CIC to make ‘smart’ appliances with Ionics


REFRIGERATION and air-conditioning specialist Concepcion Industrial Corp. (CIC) said it aims to come up with “smart” appliances within a year after having partnered with electronics manufacturer Ionics, Inc.

CIC signed a partnership agreement with Ionics to develop the next-generation appliances that may be connected to the Internet.

Raul Joseph Concepcion, chief executive officer of CIC, and Larry Qua, chairman and chief executive of Ionics, signed the memorandum of understanding for the partnership.

“The MOU is in line with our vision to build better lives by using smart solutions in our products which will provide comfort and convenience to our consumers. To be able to realize this vision, we are forming a strategic alliance with Ionics to help us develop and apply the technology to our locally manufactured appliances,” Concepcion said.

Concepcion said the forthcoming products, which it intends to produce a year from now, would allow an end-user to monitor and regulate the performance of their appliance units real-time based on various inputs that the unit feeds into a gadget that connects its user online, through the use of the so-called Internet of Things (IOT) technology.

IOT allows a user to maximize the efficient use of units, with the least power cost.

Concepcion said the partnership is strategic for CIC as majority of its products are produced domestically, allowing it to fine-tune its appliances for local consumers.

“About 50 to 70 percent of what we sell is domestically made. Most of our competitors produce very high advanced products with values in the P250,000 to P300,000 range. Our aim is how do we abide with IOT that is for the basic refrigerator consumer so that the average consumer in the Philippines can now get the same benefit,” Concepcion said.

At present, he said IOT products account for just 0.1 percent of appliances in the country.


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