• Christmas sipping in Schott Zwiesels

    Schott Zwiesel glasses are sure to keep spirits high this holiday

    Schott Zwiesel glasses are sure to keep spirits high this holiday

    Drinking wine sure makes holiday celebrations a lot more festive, especially when you have the highest quality of glasses to sip from.

    To keep everyone’s spirits high this season, Rustan’s Supermarket presents a new and exciting promo treat for shoppers featuring topnotch Schott Zwiesel wine glasses from Germany.

    Until December 14, get the chance to bring home exquisite glass sets from Schott Zwiesel. Every P300 purchase at Rustan’s Supermarket earns shoppers one sticker. At least 50 stickers is equivalent to two-piece set of Schott Zwiesel glasses for free.

    There are four sets for grabs as lovely additions for your dining space—choose from red wine glasses, champagne glasses, beer glasses, and tumblers.

    One of the world’s finest specimens of elegance and functionality, Schott Zwiesel hails from a heritage of luxury going back to 1872. With glasses that go with drinks beyond wine, including champagne, beer, and agua, and boasting of craftsmanship that ranks among the world’s best, the brand is the choice glass of more than 50 renowned airlines, major luxury cruise liners, and international hotel chains.

    Each glass is designed to bring out the exotic flavors in wine. Shaped generously into a bowl, the wine glass develops the taste at every pour and lets wine swirl, allowing oxygen into the licqour that helps its aromas open up.

    Schott Zwiesel is crafted with patented Tritan technology which incorporates each glass with titanium and zirconium, making each piece exceptionally break-resistant and etch-proof. The glasses are therefore 40 percent stronger and have twice the break strength of ordinary crystal glass.

    Lastly, the glasses are made with environment-friendly raw materials, and are also lead-free, barium-free and recyclable.


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