and grossly violating Filipinos’ human rights.

    Gascon also teamed up with the Free Legal Aid Group (FLAG) lawyers to assist former Davao police officer Arturo Lascañas in his campaign to claim that Duterte himself participated in the Davao Death Squad. One can’t underestimate Gascon’s skill in conspiracies: He was the Liberal Party operator that plotted the breakaway from former President Gloria Arroyo of the traitorous Hyatt 10 which, if not for that President’s grit would have meant the collapse of her government.

    Gascon and Callamard
    It was Gascon who invited UN Special Rapporteur Agnes Callamard to give a speech at the CHR’s anniversary event. Callamard has been so obnoxiously critical of the country’s war against drugs there is a tsunami of outrage against her. It was even the CHR that paid Callamard’s air fare and five-star accommodation.

    One demonstration of Gascon’s propaganda expertise was when his staff brought media to a cell in a precinct in Tondo which was blown up to be portrayed as “secret cells”. The connotation of course was that since the detainees were concealed, they would be executed soon. The “raid” was undertaken in the evening when it would be dark outside the window, which therefore made it appear closed, necessary for such a cell to be kept secret. Daytime photos of the cell though show a huge window with bars. And that operation was timed during the Asean Summit.

    Such an issue of course wasn’t new, as the nation has been shocked in the past several months by photos of horrific overcrowding in jails not only in Manila but in Cebu City. But if Gascon was authentically concerned about this, he could have asked his staff to prepare a detailed study on how much there is of such overcrowding, and propose a plan to be submitted to Congress which can fund the building of more jails.

    The task of creating institutions and a political culture that upholds the rights of each individual is a daunting and really tedious one, which took the West generations to achieve. Who wouldn’t want such respect for human rights?

    But this cannot be done in the way Gascon assumes that Duterte has adopted a state policy of violating human rights, so that his response would be to discredit him so much he would be toppled, to be replaced by a lover of human rights, who of course would be a Liberal Party loyalist.

    Such a task requires painstaking work outside the glare of news media. Among these: working with the police to undertake continuous education on the importance of human rights; the strengthening of the police internal affairs offices (or even the establishment of human rights desks, as in the case of their women’s desks); working with Congress so it could pass the laws necessary for human rights (or just allocate a bigger budget to build proper jails); and most importantly, the rigorous investigation and prosecution of cases of human rights violations as a deterrent.

    But that won’t seem to be glorious enough tasks for Gascon.

    If he still has an ember of patriotism and has real concern for human rights, Gascon should resign as CHR head, before his term ends in 2022. I’m sure with his talent, he can recoup elsewhere the P4 million he is getting from the agency. If he decides to be kapit-tuko, to use that Filipino term, I hope the other four commissioners and even the CHR staff revolt against this Yellow straggler.

    Duterte I’m sure can find many Filipinos with a real concern for human rights.

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    1. Mario Santos on

      If it is really true what President Duterte has said “not afraid to go to jail”, then President Duterte should put Gascon in jail for sabotage. Just like UN CHR Philippine CHR is also politically motivated.
      Whatever happened to “unexplained wealth”, there are a lot of politicians and yellow party who suddenly becomes millionaire after getting elected or appointed by yellow party in public office? Why is it not being used?

    2. Gascon should be investigated on this matter. He is not fit to lead the CHR if he will only choose one side of human rights. He should work to obtain fair and balance human rights both for the victims and offenders..Instead he becomes a traitor. Anong klase.?

    3. Gascon is not credible as CHR chair! By the way, Sir Bobi, according to Cayetano’s statement in Geneva, the budget of CHR has been increased from 400 M to 700 M.

    4. Just wondering why we Filipinos always has to blame the former administration for whatever bad and worst things that is happening now in the country. And for always insisting that the yellow people or whoever belongs to the Aquino group is always behind such things. Just wondering can we not just leave them and move on.

      • Well, only if they (the past Admin) will leave the current Admin alone and let them do their job.

    5. CHR Head is an impeachable official. If probable cause can be shown that Gascon is maliciously propagating false information that is destroying the image of the Philippines, then an impeachment complaint on grounds of betrayal of public trust should be initiated against him. Then let Congress impeach and the Senate convict him.

    6. Gascon should look into the Hacienda Lusita…how long have the human rights of the farmers have been violated…time and time again! …..I suggest that congress lower the budget for human rights!!!!
      Further, if the CHR shouldered the expense of UN Calamard…COA should audit this expense if it is authorized….

    7. Ang pinakamalaking SALOT na dumating sa buhay ng mga Pilipino (next to the marcoses) ay ang mga Aquinos. Kaya dapat tanggalin ang lahat ng kanilang mga kampon sa gobyerno, lalung-alli na si Gascon. Seeing him on tv makes me sick!

    8. Everybody who wants Gascon out must suggest the replacement of this Yellow tard Gascon, his position ss CHR head will create more chaos to Philippine peace and order situation considering his bias reports and statements pronouncement specially in media, “Oust GASCON”

    9. Can someone please remove that guy Gasgascon. Can PDu30 remove him or by impeachment?

    10. All Pnoy appointees are Yellowtards, including those appointed in justice system. They never work for the country. but for the Aquino’s only.

    11. How can we remove him from his post?… it’s very obvious that he’s part of destabilizing the current government!?! he is not helping, instead he is sowing LIES!!!!! he don’t deserve to be wasting our tax payers money with his evil intentions!

