Cirtek seeks to develop next generation antennas


CIRTEK Holdings Philippines Corp. is looking at joint ventures and acquisitions in a bid to develop next-generation small cell antennas, a company executive said.

Roberto Juanchito Dispo, Cirtek vice chairman and president, said the Laguna-based semiconductor company will scout for possible overseas opportunities instead of spending a ton of money for research and development (R&D).

“[W]hat we are probably going to do is [enter into]a lot of technical collaboration and joint ventures and even acquisitions down the road in order to fast-track our development of smaller antennas in the future,” he told reporters following an investors’ briefing in Makati City late Thursday.

Dispo said Cirtek intends to step into making next generation small cell antennas. He said he was in discussion with two Asian companies wanting to collaborate with Cirtek’s recently acquired Quintel Cayman Ltd.

“In my research trip in the US a month ago, I met one Japanese company and one Korean company and they want to collaborate with Quintel as far as R&D and development of technologies are concerned. They are very open also to cross-equity investment and being bought out by us,” he said.

He said the next generation of antennas will probably be fist-sized compared to the usual 6-foot to 10-foot sized antennas. “These are hardware … but they also contain software, operating systems within the antenna,” he added.

Dispo said antennas in the market are becoming “more and more smart” as they can do analytics and profile the clients.

He also said these could help US telcos as well as telcos in other countries because such antennas “now produce a byproduct of analytics rather than just conveying data or transmitting voice or information.”

Meanwhile, Cirtek said the public offering of the $60-million first tranche of its dollar-denominated preferred shares started last November 16 and will run until November 23. The listing date of the shares is set for December 8, 2017.

Cirtek recently secured regulatory approval to issue up to $200 million preferred shares to raise funds for expansion, R&D, debt payment, capital expenditure and strategic acquisitions..


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