Christmas is for children, even at the movies



“Christmas is for children,” said Mother Lily Monteverde of Regal Entertainment at the grand press con of Mano Po 7: Chinoy, her film outfit’s entry to the 2016 Metro Manila Film Festival, which failed to earn the nod of the screening committee.

But the lady producer said that although she was saddened and lost sleep over the snub of her film entry, she harbors no ill feelings towards the committee. She just hoped the screening committee considered the families who have made the MMFF a tradition at Christmastime seeing there are no entries suitable for children come the festival.

“I don’t think naman they have a bad intention with their decision. I just wish that they [identified]the proper audience for the movies that they selected for the festival,” added the Regal matriarch.

“I have nothing against screening committee; I also have nothing against indie films because I started this when I did the pito-pito movies and gave breaks to the likes of Lav Diaz and Jeffrey Jeturian.

“Hindi naman kailangan na magalit tayo sa nangyari. I am saying this without anger or bitterness. All of us will learn from this. Sa tagal na natin sa industry—I have been here for 50 years—let’s face it, mahirap kumita pero I continue making movies because I love the industry.”

Mother Lily is hopeful that Mano Po 7: Chinoy will still succeed at the box office even if it will only have a 10-day run from December 14 to give way to the MMFF.

Enchong Dee, one of the lead stars of Mano Po 7, meanwhile admitted he felt sad their movie didn’t make it to the finalists’ cut.

“But we can’t anything about it because it’s the decision of the committee,” declared the actor, who is plays the role of a rebellious son in a Chinese-Filipino family of the franchise’s seventh installment.

Mano Po 7 also stars Jessy Mendiola, Janella Salvador, Jean Garcia, Jana Agoncillo, Jake Cuenca, Marlo Mortel and Kean Cipriano.

Also failing to make the grade as official entry to the MMFF 2106 is the movie The Super Parental Guardians, starring Vice Ganda and Coco Martin.

Vice Ganda also admits feeling sad over their movie’s exclusion from the festival. “It’s normal to feel sad but then I said na lang ‘sayang’ because it’s been my vow that every year I should have a gift for the Filipino family, especially the kids. Christmas is for children ‘di ba? This is the time that the kids go out with their parents, have dinner at the mall and then watch a movie afterwards.”

The Vice Ganda-Coco Martin film will be shown on November 30 as an early Christmas treat for everybody.

“What is important is that we have a movie to present to the public. The only difference is the date but it is still our gift to them, a gift for Christmas that they will receive early.”

Despite this upset, Vice vowed anew he would still field an entry in the next MMFF.

“I consider myself the one in charge in terms of making the children happy at Christmas so I will always try to be part of the MMFF,” he ended.


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