• CHR to probe killing of rape, robbery suspect


    The Commission on Human Rights (CHR) vowed to investigate the killing of a criminal suspect shot dead in Manila this week, as anxiety grows over the rising number of deaths tied to the president-elect’s crackdown calls.

    Incoming president Rodrigo Duterte scored a landslide win in elections last month after running on a ruthless anti-crime platform, with a spate of recent criminal killings by police spurring fears of a extra-judicial clampdown.

    Human Rights Commissioner Gwendolyn Pimentel-Gana vowed to investigate the killing of Alfie Turado, a suspect in a rape and robbery case who was shot dead by police in Manila Friday.

    Police say Turado was only shot after attempting to grab the arresting officer’s gun.
    Gana said the investigation will determine if the police used excessive force in the arrest of Turado.

    On Friday, Philippine National Police spokesman Chief Supt. Wilben Mayor defended the use of lethal force, saying that officials will conduct an investigation if Turado’s family filed a complaint.

    He added that fears about extra-judicial killings were overblown.

    “The reason why the suspects were killed is because they engaged in shootouts (with) law enforcers,” Mayor told reporters.

    Duterte, who takes office on June 30, has been accused of running vigilante squads that have killed more than 1,000 suspected criminals in the southern city of Davao where he has been the long-time mayor.

    Following Duterte’s victory, officials across the archipelago have launched their own crackdowns, parading suspects through the streets and rounding up street children en masse.

    In Cebu City, incoming mayor Tomas Osmena has offered bounties to policemen who kill suspects tied to the drug trade.

    One such suspect hailing from Cebu, Jeffrey “Jaguar” Diaz, was shot dead along with a companion in Manila late Friday during a gunfight with police.

    Osmena hailed the death on his Facebook page, saying “Cebu’s top drug lord, Jaguar is dead,” but made no mention of paying any bounties.

    After the incident Senior Superintendent Jemar Modequillo denied that a potential payday led to the killing, saying “we don’t do rub-outs”.



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    1. Matinong Pilipino on

      Human Rights Commissioner Gwendolyn Pimentel-Gana should be investigating the victims, protecting the rights of these law abiding human beings, NOT how these criminals died. Secondly, law enforcement officers have all the rights to protect themselves because they were trained that way, and the HR Commissioner should understand that criminals will fight for their life when they are under arrest.

      Extra Judicial killings DO NOT exist, and they only planted this type of thinking in the minds of criminals. Therefore, the HRC should put their energy and efforts investigating the victims, help them out to get back on their feet and back to normal life again. To PNP, “THANK YOU” , and continue the march. Don’t worry too much about the HRC, because they wanted to be seen in the media every now and then.

    2. Jose Samilin on

      CHR should work discreetly and objectively, without so many propaganda about their works. No wonder CHR proving their works in court is failure. Ms. Rosales and Mr, Gascon, you don’t need the media to know and broadcast your work prematurely. Just shut up your mouths in the process, in order to avoid jeopardizing your evidences and testimonies during court litigation, otherwise your evidences becomes weak and will just be thrown out by court over the window.

    3. This is a stern warning to criminals out there, Crime does not pay. If you think that you can get away with crime. You are mistaken. Our last jerk president is gone a few dys from now. We are now entering the Golden Age of Crime prevention.

    4. Arturo Buenaventura on

      CHR should first look into the crimes committed by this drug crazed criminal who victimized innocent young girls trying to earn their living. I wonder how CHR will react if their daughters are victimized by this beast?

    5. Go PNP EXTERMINATE THE VERMINTS. STUFF THE CHR, pa pogi Lang Yan. We should abolish the CHR AND REPLACE IT WITH THE COMMISION ON WHO IS RIGHT! It seems that Only the criminal has human rights, forget the victim he can sort himself out.

    6. kale alaskador on

      The Commission on Human Rights must review its policy. This case for example clearly shows that robber/rapist who was shot dead has been identified by the victims. Does the CHR consider the victims as not having HUMAN RIGHTS? Did the robbers/rapists consider that the victims also have human rights? Anybody who do not consider the human rights of others does not deserve to have protection for his own human rights. He automatically loses his human rights!

      • Ma. Lourdes Polotan on

        Were they convicted of the crime they were accused of? In fact, were cases filed against them? Remember they are just suspects and NOT convicts? How do we know if they are the real perpetuators of the crime? The whole point of the justice system is to identify, try,convict and punish the criminals. You cannot jump to punishing by death someone who is not even tried yet. Innocent lives are being sacrificed in the haste to get “justice” but is turning out to be more like revenge. Think about it, if you were the victim of a heinous crime, would you feel better if you found out an innocent person was killed because he/she was mistaken to be the perpetuator?

    7. Ignacio Balbutin on

      There goes again the CHR, are they for human rights or rights and cuddling of the criminals. That drug suspect from Cebu was a notorious and big time drug dealers so he will always be surrounded with bodyguards who are ready to offer their lives for their boss. Of course he will not surrender without a fight. Good job PNP