More of Christian Bables on the silver screen


Those who fell in love with Christian Bables “BFF” role to Paolo Ballesteros’ Trisha in the blockbuster Metro Manila Film Festival entry Die Beautiful will be happy to know that more movies are lined up for the Best Supporting Actor winner this year.

Christian Bables is Mother Lily Monteverde’s latest ‘Millennium Regal Baby’

Bables signed a four-picture contract with Regal Entertainment, Inc., producer of his breakthrough film, which also won the Best Actor trophy for Ballesteros.

“We believe in his talent! He’s not only good but a very, very good and natural actor,” said the film company’s mother-and daughter tandem Lily and Roselle Monteverde of their latest “Regal millennium baby.”

Indeed Bables’ outstanding performance as Barbs in Die Beautiful spread like wildfire over the MMFF season. He was the moviegoers’ unanimous choice for the s upporting tilt, which explains the actor’s emotional speech when he was finally handed the trophy at the Gabi ng Parangal.

From being a bit player, Bables was discovered by directors Jun Lana and Perci Intalan, who cast him in I Love You To Death as the gay friend of Kiray Celis.

According to Bables, there have been proposals to do ‘Die Beautiful 2’ with his wellloved character Barbs as the lead, but he is also eager to show his versatility as an actor besides doing gay roles

When he initially tried for a role Die Beautiful, however, he failed to make the cut. Called in =for another chance, the tandem of director Jun Lana and Perci Intalan, together with Roselle agreed to sign him for the project, and are grateful they did.

For his first solo project for Regal films, the Monteverdes have chosen no less than Chito Rono to direct Bables’ movie.

Asked whether he is open to accepting more gay roles, the straight and talented actor replied, “So long as it quenches my thirst for acting, why not? Actually, we’ve had several proposals to do a Die Beautiful 2, with Barbs as the focus. But then again, I really want to do other roles to show my versatility as an actor, and I’m glad that my role in Direk Chito’s movie will be a male role so I can show another side of me as an artist.”



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