    12. Angelica Enriquez on

      Thanks, Sir for informing the public. Now we know the true color and agenda of this man. I agree that he has no place in the CHR, spare our country Mr Gascon… RESIGN now. He is not fair because CHR is silent when the goverment prevented former president Arroyo leave the country for medical check up, a clear violation of human rights

    13. The Commission on Human Rights was very silent since the tenure of Corazon Aquino up to PNoy. Maybe there were no human rights problems until 2016 when President Duterte started his effective leadership. It means that not one questionable death occurred from Cory’s tenure until his lunatic son took office.

    14. The CHR should be abolished?? Agree??? If they can not do their mandate then it will be better to abolished the said agency. They are too lazy to gather hard evidence on each human rights abuse – they must also have the list of all people being killed with all the details like personal data & include also place where they were abused. Considering the budget they have, they can gather true evidence on every human rights abuse to counter files of the PNP or military personnel. A lot of missing person, up to this date they are still searching Jonas? Why not check politicians all over the country – most of them are abusing human rights???

    15. romnu nitura on

      dapat dyan kay Gaston pugutan na ng ulo iyan at saka sya mag reklamo ng Human Waste idiot na katsila dapat dyan ikulong sa secret cell na maraming surot ok Tang ——- mo gaston !!!!

    16. I thought Chairman of CHR should be a lawyer (Gascon is not) are the yellow defied the rules. and kindly look on this page: “http://www.ohchr.org/EN/NewsEvents/Pages/DisplayNews.aspx?NewsID=21586&LangID=E” as stated on the headline “Moves to impeach Nepal Chief Justice an assault on human rights – Zeid” as the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein. Does anyone here in the Philippines that CJ Corona Impeachment trial by Liberals is an assualt on human right no one, even the very own CHR. What is this a double standard..

    17. Ang hina kasi ng mga bata ni Digong e. Dapat ginawan na yang si Gascon ng dossier. Bading yan e kaya andaming baho nyan. Reyna raw yan sa mga orgy ng mga bading.

    18. Straight forward Article. Agree with every points. This YELLOW Gascon is a thorn in the administration and a scorn to our country’s image development across the world. He should RESIGN or get Replaced.

    19. Is anybody auditing their 500 million budget? i bet you the consultants are from LP, Callamard became our ‘Agnes of Lies’, perhaps we should demand a report from her Psychiatrist, Optometrist and most of all her hair stylist in that order. Appointed by a retard, Mr Gascon does not deserve a 4million salary a year!

    20. Louis L. Noveno on

      What do you expect? This guy practically grew up under the skirt of Santa Corazon de Ateneo ng Kadiliman since his days as a UP student leader and upon graduation where he became the youth leader of the Jesuit- Liberal Party- Oligarch Axis of Bullshit. But what is really painful to watch is Duterte the so called strong man is now into some ridiculous passivity in the case of this outrage. I am tired of defending somebody who doesnt care.

    21. I 100% agree with Mr Tiglao. One glaring example of Gascon of being hit man of yellow tards was his recent pronouncement that the CHR will investigate the death of abu sayaf in Bohol. How about the atrocities committed by the abu sayaf like decapitation of their captives? WTF

    22. Gascon is therefore a Traitor instead of a Patriot..

      Ginigisa nya taong Filipino sa sarili nating mantika by using our hard earned Taxes..

      PI pala cya kagaya ni Callamard na mga bayaran portraying themselves to be champion of HR..

      Hitman pala cla ng Yellowtards ni Pnoy, Roxas Trililing and the real leeches bloodsuckers of our own government ..

    23. The Great Defiant on

      why not ask Gascon to invite again Almeda and him to go the mountains where abu sayyaff is hiding and convince them to turn from their wicked ways.

      and ask Gascon to gather all the druglords and pusher in the country to change their wicked ways too.

      and yes, ask the LP to return the Yolanda funds and the illegal DAP that they have been stolen.

      if he can do that, I’m more then willing to kiss his ass.
      otherwise, tokhang na yan…

    24. Gascon since his UP days is a true yellow. He is neither a Liberal nor any other way around but a yellow.

    25. Gascon is a FAKE CHR chair same as DAILY INQUIRER and RAPPLER who spread FAKE NEWS

    26. I agree Gascon should be out.
      Aragorn is from the Lord of The Rings, not from Game of Thrones.

      • The author never mentioned that Aragorn is from Game of Thrones. He even knows Saruman which clearly shows he is aware of LOTR. You should read what he wrote and how he wrote that paragraph.

        As for this traitor CHR Gascon, the public should pressure him to step down. He is a traitor and protects nothing but the interests of his political party, the yellows and himself. Palit Bise were funded and done by ordinary Filipino Patriots here and abroad, I think we patriots must do the same thing and call for the resignation of Jose “Chito” Gascon. Protest in front of CHR office until he step down. Afterall he is appointed to that possition and not elected. He is a traitor and he will never let the Philippines prosper. He has done evil and continues to inflict damage to The Philippines and the Filipinos.

    27. Ernie Ileto on

      Gascon should be investigated for corruption. Is he authorized to invite Callamard without coordination from the government? He even paid for airfare and hotel accommodation. This is our money he is using to smear our own country and our government.