Citizenship by convenience


What kind of country have we become, when we have to debate the fine legal issues of whether Senator Grace Poe-Llamanzares remains a US citizen or how long she has lived in the country to be qualified to run for President or Vice President?

For chrissakes, she renounced being Filipino when she became a US citizen, and she doesn’t even care to tell us when.

To become one, she declared under oath, to use the words of the US Oath of Allegiance, that she “absolutely and entirely renounces and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to the’ Philippines.” In that oath, she even vowed to “bear arms” on behalf of the US.

And you want somebody who solemnly renounced — the meaning of “abjure” — the Philippines to be our leader?


We are not talking here of a case like that of her adoptive father, Fernando Poe, who had no choice but to be American, as he could not have chosen his parents.

We are talking here of somebody who had a Filipino citizenship but who decided in her adult life to be an American citizen, who even probably, I dare speculate, risked being an illegal alien – “TNT” is how they are called by Filipinos in the US – for a time.

Background: Poe’s US passport. She denounced her country to be an American. Now she wants to be our leader?

Background: Poe’s US passport. She denounced her country to be an American. Now she wants to be our leader?

Was she poor that she just wanted her family to escape poverty from her unwanted country? No. Was she escaping political persecution? No.

She comes from a family that was among the Philippines’ rich elite. She studied in the most expensive schools here (high school, Assumption College San Lorenzo) and abroad (Boston College). She had famous and very rich step-parents. Her father was even rumored to be the most powerful Filipino ever, Ferdinand Marcos.

Yet, she decided to renounce her being Filipino, and swore allegiance to the US.

For what? For the convenience of shopping at Saks Fifth Avenue or Tiffany’s or maybe even Walmart, and touring Disneyland and Hollywood anytime she wanted? What does that tell us of her character and deepest values?

C’mon guys. Do you think somebody in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, or the Republic of Timbuktu would dare to run for any public office there after having renounced his or her citizenship in those countries? Then reassumed the citizenship in order to win a high office?

By becoming senator and now lusting after the highest office of the land, Mrs. Llamanzares is insulting our notions of country and nationalism.

I was expecting her to say that she renounced her US citizenship when she realized that she wanted to serve the country of her birth and of her parents, whoever they were.

But instead, she matter-of-factly said she had to do that since her appointment as head of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board “required it.”

Her husband still a US citizen?
Has her husband renounced his US citizenship? Or are they keeping their options open, one foot on each of their two countries, and decide where they’ll stay when doing so becomes convenient and profitable for them?

If she lost in the senatorial election, would she have applied for citizenship — since renouncing one’s US citizenship is irrevocable — in Canada instead, or like that noisy over-the-hump singer, in Australia?

I’m afraid I may have gotten old without realizing it, but I cannot understand that the next generation of Filipinos, that of Llamanzares, has taken citizenship as a trivial matter, and one of convenience.

There are probably 5 million Filipinos who have immigrated to the US, Canada, and Australia to become citizens of those countries. Half of my high school class at the Ateneo and probably half of my relatives, including in-laws, are in North America.

That is their choice which I respect, especially since most of them had children whom they thought would have a better life in the most developed countries in the world.

But I cannot respect people who take advantage of our depraved celebrity-politics, and who, like Llamanzares, think – just because her name-recall commands stupid votes – she can lead the country and change citizenships like a jacket one has gone tired of wearing.

Citizenship for Llamanzares is obviously one of convenience. Did she ever show any interest in social issues even in the US, and more so in the huge problems of our country, to think she can lead us as President? Did she study political science or public administration that led her to want to contribute her expertise to the development of her country?

Nations are really fraternities, an organization of which you are a member, and to which you have allegiance. Imagine if a member of Alpha Sigma denounces it for some vague reason and joins Sigma Rho. Years later he decides to leave Sigma Rho, to rejoin Alpha Sigma. Would that fraternity accept him back and allow him to be Grand Chancellor or whatever?

I am sure this is the only country in Asia, and even in the world, where somebody who has renounced her or his citizenship still gets to be elected senator (or Parliament member) and even arrogantly intends to seek the highest post of the land. I don’t think such really foolish issues arise in other civilized societies.

The US could be an exception, with one president and several would-be presidents having been accused of being born not in the US, and therefore not natural-born, as alleged in the recent cases of George Romney, who was born in Mexico and John McCain, in Panama.

Of course, there were questions over US President Obama’s citizenship, but these obviously were merely raised by bigoted American whites who rejected the idea of having an African-American as president.

Seriously, do you think Obama would have even become Illinois State senator if at any time of his life, he had renounced his US citizenship, as Llamanzares did of her Filipino citizenship?

Mamasapano report
I admired Llamanzares for her courage in leading the Senate committee’s investigation that concluded it was a case of command responsibility over the Mamasapano massacre of 44 of our elite troops by Muslim rebels. But she stopped there, a one or two days’ moment of independence. She has done nothing to make Aquino, his bosom friend Gen. Allan Purisima and army generals who refused to rescue our commandos accountable for the crime.

