• Church leaders: Stop blame game


    CHURCH leaders on Tuesday called on the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and the Philippine National Police (PNP) to stop their “blame game” over the death of 44 Special Action Force (SAF) commandos after a clash with combined forces of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) and the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF) in Mamasapano, Maguindanao, on January 25.

    The Association of the Major Religious Superiors of the Philippines (AMRSP), through Fr. Dexter Toledo of the Order of Friars Minor, said both parties should exercise sobriety and prudence instead of pointing an accusing finger at each other.

    Toledo advised the AFP and PNP to exhaust all means to correct mistakes that had been made, resulting in the death of the police commandos.

    “Enough [of]the blame game. There are no perfect people. We all commit mistakes. What’s important is we admit the mistakes we have committed and find ways to correct them,” said Toledo, who serves as AMRSP executive secretary.

    The clergy also enjoined Filipinos to be an “instrument of peace” so as to cool down heated emotions among top officials of the two security institutions of the government.

    Toledo noted that the Mamasapano incident took place less than a week after Pope Francis’ successful apostolic visit, when Filipinos were still on a “spiritual high” after the papal encounter.

    “It’s important that we reflect on what the Holy Father said about not having the answers to all the difficult problems of this world. While he does not have a ready response, his mere presence is more than enough to mitigate the pain and suffering we experience,” he said.

    According to Toledo, leaders should make an effort to show their people that they are always with them, especially in times of crises.

    The AMRSP is composed of 268 (women) and 88 (men) religious congregations all over the country.

    The group earlier proposed the creation of an independent Truth Commission in the belief that peace “is founded on justice and mutual trust.”

    It shot down proposals by some individuals and groups for all-out war against the Muslim rebels from the MILF and BIFF, saying“vengeance will never restore whatever is lost.”


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    1. church leaders should not interfere with govt. issues.

      separation of church from govt.

      only in the Philippines shame on you.

      never here in USA…. hahahahah u—-lol

    2. Crisostomo Ibarra on

      I agree with the church leaders, the blame game should stop. However, this leaves us with a bigger questions.

      Can we trust the MILF, BIFF?After Gen Napenas’ expose, that the MILF/BIFF is highly likely coddling international terrorist Marwan and Usman. Are they legit organization that the government should even negotiate with?

      Second big question, the effectiveness of the BBL? will it truly bring peace to Mindanao? Highly unlikely. Given the complexity of the Mindanao, other groups just breakaway and were back to square one.

      Should we go back to war?
      Not necessarily, lets just go back to the drawing board and create a new peace deal which is inclusive of all Mindanoans, Christians, Muslims and other non sectarians. The deal should be for all Filipinos and not just for one single muslim entity.

      The MILF should also understand that the Mindanao issue cannot be decided by just the President/Executive branch. This has to go through legal and legislative process.

      More importantly, Sub-state in any word or form should should be out of the question, Creation of a sub-state in Mindanao will not bring lasting peace to the region.

      Lastly, if they truly want peace. They should not hurry us in finalizing this deal. STOP threatening by saying that “or else WAR”, this only shows that they are not genuinely for peace.

      The peace process is a “Work in Progress” proceeding to quickly can spoil the peace process. As the saying goes, “haste makes waste, and wastes makes want, and want makes strife between the goodman and wife.”

    3. “There are no perfect people. We all commit mistakes.” Are they serious? 44 special forces officers were murdered, and they call it a “imperfect mistake.” There needs to be blame such an egregious murderous act! Stop sweeping Islamic acts of terror under the rug.

    4. So church leaders what do you want them to do just accept that 44 people died needlessly. Should they be happy these guys are in heaven. I think they should shut up & stick to preying with the locals as they arnt in touch with the feelings of almost every filipino on this subject. All want answers as to why it went so bad. some one is to blame for this shambles & someone should be held accountable. I personally think its purisma & the soldier he told not to tell espina, ( i cant remember his name sorry ). But hopefully we will find out, but it seems neither of them think they are to blame for these deaths. When it all comes out i hope the guilty end up in jail as they should be hed accountable. They just didnt do their job. By keeping the top guy, espina, informed & taking instructions off him they were wrong. Purisma was suspended & he shouldnt have been coordinating with the soldiers, if he wanted to help he could have asked espina if he wanted him to sit with him during the operation & to help advise him, thats what purisma should have done.

    5. noelravalsalaysay on

      If Pres. Ninoy accept full responsibiliy for the massacre that would end the debate- “the buck ends here.”