Christmas is hope


(Christmas message of Vice President Jejomar Binay)

As we come together and celebrate Christmas with family, friends, and loved ones, let us solemnly and humbly reflect the significance of this year’s most festive season.

Christmas is hope, and it is all around us. Christmas is alive in the eyes of every hungry child roaming the streets of the city and yet carries hope of a better tomorrow. It is in the eyes of every widow or orphan who lost loved ones due to unrest in areas of conflict but is learning to forgive. It is in the eyes of every family ravaged by calamities who soldiers on to rebuild their lives.

May Christmas remind us not only of hope, forgiveness, and resilience, but more importantly of love, kindness and compassion.

The birth of Christ is where God showed His great love, kindness, and compassion by sending His Son to save mankind. The real meaning of Christmas is giving–but more than material things, what is asked of us is to give of ourselves willingly and selflessly, especially to those who are in need.

With this in mind, let us pray for the sick, the elderly, the young ones, those in prison, and all overseas Filipinos longing for their loved ones back home. Let us pray for our family, our leaders, and our country.
For those of us in government, we must strive even further to uplift the nation by bringing genuine change and lasting comfort for the people, not only during this season but every single day of our tenure in public office. Together, let us offer the nation a government that truly works for the people, and where every rich or poor Filipino partakes the fruits of development attained through our hard work and sacrifices.
Isang maligaya at makabuluhang Pasko sa ating lahat.


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  1. It would be the most festive season for us that have the means to celebrate and it would have been a lot better if you have shared some of the Blessings that you and your family have accumulated all these years. It would have helped feed most of the hungry children roaming and begging for food on the city streets. Hindi lang po sana puro salita, kundi sinamahan din ng gawa.