• Christmas is just around the bend

    Moje Ramos-Aquino, Fpm

    Moje Ramos-Aquino, Fpm

    I made this flyer and I posted it to my Facebook page and other FB groups, it says:

    Let’s take an inspiration from US President Barack Obama who recently visited a small bookstore timed to a campaign to support mom-and-pop businesses. Earlier, Obama tweeted: “When our small businesses do well, our communities do well. Join me and visit a small business near you today to celebrate.”

    Let us support small entrepreneurial endeavors and make sure our money goes to individual people and not to big conglomerates or multinational companies. This way, more small Filipino farmers, traders, bakers, kakanin (rice cake) makers, artists, semi-precious stones jewelers, tailors and dressmakers, achara (preserved papaya) makers, craftsmen and other small home industries will have a better Christmas; also this is good for our local economy.   Let us support real people.

    An FB friend added, “Buying from our neighborhood stores and home industries will lessen the horrific traffic accompanying the holidays. Less people will be constrained to go to big malls and tiangges (flea market) that promote seemingly endless traffic snarls. You could die of starvation and dehydration if you are not prepared, and don’t have stocks of water and food in your car.  Of course, there are always the peanut and corn vendors but you are not sure where they got the water the boiled the nuts and corn in.”

    The agony and ecstacy of the holidays. Now, are you prepared to welcome the birth of the Child Jesus?

    Log time ago, I bought mini flashlights that fit well in backpockets or purses as my Christmas gifts to family, friends and business associates.

    This will come in handy during emergencies or exigencies.  They are useful and inexpensive but chosen with care.

    I already have plans.  I will spend Christmas with my mom in Cainta.  Then New Year’s Eve here in Santa Mesa, Manila, with my sons and their family.

    Christmas is a celebration of and for our family with Christ in the center.

    And so our legislators, not having a quorum to approve the bill for the rehabilitation of victims of natural disasters, but now has passed a resolution allowing the disgraced former President Gloria Arroyo a furlough to be united with her family this Christmas season.  What about the typhoon and earthquake victims who live in makeshift shelters and by the charity of others, and have lost their loved ones?

    Manny Pacquiao is being given a lot of leeway to resolve his tax issues with the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) even when he had earlier been given more than two years to settle them. What about ordinary citizens who are given only one month to pay up or else?  I just received a love letter from BIR urging me to pay more because some expenses in my return was disallowed.  Unfortunately hindi abot ng powers ko (not within my power as an ordinary citizen) to ignore this and do a press conference instead?

    I thought all the while that the law excuses no one and that it applies to everybody?  Not in the Philippines?  More fun in the Philippines apply only to the rich and the powerful?


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