• Church does not need dirty money – Pope


    VATICAN CITY: Pope Francis Wednesday issued a stinging rebuke to rich patrons who offer the Church dirty money gained through exploitation, telling them to take back their checks and burn them.

    “I think of some benefactors of the Church that say ‘take this offer for the Church’, and it is profit from the blood of those abused, treated as slaves, workers with poorly paid jobs,” he told the faithful on Saint Peter’s Square.

    “I say to these people: ‘Please, take back your check, burn it’. The people of God, the Church, does not need dirty money,” he said at the end of his weekly general audience at the Vatican.

    The Argentine has repeatedly denounced those who profit from slavery, corruption or exploitation, including several heated attacks on the mafia, from Italy to Mexico.

    In 2014 he expelled all unrepentant mafia members from the Church and condemned them to Hell in the afterlife in a move which sparked fears of retaliation from the underworld.



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    1. Janet Lim Napoles is hoping and praying that her soul will not go to hell when she departs this earth because she shared some of the plundered money to the Roman Catholic Church, and to some Bishops, as well. Some politicians that committed plunder will go to the extreme by invoking GOD, when they are questioned by the Media. Jojo and Nancy Binay have invoked God when they answered some of the questions about their wealth and Hacienda Binay. I think, they invoked GOD to make people think that they acquired their wealth through hard work. However, some hardworking government officials probed a little bit deeper and found more interesting issues that are now in the jurisdiction of the court.

      Pope Francis made this statement and addressed it to most Catholic / Christian countries in the world, but only mentioned from Italy to Mexico. However, I think, Philippines is on top of his list because over 80% of us are Catholics. By the way, Human Trafficking is under Exploitation.

      Most corrupt politicians in the Philippines attend mass on regular basis, and by giving money to the church, the guilt feeling goes away because the money they stole from the people were shared to the church. They go back to work the following day feeling good again, feeling that their soul has been cleansed and their sins were forgiven.