Cirtek expresses confidence on new product offerings


In its bid to tap its 25-percent growth target for this year, publicly listed technology company Cirtek Holdings Inc. has tapped new product developments and innovations.

Cirtek, a leading outsourced assembly and test provider of high-performance multi-chip packages, recently announced that it came up with recent package technologies and solutions that will help it reach its income target for this year.

The company said it has developed “air cavity ceramic package” which can be used in high-power signal amplifiers for broadcast, telecom base stations, microwave and satellite communications.

Another product Cirtek has started using is the attach film (DAF) or wafer backside coating, which is aimed at catering to products with requirement for semiconductor attach consistency in very critical applications. DAF and wafer backside coating provides various benefits in manufacturing multi-chip packages.

By using DAF and wafer backside coating, Cirtek can easily attach multiple chips requiring specific conductivity and/or isolation within one package in a much controllable and faster method, therefore cutting manufacturing steps leading to shorter processing times.

Moreover, Cirtek said that it is in the process of qualifying its silver alloy wire bonding technology, which will allow the company to offer alternative to high cost gold bonding where copper bonding is not an acceptable solution.

The company cited that the mainstream interconnect medium have always been gold wires despite its high price compared to other precious metals.

“Recently, copper wires are being transitioned because of its lower cost. However, copper processing is challenging with special handling requirements and have limited application,” the company further explained.

According to the Cirtek, the latest innovations will give them additional solutions and process options to cater to a broader product portfolio and end-market applications.

For 2013, the company forecasts net sales to grow by 25 percent, and 10-percent to 12-percent growth from its current business.

Accretive growth from joint venture and acquisitions is expected to contribute between 13 percent and 15 percent.


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