Or was it all simply her way to catapult herself to the name-recall level for the presidency, or even to nudge Aquino, “make me your candidate, or else.” The kindest assessment of Llamanzares is to revise that adage to read: “In the kingdom of the blind, the one-eyed lady is Queen.” In this Senate crop of mediocre-minded senators and Aquino lackeys, anybody who can just demonstrate a modicum of integrity and courage gets front-page praises, to be queen of the blind.

But she demonstrated a lack of delicadeza when she signed the resolutions of the committees of Aquino lackeys Antonio Trillanes 4th and Aquilino Pimentel 3rd recommending plunder charges against somebody who obviously was her biggest obstacle to the presidency.

There is a pragmatic reason why we are worried over Llamanzares’ past. It is well known that not a few Filipinos of adult age, in their desperation to become US citizens, had risked being illegal aliens for a time and stay in the US even after their tourist visas expired, until they could get expensive lawyers to win for them a court decision allowing them citizenship.

Unless, Llamanzares provides us with all the details and documents of how she became a US citizen — such as how and when she entered the US — we can’t be sure that some CIA operative (or even an investigative reporter) would unearth that she was using fake documents for a time or worked without a work permit until she became a citizen.

Do we want to risk a scenario in which the US blackmails the Philippine President to force her to comply with all its interests, even provide any information it requires? Do we risk a scenario where the nation is humiliated, with an American investigative journalist writing a banner article headlined: “Philippine President once an illegal alien in the US?”

What kind of a country have we become when a senator carrying the name of one of our great nationalists, Claro M. Recto, trivializes the citizenship of our Republic?

I am referring to Ralph Recto, who took the effort to issue a press statement he thought was cute: “If they pursue that line of inquisition against Grace, she might end up being adopted by the whole nation. Baka ampunin pa siya ng bayan.”

It’s not a line of inquisition, but a serious, valid concern that the masses, which the elite have deprived of access to accurate information, elect a US citizen. Recto’s is inane thinking. Llamanzares had been adopted by rich and famous Filipinos, Fernando Poe Jr. and Susan Roces. But she chose to be adopted by the US. Now Recto thinks Filipinos would not only adopt her, but make her their leader?
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  1. Dennis Daguman on

    “decided in her adult life to be an American citizen” – for me this explains everything. being filipino by blood may not be a choice but renouncing being a filipino is. Hello?? The article simply explains she prefers to be an american than filipino… isip2x din pag may time!!!

  2. jay gutierrez on

    How come that you are raising this issue right now coming from a former Presidential Spokesman (2001–2002), Presidential Chief of Staff (2002–2004) at Presidential Management Staff (2004–2006) of CGMA since the Lakas and UNA will have a merger.

  3. SaTotooLang! on

    Bakit kapag isang pilipino and naging pinuno ng isang lugar sa ibang bansa, kagaya ng mga states sa U.S., pinagmamalaki natin ang kanilang pagiging dugong pilipino? Let’s accept the truth…it’s the effect of globalization…hahhaaa.

    • eh ano naman ngayon kung naging US Citizen siya… kayo nga itong mga may kaya or nagkaroon lang ng kaunting yaman tumatakbo kayo sa USA.. dun kayo nagtatago ng mga “BULOK” ninyo, gusto ninyo american made, style ninyo americano… GUMISING NA KAYO!!!!.. Bat di ninyo hayaan maglingkod ang mga taong nakikita ninyo na may PUSONG maka-DIYOS@ Ma-katao… we all have a chance to serve our country bastat may dugong Pilipino ….

  4. JuanDeLaCruz777 on

    Magising nmn tayo, si grace poe ay dugong pilipino – ano man ang naturalization na ini-hain nya sa kahit anong bansa. minsan may magaling na atleta – kahit kalahating dugong pilipino inaangkin natin, minsan may magaling na singer khit mukhang pilipino lng inaangkin nating pilipino :), eto pa kayang totoong dugong pinoy at ang pagiging banyaga ay sa papel lang?

    Ang sukatan ng pagiging pilipino ay sa puso, gung mag lilingkod sya ng maayos bakit hindi? Nabayaran lng itong siguro itong si Tiglao, bat ko gugustuhing iboto ang isang tao na di kayang harapin ang mga paratang sa kanya – gaya ni nognog?

    • mario san antonio on

      juandelacruz – ang sukatan ng pagkakandidato ay nasa ating Saligang Batas. please read the constitution and understand the qualifications for candidates for president, vp, congress…

  5. Mr tiglao..
    I appreciate your efforts of digging Mrs Poe’s personality, but how about digging of corrupts seasoned politicians… else i will think that somebody is paying you to make this article.. or talagang bias ka lang? im just saying my opinion….

