‘Chrono’—a new skincare and beauty routine


The 81-year old Japanese beauty brand Kanebo has devised a new routine and product range to address the continuous changes the skin undergoes due to age, weather and a host of environmental conditions existing today.

Dubbed Chrono Beauty, Kanebo president and CEO Masumi Natsusaka, explained, “This breakthrough focuses on changes in the skin to provide optimal care just when you need it.”

At a its launch for the Philippine market, Natsusaka, through a statement further said that the specialized series was formulated to “help deal with the universal concern about the monthly and yearly rhythm of beauty in order to enhance [one’s] allure.”

The Chrono Beauty concept starts with daily care in daytime and night time for moisturizing and firming. Addressing the monthly changes of skin, the range tunes skin that can look dull or oily.

A special makeup range further complements the concept with both the cosmetic and skincare range carrying three main and distinct characteristics: Firstly, the use of botanical ingredients in the Global Botanical Collection to ensure skin is cared for while beautified; precise formulation developed throughout the brand’s eight-decade experience; and the benefits of Teotopia or the fragrance and essence of tea flowers, integrating their calming and comforting properties on the skin.


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