CineFilipino now accepts indie films from studes



PLUS: Solenn’s hubby is a rising social media star; and why pretty actress isn’t lading projects

For the first time in Philippine film festivals, CineFilipino has begun accepting works of students as young high schoolers. Those selected, like every other entry, will receive more than P1-million to shoot.

Hoping a good number will join this year, festival director Madonna Tarrayo said the new sub-category for short films is dubbed “School-endorsed and Students.”

“I believe that it is also important to tap on school spirit,” she enthused.

Festival competition director Jose Javier Reyes, meanwhile pointed out that CineFilipino’s main priority is to find fresh talents on and off screen, just as they have been doing in the last two outings.

“Naghahanap talaga kami ng mga bagong boses at bagong pananaw,” he said.

Direk Joey and Tarrayo were also quick to stress that they will not shy away from pressing issues when it comes to storylines, but there will be specific parameters set so as to avoid such issues as the dog-slaughter scene of 2016 MMFF entry Oro.

Solenn Heussaff’s equally hot husband Nico Bolzico PHOTO FROM IG.COM/NICOBOLZICO

“Kapag may pumatay ng aso, kami muna papatay sa kanila,” Direk Joey joked. “Kidding aside pag masyadong delicate ang topic we are very consultative naman.”

The deadline for feature length category is on March 24 and August 30 for the short films and digital content category.

The CineFilipino festival will take place in November.

We have been seeing Solenn Heussaff’s equally hot husband Nico Bolzico almost everywhere this past week! First was at the #LoveScotch event and again at #DoItBetterWithKiehls. In both gatherings, he was not his famous wife’s “plus one” but officially stood as brand influencer.

With more than 240,000 Instagram followers, we now see the reason why! Netizens fell in love with Nico; a good number of his posts catching “wifezilla” Solenn’s unguarded moments went viral.

His video surprising Solenn coming home after a long trip had more than 200,000 views on Instagram; while another with his wife examining her figure in the mirror dressed in a sexy lingerie garnered more that 600,0000 and counting!

Nico was quick to clarify that he only posts videos of his wifezilla, which she approves. “Yes I show [them to]her and I only post what I can, meaning I have a thousand more videos of my wife.”

Nico also said he wants to have kids with Solenn soon but is not rushing his wife because he totally understands her job. “She is very busy and I understand that; and we are very happy and enjoying our first months of marriage as well.”

Even though Nico is the new influencer at events in their “IT” group, he made it clear that he is not entering showbiz nor does he have any future plans to do so. Solenn has to approve all his guestings and when brands contact Nico, he automatically directs them to Solenn…or else!

GUESS WHO? It’s been years since we last saw this pretty face (PF) on TV, but the word is on the street is that PF still refuses to change her ways.

One of the major reasons she was let go from her previous network was because of her hard to understand attitude. She was not a total diva, but she was difficult to get along with as per the staff she worked with.

PF had so many acting restrictions for herself and she was not totally on board when it came to suggestions for her improvement.

Until today, PF is having a hard time booking mainstream projects because of her difficult ways. Someone better tell her!

Until next week, ta-ta!


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