    • Jesus T. Fontelar on

      maganda ang nilalaman ng pahayagang nakasulat, ako ay galing sa napakahirap na bayan (baryo) na halos di maabot ng kung anumang karangyaan na tinamo ng Pilipinas, sa nabasa kung ito may punto ang may akda, nag pakasarap sila sa ibang bansa, tinalikdan nila ang kahirpan upang mamuhay at mag pakasasa sa ibang bansa ni hindi nila naipag tanggol ang ating karalitaan tapos heto sila ngayon at pumapapel, kung…..corruption ang pag uusapan, bagamat wala syang na corrupt dahil wala siya rito panapanahon, sabi nga nila corrupt sila (VP) pero marami silang nagawa kesa sa mga corrupt na walang nagawa. kaming maralita, pananaw namin sa politika corruptions henerasyon na yan at di na maaalis sa atin,Synopsys of Noli Me Tangere (Jose Rizal) talamak ang kurapsyon sa mahihirap na bansa. tandaan nyo yan. sabi sa Bible (jesus Christ) pumukol ang walang sala sa taong inaakusahahang marumi at makasalanan.
      wag natin akapin ang minsan itinakwil ang ating kahirapan. magandang umaga

  6. Gumising na sana taoyng mga pinoy.. kung ang isang katulad ni POe ang ating pag asa.. kahit us citizen pa sya.. sya pa rin iboto ko.. keysa nmn sa iba dayn.. na kapag manalo ay hindi mo na gawing taggalin sa pwesto.. kung ang mga magnanakaw ang mananalo.. mas lalo tayong kawawang mga pilipino.. ang mahihirap lalong maghihirap.. kaya gumising na… wag mag bulagbulagan…

    • mario san antonio on

      mang kanor – basahin mo yong Saligang Batas natin. hindi pwede maging presidente ang hindi pilipino (natural born citizen ang kailangan). hindi pwede ang US citizen, kahit gustong gusto mo siya. sayang naman yong boto mo… pumili ka ng qualified. huwag kay binay kong ayaw mo…..hintayin mong mag file ang mga candidates para may choices ka…

      karamihan ng nag po post dito binabale-wala ang mga requirements…di nakakaintindi ng ating Constitution. salita ng salita wala naman sa lugar.. paninira lamang ang alam… akala mo kung sino silang magagaling.

  7. bakit sino ba ang gusto ninyong ma elect? yung iba ba talaga bang pagsisilbihan nila tayo? or lalong magpayaman lang sila?mas pipiliin ko pa syang mamuno kung taos puso nyang pagsilbihan ang ating bayan na wlang corruption… mag isip nmn kayo.. wag na tayong maglokohan…khit ano pamn ang citizenship nya kung marami nmn ang matutulungan bakit d natin pipiliin.. keysa nmn dugong pinoy pero sarili lng iniisip…

    • Binay pa rin ang mananalo. Bakit? Kahit anong paninira sa kanya ay mahal pa rin sya ng karamihang pilipino, magtanong kayo dito sa Bicol

  8. A Philippine President who has denounced her Filipino Citizenship? Who the cares anymore? Kung ang isang incompetent gaya ni Noynoy Aquino inilulok ng tao dahil sa image, bakit hindi si Grace Poe? Yan ang deserve ng Pilipino. Stupid is forevermore.

  9. I don’t see anything wrong about Sen. Poe ruining for President in 2016… Her citizenship became questionable by the time the survey shows her popularity, the big question is during her Senatorial bet nobody dares to raised the same issue because she was not popular during those times. In my own humble opinion most of our politicians nowadays run for office because they want to have power and money NOT because they want to serve the Filipino nation. Let us open our mind and face reality POLITICS in our country is a monkey business.

  10. Curt Juergen Freitag on

    As a German I do not undertsand the excitement about the citizenship of Sen, Poe. What it looks like is some of corrupt politician in the PI become nervous to see a chance of win for Mrs. Poe. But do not be afraid your Bank accounts in Hongkong, Switzerland and on the Caymans are still safe.
    Corruption should be legalized as a constitutional right, then gossiping about citiziennship will stop soon.

  11. I’d rather have someone who honestly admits being a US Citizen once in her life and have denounced it to serve the nation, than someone who cannot prove his innocence of plunder, who cannot explain how their family acquired their estate.

  12. I agree with “katipunero”.. So much for legalities and citizenship issues.. It can always be resolved.. If she is the one that most Filipinos are hoping and choosing to be the next leader so be it.. As one English patriot once said , in order for the country to progress again, let’s kill
    All the lawyers first!” Of course it might not mean literal but there are a lot of them pilospo politicians ….

  13. Romie Siruma on

    I’ll vote poe for president she not corrupt. Marcos, erap, gloria and now binay? WOW ngayon pa lang bilyon na ninakaw ng pamilya binay. na dati nag papakain lang daw ng mg baboy sa Makati.

