Chynna Ortaleza shares details on church wedding with Kean Cipriano


One of the most admired celebrity couples of this generation is Chynna Ortaleza and Kean Cipriano. For, at a time when most everyone’s lives are splashed all over social media, they have been able to keep theirs as private as possible, sharing just enough about their relationship to keep their fans happy.

Now a family of three with one-year-old daughter Stellar, Ortaleza and Cipriano—who chose to have a very low key civil ceremony two years ago—have announced their upcoming church wedding in November. Happy as ever, they have also decided to share a lot more than they did before starting out with a very meaningful pre-nup pictorial.

Ortaleza, who as some may know is also a visual artist, has, in fact, given sneak peeks of the shoot on her Instagram account, featuring her artworks. The concept of the pre-nup is inspired by the bride’s goal to show the effect her groom has had on her art.

“When we were conceptualizing the photo shoot with RabbitHole Creative and Nice Print, we told them we just wanted to show them our journey as a couple. So it is really centered on art since it’s what brought us together in the first place,” the actress-cum-cooking show host told The Manila Times in an exclusive interview on Thursday.

The celebrity couple’s pre-nup photoshoot features Ortaleza’s artworks which were inspired by Cipriano PHOTO BY NICE PRINT

“That’s why if you look closely at the photos, you’ll blow-up artworks that are actually mine.”

Ortaleza further related how she had stopped drawing before and “creating art for someone else,” until Cipriano came along. The frontman of the band Callalily who has also gone into acting, inspired Ortaleza to pursue her art all over again and even “restore [her]inner child.”

“I always drew when I was a kid and make things out of garbage. But during my latter 20s, when I hit around 27 up to 30, I felt like there was something missing in my life because I stopped doing my art. And then Kean became my friend and started encouraging me. He would say, ‘Chynna, you should always try to create’.

“I started to feel like,” Oh, oo nga naman’. It was like I met someone just like my father who was always supportive of everything that I created as a young girl.

“So I just felt it was nice to find somebody who actually got me. That was when the art started to come out again because with Kean, he’ll never be a hindrance on what I want to do.”

Asked why the decided to share something very personal to them this time around, Ortaleza said she and her husband want to inspire others through their art and how love can truly empower two people.

“There is also a whole series about our [common]love for music in the photos and the short film of the pre-nup. It’s very funny because we looked up to John Lennon and Yoko Ono back then, and when we were friends, he once asked me the age gap between Ono and Lennon. I did my research and told him it was five years, which is almost the same with us as I’m older than Kean by four. You’ll see in one of the pre-nup photos that we’re holding a book on Ono and Lennon. That was the first gift I gave him in one of his birthdays. We never really thought that we’d end up together because we were really happy as friends,” the 34-year-old actress-host shared.

Ortaleza and Cipriano met in 2007 and they quickly became friends. She found Cipriano very easy to talk to and that they liked the same things.

“We were talking about how we both loved Incubus the first time we met,” she recalled.

Ortaleza also shared how during her early days in showbiz, her stylist asked if she would be willing to attend her cousin’s graduation ball as his date.

“Her cousin was Kean! He was very young then and I was just starting out in show business. It’s like six degrees of separation,” Ortaleza said of her 30-year-old husband.

Cipriano had admitted in previous interviews that he had a crush on Ortaleza since seeing her on her the youth program “Click,” as well as in the movie “Kuya”.

The grad ball date did not push through, however, Ortaleza had nicely sent him a wallet-size picture complete with dedication on the flip side. They joke about it all the time now.

“And then when we met each other again around 2013, we worked together in a show called ‘Wagas’ and that’s when we felt like ‘Oh, you’re really fun to talk to,’ and then that’s when we starting hanging out again and encouraging each other.

“I was very vocal to him about my frustration as an artist and he was really the one who encouraged me to go back and do something I felt was scary,” Ortaleza continued.

Today, they are both thriving in their careers, their art and of course in being first-time parents to Stellar.

“There’s no problem in raising our kid because we pretty much have the same ideals. Maybe the only challenge is time because we’re trying to do a lot of things, especially Kean who has a lot of dreams. Thankfully, we’re still able to find time to bond as a family and raise our kid together while fulfilling our passion. I have no complaints. A lot of people will be surprised because we’re quiet when it comes to our family but he is more of the stage daddy than me,” she laughed.

As for their church wedding, it will be as intimate as their civil ceremony in 2015.

“A lot of people were surprised when we had our first wedding because we’re really not the type of people to make announcements but we planned it for months. For this one, we prepared for it for almost a year but it will still be an intimate wedding with just family and close friends. We planned to keep it intimate because we’re not really comfortable with big groups,” she explained.

“For sure, I can say I made the right decision marrying a friend because yes there’s romance in the beginning of a relationship but companionship is what really matters towards the end,” the bride mused.

“I am happy that I married the person I can really talk to and have a conversation with him. And it’s great that he also has a pretty good heart,” Ortaleza ended.


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