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PLUS: Kris Aquino’s must-have holiday accessory is her ‘X’
I don’t know about you ladies, but every year when Christmas comes along, I happily take all the leeway that comes with it.

When it comes to dieting, it means extra lechon balat and then some; when shopping, it means testing my credit card’s heat- and friction-endurance for fun; and of course, when it comes to fashion, it means a free pass on bringing on more bling!

You see, I’ve always believed that trimmings shouldn’t be limited to trees and turkeys for the holidays. The trimmer (that’s us) also has the right look and feel festive as these Christmas icons.

So, while I always go for classic pieces of jewelry all year round, Christmas time is when I enjoy accessorizing with more dangles, bangles, glitters and shimmer, be they on my hair, ears, neck, wrists and fingers.

Of course, in doing so, I also jump in on the latest fad, which, in the spirit of Christmas I will generously share as Christmas “trimmings” for you.

Take your brilliant cues from these.

Get polished and girly with layers of pearl necklaces, bracelets, rings and even hairclips. Available from SM Accessories, it’s a fun way of classic jewelry and looking festive in such a sophisticated way.

Enjoy dangling earrings such as this big and beautiful pair from Tim Tang Ong’s Christmas collection, “The Legend of the First Bloom,” which takes inspiration from nature. Not one to wear statement tassel earrings on trend these days, this combination of gold and precious stone is the perfect compromise in my look book, and best of all, the pair bears the color of Christmas!

“The more the merrier” also applies to wearing jewelry over the holidays as Philippe Charriol’s delicate Laetitia collection of bangles and rings show. Named after the creative’s youngest daughter and Roman Mythology’s goddess of Happiness, you’ll feel and look just that from now till New Year.

* * *

However, if you ask new social media maven Kris Aquino her must-have accessory this Christmas, she will have none of the above and say she would much rather have an “X.”

Let me clarify, however, that apparently, she doesn’t mean wearing the arm of significant exes Philip Salvador, Joey Marquez or James Yap around her shoulder.

Still a master at shock-value, she used the premise of giving an ex-boyfriend another chance in drumming up interest on her true must have accessory for the season—the #SmartiPhoneX.

And so, as she arrived at the Smart Flagship Store at SM Megamall to get her iPhoneX from Smart Postpaid, Kris was already in a fun and playful mood when she sat down for a Q&A with a select group of Entertainment editors one Friday afternoon, promising a no-holds barred interview.

True enough, we got it, and Kris being Kris, it’s best to hear—or in this case—read what she has to say regarding a very specific ex, as well as the hottest accessory/gadget for Christmas, the iPhoneX, word for word.

Question: Why do you say you’re willing to give an ex a chance?

Kris: Life is really short, and you really have to take it one day at a time. At the end of your life, what do you regret more? The things you went for but didn’t succeed or the things that you never tried? I’m the type of person that knows I will regret not trying more than not attempting at all. Mas gusto ko na sinubukan ko at nadapa ako at iniyakan ko rather than mag-look back ako and mag-regret.”

Q: What attracted you to the ex?

K: The ex is omnipresent. Everywhere you go, you get that feeling that you cannot escape the ex.

Q: How does your ex make you feel?

K: During sad times the ex can make you feel uplifted because that’s a person you’ve shared a history with. But during happy times also, that X can make you feel even happier because that person also knows that history and can celebrate with you.

Q: What’s the benefit of being with an ex?

K: The only benefit of being with an ex is if you have gotten back together.

Q: What won’t you forget about your ex?

K: “The ex has memories. If that X has made an impact on your life then obviously, you’re not going to forget about that ex.”

Q: Now what of the other X in your life now—the iPhoneX?

K: “I’m an iPhone lover. I remember I started using the iPhone 4 and it’s really true–once you tried the iPhone you’ll never go back. So when iPhone 4 came, my defenses went weak, I went for it and I never looked back. So from 4 to 4s to 5, 5s, 5c, 6, 6 Plus 6s, 6s Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus—lahat yan pinagdaanan ko.

Now that the X is here, my boys [Josh and Bimby] did not ask for anything but the iPhone X this Christmas, and we were actually in New York when it was launched. We saw it on display sa malaking Apple store so the boys were so excited but I told them, ‘Relax. Smart is going to have the iPhone X and we are going to get it via Smart. It’s worth the wait especially since it’s such a great deal to get it from Smart Postpaid. If you do the math, the cheapest you can buy an iPhone 256 GB [outright]is roughly P73,000. With this, you only pay P3,199 a month for 24 months and hindi masakit because you’re getting unlimited text to all networks, 60 minutes of calls to all networks, you have one free app every month and then ang dinagdag mo lang is roughly just P4,000.

They even have Smart Care where for just p400 insured yung phone mo. Sa tunay na buhay ang mga ex, talaga namang they tend to break your heart pero sa iPhoneX nila, they will never break your heart kasi even if your iPhone X breaks, they’re going to replace it. Ang love hindi napapalitan!

Q: Finally, who is your favorite ex?

K: My favorite ex is the one who gives all the permits in Quezon City! Dami ko kayang negosyo sa Quezon City, bakit ba? I have a kwento. Kasi he was texting me using a phone number from another company and I told him, ‘I’m not going to reply to your text unless you switch to Smart. So I know na nag-retention siya ng Smart niya para maka-text nya ko! That’s why he’s my favorite ex!”


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