  14. It makes a lot of sense, thanks for the information. At least from time to time we are opening our horizons to possibilities of a lot of ‘what ifs’. Sen. Grace Poe should clarify her issue on her citizenship first before the USA make any move that will destroy her career and our nation. Imagine, we are electing a dual citizen President? Makes me think where is her loyalty and her family? tsk…tsk…tsk….

  15. Let us stop this discussion about citizenship and residency. Poe has not declared to be a conadiate yet….

    This articles and of that Kit Tatad favor Binay. Why? Tatad was with Binay and company when they visited the US, maybe two years ago. They were invited to one of the affiairs of Phil nurses asso in Massachusetts and Binay clearly stated that:
    The family owns Makati – caring of the old people (voters) by giving free movie passes, buying cakes on their birthdays and many more perks other than the improvements made in Makati ( a show window case to the world of tall buildings).
    NOW with the cases to be filed to the family – will ordinary citizens still believe that Binay is the man? Wake up, Pinas?

  16. Felimon A. Soria on

    I was faithfully reading your column in another paper when suddenly you disappeared. Thanks to my facebook, Manila Times popped up and saw your column. I have always admired your opinion, clear and direct to the point.
    Thank you for making my day today Mr. Tiglao. I plan to read Manila Times first before any other paper

  17. this article is clearly biased and selective in his claimed facts. writer has his own personal interests, perhaps lobbying for govt position again this time under his bet, is one of them. his reasoning is clearly colored and not reflective of an objective thinking mind. i recall this man lambasting the dean of the u.p. cesar e.a. virata school of business, and the school itself. he is consistently a biased man with selective facts. at best, his article against sen. poe is his personal biased opinion. as an opinion, no one can contest that. but we can contest his selective facts as his bases in that opinion. selective as they are, these bases can not hold water. his opinion does not matter as he is not the arbiter or judge to decide on the issue some politicians are making. he is not an authority on the issue if ever it is an issue.

  18. on

    I actually don’t think this article does Grace Poe any harm. On the contrary, I think it helps her. If the worst you can say about her is that you don’t think she is patriotic or loyal enough to the country (all speculation of course because only Grace Poe really knows what’s in Grace Poe’s heart and mind), the choice is pretty obvious. I would rather have a president who has ‘questionable’ patriotism over someone who is a seasoned thief. What’s the worst she can possibly do? Sell us off to America? That would be redundant. And besides, I don’t think stealing from one’s own nation’s coffers is entirely patriotic as well. But that’s just me. What do I know? I have foreign citizenship. I must not know anything or care about the affairs of my home country. And not to cast doubt on the depth of the research you have done on her prior to publishing this wonderful piece, I’d have you know that she did major in political science. It must have been a small oversight on your part. I wouldn’t dare suggest you conveniently forgot. Even though you obviously knew she went to Boston College. Have a pleasant day, Mr. Tiglao.

  19. victor m. hernandez on

    This is a good mental calisthenic which many Filipinos or probably most Filipinos should be doing, critical thinking. However, Filipinos are very personalistic and emotional rather than rational and critical. In any case, Filipinos are not keen on legal niceties, kaya aregluhan na lang, paki-usapan na lang, ayusin na lang natin. If and when it come to the point of presidential candidacy, the Supreme Court will eventually come in to settle the issue.

  20. Philippines has become what we are now because of lack of nationalism… Love our country, nobody else will but us Filipinos

  21. To apply for an American citizenship does not in any way follow that you have forsaken once’s citizenship nor renounce your roots as a Filipino. If that should be a lapse in judgment, then let it be so. People do commit mistakes. And for as long as we rise up from our inexactitudes, then it is perfectly fine. It does not forfeit you from recovering and fulfilling an honorable calling of serving the nation.

    No matter how I try to close my eyes to give the article a valid credence as product of an honest craft of journalism, the stinking smell of it is just so pervasive.

  22. i think even superheroes will run for highest political post in our country still many filipinos will comment negative and positive… s mga pinag uusapan n presidentiables lahat nman yan may bad and good side makakaiba nga lng n kaso kc mga tao din cila… so, cino b talaga ang karapat dapat? My comment po is in general….

  23. For me …Grace Poe…move’s at the time being mentioned here… is in her mind she has no intention of becoming a Public Servant..But what she did is just clearly showing that all her actions are all legal….which also shows her own personality…she can not afford to steal from the country’s wealth by using her .. …Power once elected in the Public Office.. I am more convenient to vote for Ms. Grace Poe…

  24. A lot of commenters mistakenly believe that when Poe became a U.S. citizen (whenever that was), she ceased to be Filipino! Well, she didn’t. She’s still a Filipino albeit of American citizenship. She didn’t renounce her race! She renounced her being a pinoy citizen. But she’s still the same person, born in the PH to pinoy parents, and raised during childhood by pinoy loved ones in the PH. We call her a Fil-Am. But she is still filipino by blood.

