• ‘Church will outlast you,’ Duterte told


    FORMER Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) president and Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Emeritus Oscar V. Cruz on Friday took a swipe at President Duterte’s latest tirade that the Catholic Church would become irrelevant in 30 years.

    Archbishop Emeritus Oscar V. Cruz

    “Where did that 30 years come from? Did it fall down from heaven or come from beneath the earth? It’s hard to be a prophet. They (prophets) existed before but there are none nowadays,” Cruz told The Manila Times in Filipi-no.

    Considering Duterte’s admission of health issues, Cruz said the President might not even see the light of his predic-tion that the Church would soon become “passé.”

    “Let’s wait after 30 years. He will be gone before 30 years. He is sick, isn’t he? He will no longer be around before the Church will be gone [as he predicted]. He should not make predictions,” the outspoken cleric further said.

    In remarks before newly appointed government officials in Malacañang on Thursday, the President said leaders of the Catholic Church were oligarchs and should be blamed for the ills of the country.

    Although a Catholic, Duterte has been blasting the Church and some of its leaders for speaking out against his war on drugs.

    Duterte hit the Church and its leaders during the presidential campaign over differences in a number of moral is-sues.

    CBCP President and Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Socrates Villegas has maintained that the Catholic Church would remain critical of any wrongdoing by the government despite attempts to muzzle it.


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    1. Of course, its will last longer than any government. The church saved its own ass by selling off other European countries during WWII, so why should anyone even wonder. And because Filipinos remain uneducated and hopeless they will still continue to hang onto fairytales about the flying spaghetti man in the sky who will smite you if you don’t do as he says.

    2. It is true that the Catholic church will last longer than Duterte. But Duterte will wake up the common tao about what is the real color of the church.. he wants change from the way the church involves itself in our government. Remember why we had a revolution againts Spain and their priest?!!!

    3. nope duterte will live in the hearts of the filipinos who wants this country to progress

    4. ““Let’s wait after 30 years. He will be gone before 30 years. He is sick, isn’t he? He will no longer be around before the Church will be gone [as he predicted]. He should not make predictions,” the outspoken cleric further said.”

      What a nasty priest this is ! Instead of hoping that Dubrtete will get better, he is saying that Duterte will die soon.

      May I tell you, blashphemous priest name Cruz, only Gods know when is the end of a man’s life.

      Instead of showing compassion to his opponent, this priest is really nasty.

      Where are the outrage of Catholic church when the politicians in the Philippines are corrupt ? Where are their outrage when children are sold to prostitution ? Where are there outrage when children are using drugs? The List can go on…

      The over population of the Philippines, one of the causes of poverty, is due to the Catholic Church interference in the government trying to provide free birth control to poor people, using immorality as an excuse. I did not see the Catholic church concern about immortality when priest accused of molesting boys are just transferred to another church. Pope Benedict tried to clean this up. These scandals are known up to the Pope level, the depravities of some of the Catholic priest.

      Clean your house first Cruz.

    5. Andro Bamahin on

      Of course the Catholic church will outlast Duterte. Any venture keeps going on as long as it remains lucrative, just like the illegal narcotics manufacture and trafficking. You do not need 30 years for the Catholic church to become irrelevant. Today many Catholics like me have already realized that this church is one of the biggest if not the biggest money making scam in the history of the world. When Hitler lost WW II the Pope and his bishops and priests assisted the Nazis to escape capture in Germany by providing safe refuge in their church buildings in Spain and South America. Hitler had vast amounts of riches plundered from the Jews and the countries he invaded and so the Catholic Church was a big beneficiary of these riches. Several rapes and acts of pedophilia in the Philippines, Australia, Canada, US and South America by today’s priests and bishops are condoned and concealed by the church.

    6. Again, the hubris and arrogance of the bishops. This would be the last pope and so would be the destruction of the city of seven hills.

    7. I regret being a roman catholic due to this priars who are the real culprit of corruption specially this modern Fr Damaso Bishop Villegas & cruz, wala ng sinabing maganda simula pa lang ng administrasyon na ito ni du30.History is repeating itself, but we can make things turn around, umalis sa pagiging katoliko, this is not God’s religion, this is the religion of Romans who crucified the Son of man.

      • Not here to offend you, but if you read your bible closely; it was the Jews who insist on crucifixion. They used the Romans to put HIM to death. Anyway, the argument is irrelevant if you believe on this:

        No man takes my life from me, but I lay it down of myself. I have power to lay it down, and I have power to take it again. – John 10: 18

    8. It’s true though, the catholic church is the oldest financial corporation around. It’s stockholders, the rotund bishops and other parasites will wage deadly war against anyone who seeks to disturb their privilege position of luxury, e.g. SUVs and habit of overeating.

    9. He never said he would. He knows he will leave soon. But what he really saying is if the church don’t practice what they are teaching and continue to be a hypocrite, the church’s rating is going down. Actually, he is helping the church to reform. Don’t you get it. This is why he is mad about the church.

      Just my opinion.

    10. Cruz, Villegas, and other priests are the Padre Damasos of the present. They love to meddle in the government affairs, and even want to dictate what government officials shouild do.

    11. florendo abad on

      Duterte could be catholic by affiliation but in reality he is a atheist. Even hell will not accept him because he is worst than Lucifer.

      • Correction:

        The concept of Hell is from the Catholic church. The same as the concept that Lucifer is the King of Hell, a fiction not supported in the Bible.

        You are watching too many movies!!

        That’s what you get for listening to these priests and not reading the Bible and doing research.

      • Aphetsky Lasa on

        I hope you understand what an atheist is. I will not indulge in its definition here. You do your own research. The only thing I could do is to remind you (educate you, perhaps) that Digong is not affiliated with any religion because, he said, he does not believe in religions. But he believes in God. Go figure that out.