• Christmas truce


    Dear Editor,
    The CPP/NPA has declared a Christmas truce with the government. Let’s just hope they will not violate their declaration. It has been an observation that even only days after a Christmas truce in the past, they are the ones, the first ones to violate it, and not on the part of the military.

    It could be a wonderful and peaceful Christmas season if there is no violation on their part. This short period will be a test for them, and how sincere they are in observing to stop the hostilities. Also, let this be a signal coming from them, that the coming 2014 will be a year where there swill be no more casualties and the sad consequences of clashes and encounters. Let there be no more bombings, massacres, attacks, extortion, killings, burnings. Let there be peace with them.

    The stopping of hostilities will be a breather and hopefully to extend even further to the negotiating table, with no demands and conditions.

    Bro. James B. Amante
    In the Name of Jesus Reformation Center,
    Pinamalayan, Oriental Mindoro


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