    Tiglao never mentioned that she may have been a minor when she became a U.S. citizen, but it’s possible. But didn’t she revert back to being Filipino citizen again? What does that tell you?

    One other point: when a pinoy sees a white person walking along our streets, he is referred to as Amerikano, obviously referring to the person’s white race. To pinoys, “American” is a race. Actually, American is an ideal, not a race. If you asked that white person white what he or she is, you’ll prolly get a “part Irish, part Scot, part German” answer. Not “American”.

    In any case, to those who do not want an “American” president, itanong nyo sa sarili nyo kung bakit gusto nyo ng American military presence at asap! May pa-English English pa! Yung style ng government natin, patterned sa American democracy and institutions.

    Make up your minds.

  25. Questions not answered: Did Poe become a naturalized citizen of the United States? After obtaining US citizenship, did she go to a Philippine consulate/embassy anywhere on the planet or the Bureau of Immigration in Metro Manila to re-obtain citizenship for dual status as required under law? Prior to Philippine government service and election to its Senate did she renounce US citizenship by filling out the form as required by law at any US consulate/embassy anywhere on the planet? Once again, did she re-obtain Philippine citizenship by filling out the form as required by law? Hint: just because one is natural born does not make one a citizen and just because one hands in a passport does not end citizenship. Given answers I have read since this controversy started, I believe two things may not have taken place or at least one. Concrete answers one would have in their possession would serve as proof now needed.
    I think there are other legitimate questions I have now written but this insanity attacking one being a foundling is disgusting and undignified for a nation. The Philippines from what I have learned in regards to foundlings, illegitimate birth, whose one’s parent is especially a father, rights via either father or mother and birth order have issues since they are quite sad. I have met those harmed by such old laws and customs. Again, there are real issues such as residency and questions answered with proof such as did you get US citizenship, did you re-obtain Philippine citizenship and when did you renounce US citizenship & how?
    This foundling issue is disgusting and brings the profession of law and status of the nation down to even discuss it in regards to Poe. She is natural born and always will be. Her citizenship status at various points needs clear answers with forms shown.

  26. Thank you, Mr, Tiglao. I’ve been waiting for an article like this to clear things out. Now I know why I should not vote for Poe.

    • this article is clearly biased and selective in his claimed facts. writer has his own personal interests, perhaps lobbying for govt position again this time under his bet, is one of them. his reasoning is clearly colored and not reflective of an objective thinking mind. i recall this man lambasting the dean of the u.p. cesar e.a. virata school of business, and the school itself. he is consistently a biased man with selective facts. at best, his article against sen. poe is his personal biased opinion. as an opinion, no one can contest that. but we can contest his selective facts as his bases in that opinion. selective as they are, these bases can not hold water. his opinion does not matter as he is not the arbiter or judge to decide on the issue some politicians are making. he is not an authority on the issue if ever it is an issue.

  27. TRUTH HURTS….. so you had been conned by ms. Poe once by electing her to the senate… hope all of you will now learned your lesson not to vote for a person who is not one of us FILIPINOS…. she is a G..d..D…m US citizen…. an ALIEN…

  28. So who among the so called presidentiables would you recommend?

    I’d rather have somebody who is not a Filipino but genuinely cares for the welfare of the country than a pure blooded corrupt TRAPO.

    • victor m. hernandez on

      There you go! Unfortunately, there is a constitution to follow. It will be adsurd if a foreigner, an alien as you say, will take an oath to defend the constitution that he or she did not follow in the first place. We are becoming a big joke, if not one already.

    • We can not sure about that. A former American will always have America embedded in his heart even if at present the majority of its space is occupied by the Philippines.

  29. What we need to lead this nation is the one who can liberate us from the bondage of poverty. He/she should be able to do the fastest and best act to pay our foreign debt. He/she can assure that the way of living of every Filipino Family shall be uplifted like making the salaries/wages of our workers at par if not better than those working in the middle east, U,S, Canada, Australia, Japan and European countries. The one who can double or even make it five times our current national budget for humanitarian, economic and development projects and perform well as well as lead this nation to prosperity. He/she will be the one to really lead in the eradication of graft and corruption in all levels of the different government agencies. The one who can lower payment for taxes especially for the common masses. The one who can really lead in protecting our environment and natural resources. Act wisely and firm in resolving internal issues about peace and order. Has that leadership,capacity and credibilty to deal with other countries in matters relating to global economy, peace and order and humanity. I hope the Filipino voters can wait a little while and watch for the coming of the the guy who can implement the above.

  30. on

    All of you who wasted your time in making nonsensical comments are like broken cymbal. All of you are presumptive and judgmental. All your reasoning and commentaries are as dark as a charcoal. The only guy who can turn around the economy of the PH like what Lee Kuan Yew did to Singapore is Mayor Rodrigo R. Duterte. He hates criminals and crooked politicians like a plague. If Duterte decides to run for President I will support him through and through and I’m sure he will clean the PH with political leeches and shenanigans. Our country is seriously very sick and it needs immediate surgery and a good surgeon – and that surgeon is Duterte. Kick out all the actors, crooked, slipshod, stupid, ignoramus and do-nothing politicians. Our voters needs to be educated so as to attain political maturity. We hope!

