• CIDG probe of rally dispersal underway


    THE Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) has two weeks to finish its investigation on the violent dispersal of rallyists at the US Embassy in Manila last week.

    Director Benjamin Magalong, the deputy director for operations of the Philippine National Police, said the result of the probe may be out on November 4.

    Magalong said the CIDG has interviewed 24 police personnel and secured the video of the incident from the US Embassy. The CIDG official also invited others who took videos of the melee to submit copies to the police so that probers can better review the incident.

    The PNP’s Internal Affairs Service has also opened its own probe of the rally dispersal. Among those interviewed were Senior Supt Marcelino Pedrozo, deputy director of the Manila Police Department (MPD) and MPD Director Senior Supt Joel Coronel who turned over initial reports and statements gathered by the MPD for review.

    The IAS will continue to conduct interviews and gather statements of police personnel and other witnesses in order to determine the administrative liabilities and violations of the standard operating procedures by the police officers who were involved in the incident.

    Scores were injured when the police used tear gas and a water cannon to drive the rallyists away from the US embassy. But what drew the most codemnation was the act of one police officer who rammed a police vehicle into a group of protesters repeatedly. Anthony Vargas




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      Rally organizers knew that a peaceful program or rally will have no media impact so they’d probably planned the vandalism and deliberate agitations even before the protest action started. What they didn’t planned on was that their intentional agitations would cause a hothead to run over their ranks with a police van.

      If they were peaceful as they claimed, we would have seen a rally just like the one held by Marcos loyalists at the Supreme Court just a few days prior. Now that Supreme Court rally was peaceful and didn’t need dispersing.

      Manila Police forces acted within bounds in dispersal action against the unruly and increasingly violent (see photo above of rallyist attacking a negotiating police officer) rallyists at the U.S. Embassy in Manila on Oct. 19, 2016. The ONLY police officer who overreacted was PO3 Kho who drove the police van and run over several protesters. That’s the scene most media are showing and that’s what make people mad – the inappropriate action of ONE PERSON.

      PO3 Kho’s motives should be investigated upon and he should be dismissed if proven that he’d overreacted because he blew his temper. He might be a bad egg and a black eye for the PNP waiting to happen. In such case, he has no place in the new PNP that Pres. Duterte envisions.

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