    • Your platitudes are alright but how do you address the execution and attainment of the same thereby in relation to non-trespassing of human rights to attain the same?

  31. “Nough said of the yapping Mr. Tiglao, Senator Grace Poe can hide in the latest law that gave her back her naturalized citizenship. This law rebuts all the adverse opinions that she disenfranchised her natural born status.
    She was already covered in year 2003 by Republic Act 9225 (An Act Making the Citizenship of Philippine Citizens Who Acquire Foreign Citizenship Permanent). It was the same law being quoted by many former foreign citizen Filipinos who were mayoralty and gubernatorial bets in the 2010 and 2013 elections.
    The law says in Section 3: “ Retention of Philippine Citizenship – Any provision of law to the contrary notwithstanding, natural-born citizenship by reason of their naturalization as citizens of a foreign country are hereby deemed to have re-acquired Philippine citizenship upon taking the following oath of allegiance to the Republic:
    “I _____________________, solemny swear (or affrim) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines and obey the laws and legal orders promulgated by the duly constituted authorities of the Philippines; and I hereby declare that I recognize and accept the supreme authority of the Philippines and will maintain true faith and allegiance thereto; and that I imposed this obligation upon myself voluntarily without mental reservation or purpose of evasion.”

  32. Naku Bobi, over-the-hump singer na ba si Jim Paredes? Kasi sya lang yata natatandaan ko na meron pang full page write up na magpapaalam lang papunta Australia. Teka, may sikat din yata dyan na nag asawa dati ng isang Australian na mas matangkad pa sa kanya so naging Australian citizen din ba yun dahil na appoint yata sa isang komisyon tungkol sa selebrasyon ng EDSA yun tao.

  33. Kung kcng bobo mo lng ang lahat ng tao sa pilipinas…talgang mananatiling tayong lugmok sa kahirapan…ang puntong pinaglalaban mo ay naiisip lng ng mga bobong katulad mo..Hindi sa karakter o paninindigan ka tumitingin…eh ano kung naging dual citizen cia kung mas PILIPINO pa naman cia sa ISIP at GAWA,,kesa sa mga purong PILIPINO at me kutis pa nga ng tunay na PILIPINO ay NINANAKAWAN at INAABUSO ang KAPWA PILIPINO..ANG TANONG gusto ba natin ng mas matindi pang MAGNAKAW ke GLORIA ARROYO at iba pang pangulo?ISA lng ang punto ko..AANHIN mo ang PURONG PILIPINO kung mas NANAKAWAN,AABUSIHIN at LOLOKOHIN tayo hanggang sa ASAWA,ANAK at mga KAALYADO?

  34. This is caused by some of our compatriot’s indifference, those who never care to examine their conscience in choosing to elect a public servant, all that they care for is to satisfy their own desires to have their idols given public recognition, much like watching them walk the red carpet of a Hollywood Oscar Awards night.

    Some Filipinos have lost touch of reality, or in a state of denial, which is a disastrous attempt of escaping the true state of our nation’s decadence. Oftentimes, there will be quips coming out of these apologists, such as asking about what a critic of their idol has done or about daring the critic to run for a government position. Never have they tried to realize that such remarks, are only an indication of their poor knowledge of running for higher office, for it involves being a member of a political party and most importantly financial capability, and this is where it all boils down to – money. And, because of that we have a government of patronage.

    Then, since Philippine does not not have enough lawmakers that are really knowledgeable about the law and how to uphold it, for which they should have crafted in the first place, Philippines is stuck in this conundrum of legal issues, which is peppered with every legal loopholes, that only devious Filipino politicians can only be too wise to use to their advantage.

    To rid Philippines of these undesirables seated in higher government office, the antiquated rule for the qualification of a candidate in filling their CoC has to be revised – instead of just a simple, able to read and write; it must be considered to have a candidate having completed and obtained a degree in college as a minimum qualification.

  35. I didn’t finish this bias article full of speculations. How much did Binay pay you? Or maybe you want a seat in the Binay cabinet if ever? I am not voting for Poe if Duterte will run but it is a no brainer to choose Poe over Binay. Yung ibang commenters dito mas gusto pagnakawan ng pamilyang kawatan eh kung tutuusin mas nakakahiya ituring na Pilipino ang ninanakawan ang sarili niyang kababayan. Pls try to research more on Sen Poe’s achievement and clean name. Akala naman ng iba dito mas qualified kayo kesa sa kanya. Ang daming nagmamarunong! Hypocrite!

    • Please spare us the trouble of researching her achievements from the time she returned to Philippines. Paki bullet point na lang dito. Isa-isahin mo.

  36. Reading all the comments show that most of pinoys make their decision not because they are thinking about it but because of emotions, attachment, loyalty, even if the person is not right, we refuse to believe she is not right. that is the pinoy mentality we got from the Spaniards, they controlled us with religion and make us obey and be loyal to them, and praise them and they took our lands, made us slaves, and treated us like a second class citizen in our own country. yong bang ang trabahador sa asienda, loyal pa rin sa mayari kahit hindi fair ang treatment sa kanya. tsk tsk tsk very sad, we should have improved by this time but no, still the same. that is why my friends, the country will never get out of that rot, because the voters are controlled by emotions, there is no intelligent rational at all! really sad!

  37. Mr. Tiglao, nag apologized na po si Cong. Toby sa kanyang loose cannon diatribe kay Sen. Grace POE. Sana ngayon lang eh ma eh publish yong comments ko, ang tagal ko ng nag cocomment ngunit palaging tinatanggihan ng inyong censor bureau. Hindi po bang pwedeng mag kometaryo ng totoong saloobin ng inyong avid fan reader? Quote”Brother T, we better leave to the abogados de campanilla of both sides to fight it out in a proper court to come up with a ruling favorable to your benefactor at UNA or to Sen. Grace Poe. The more you dig deeper on a bottomless pit of uncertainty since we are both laymen who wanted to ferret out the truth, the more Sen. Grace Poe is becoming a martyr and a champion to the cause of the “inaapi in Tagalog at karapatan ng milyon milyong mga “foundling” na mga OFW’S o mga ampon na kagaya ni Sen. Grace Poe?” Sige, Bro, baka maungusan POE kayo ni Sen. Grace Poe by default kasi kinakampanya nyo na POE siya eh hindi pa naman POE siya kandidato? Ang masaklap nito yong ibang kandidato diyan sa tabi tabi, SUBI!!! ay maagang nag “peak” ayon kay Manny POEquiao isang taon daw POE bago ang halalan, kaya ang sabi ni Manny “MALA” daw POE iyan!”Unquote.

  38. Philippine politics can be compared to some really bad telenovelas from both networks. With lame story lines, stupid plot, predictable, and yet Filipinos still watching it.

  39. Isa Lang dapat gawin ni Grace POE sabihin niya kung kailan niya isinoli ang US passport niya

  40. Grace Poe will jst be another pnoy type of president that later on known to be abnoy. Hope she will not be poesoy to our country if god forbade she will become president

  41. Mr. Tiglao, your impeccable presentation of facts is indeed clear. Ambitions and desires unfolding, the crap that the Liberal Party and celebrated mainstream broadcast networks now hype altogether- plus the handiwork of Abnoy, the corruptor par excellance and the paid hacks of SWS and Pulse Asia surveys have gotten into herl head to swell and be delusional. Attack dogs of the Yellows and LP will capitalize on this and they are making hay. Let us methodically approach this case,To dispel the rumors and curiosity, challenge /subject her to have a dna test. Fact:the rumored father adds to her publicity. The hype.will eventually subside, once paternity is known. Who actually spread such a dirty rumor but the oligarchs, the elite and LPs then?

    • kahit sinong pilipino ang tunay na tatay at ina ni little ms.poe-pet, ang mabigat na isyu ay ang pagiging u.s. citizen nya. hindi pwede sabihing dual citizenship. naging u.s. citizen sya yata bago isabatas ang dual citizenship law. granted na naging pilipino uli sya. kailan nangyari ito?? at sa konstitusyon yata kaibigan ay pawang mga natural born citizen lang ang pwedeng maging bise at presidente pati yata pagka senador at hindi yung naturalized filipino citizen na ngayon na estado ni little ms. poe-pet.

  42. It doesn’t matter. She already proved that she can serve. The question that we should be focusing on is if she would be that capable on a higher position. I’d pick a fil-am anyday rather than a full blooded but corrupt and incompetent pinoy. Guys, we need to ask the right questions here. p.s I am not endorsing Grace Poe, this article is just wrong. Also, when someone writes an article like this, specially on a well known publication, it doesn’t mean that he’s right. It’s all just opinions.

    • …going by your line of reasoning, I would go all the way, I’d pick Obama to run our God forsaken country than Poe or any other presidential wannabe!

    • juancho ramas on

      …no malice intended here but is it possible grace poe could have been a daughter of a priest serving at jaro cathedral during that time?

  43. Agueda Kahabagan on

    You have point Mr. Tiglao. But I don’t have any problem who to vote for now. I am all for Duterte!

  44. maybe next u make strong article for corrupt/dynasty politicians. expose there wrong doing. IF you think u’re a good journalist make it count. mga magnanakaw habulin mo.

  45. Vic PenetranteVic on

    A foundling found in a church could be God’s gift to us, but not to politicians.

  46. I dont care she will not win anyway. Duterte is the next Philippine President.

  47. I dont care she will not win anyway.Duterte is the next Philippine President.

  48. The Philippines gives you the opportunity to become a dual citizen. Good article. If its an issue of citizenship which is the lesser of evil from plunder and corruption I would opt for the former. Poe or Binay your choice.

  49. Atticus Finch on

    Paniwalang-paniwala naman kayo sa taong ito. Wala naman siyang sinabing matinong facts. Ginamit lang niya yung US citizenship ni Poe tapos pinaikot-ikot niya kayo gamit yung mga spekulasyon niya tungkol sa mga intensyon ni Poe para sa bansa natin. Pati personal life ni Poe sinasali. WALA NAMANG BASIS MGA SINABI NIYA. Sa kanya lang galing ‘yon. Bago kayo maniwala basahin niyo nang maigi yung article. MERE SPECULATION!

    • it is a fact that poe was a us citizen, where is the speculation? And it is true, in other countries, you cannot run for the higher positions of the land if you became a citizen of another country. If I am right, there are strict rules about that in our constitution. Politicians however, make the wrong right and the right wrong to suit their needs.

  50. Hindi ko na tinapos pagbasa dahil napaka bias! Hindi alam ng marami ang painagsusulat mo at hindi rin namin alam kung totoo o hindi. Marami na kayong sinabi nung panahon ni GMA na hindi totoo. Takot ka rin ba kay Grace Poe! Mas Pilipino pa siya sayo!

    • Mr tiglao is just pointing some facts and there were no other personalities being mentioned here. It’s just your polluted mind like the rest who insist poe is the purest of them all

  51. I will vote for Sen. Poe with less experience in running the government, than vote for someone who has great experience, but has a massed so much wealth. Tell me readers, who will you vote for?

    • I will vote for someone who can instill discipline, from the Jaywalking pedestrians, up to the highest corrupt public officials.

      The country is now a failing state, there is breakdown of discipline everywhere.

    • well manny, how do you know that poe will be a good president? When she did not point a finger to Aquino and his general during the mamaano investigation, I stopped following her. She made a deal with someone, and that shows her integrity, he loyalty lies where the power is, not for the masses.

    • In your mind there are only two candidates..Binay and Poe.. How about Duterte? Lacson or Mar ? Do you also classify them as corrupt?

    • I will vote for a true blooded natural born Filipino citizen… who will never turn his/her back on his own country for good or for worst

  52. Citizenship for convenience.
    TraPOE wants to have her cake
    and eat it too.
    In other words, ” Kung saan kikita
    Duon ako.”

  53. JERRY Rimando on

    very very enlightening mr. Tiglao, thank you.
    now I know who not to vote.

  54. celso velina on

    After reading your article the more I want to support Sen. Grace Poe if she will run for higher office. She has renounced her US citizemship. She is a Filipino, a natural born Filipino citizen, right? Go Senator Poe! GO!!!!

  55. Louie Falcon on

    Good dossier, pls make same of other presidentiables so that the people may know that the country is in serious trouble when we don’t have yet the true presidential timber.

  56. I Remember... on

    It is about time someone writes it! Poe got elected because of her name, that was it. A disgrace… not a grace. Disgrace Poe.

  57. Robert Balmes on

    Let’s see what will happen next now that the citizenship of Sen. Poe is in question. Will we be still interested for her to run as president and lead the country? Oftentimes, we have to think and to know what our values are and respect our laws. Otherwise, we cannot pass the blame to others if we ignore this reality. I, for one will vote for her to be the next president as she has the sincerity to serve the country compared to other aspiring candidates who are mostly ambitious and crooks, BUT the question of her citizenship has to be answered first before everything else. Hope this issue will be cleared before election time.

  58. Leodegardo Pruna on

    It is just too bad that our culture is a “damaged culture”. And, it stays that way, even if we raise to the heavens that it is not, if we continue our way of life. We only have to blame ourselves for where we are and where we want to be. Allowing a leader to continue his masquerading behind people (Hyatt 10) of selfish ends and lording over him. God bless the Philippines.

  59. Conrado Maramag on

    1For me Grace need more experience, as challenges of the presidential need more caliber. We must veeer from essentially showbiz experience as yet and we have that in Erap. Although, she is a good moderator in the Senate hearings, a leader steep in govt experience and proven achievements is now needed… With vision and refutable technocrat. Her citizenship be decided by impartial courts. We need a leader who has the strenght to implement many reforms, but of untainted one. She must present a program, if she is indeed for the highest office, that the poor , the middle class and good business can support.

  60. chthonic monster on

    who cares? the big question should be; how long has the binays been stealing our money?

  61. Ram Aurelio on

    “Blame the POLITICAL BROKERS.” I’m very sure they are more than after Poe’s interest.

  62. Braincleaner on

    How did the US defend the Philippines from China? China has been building up right at the US very noses and they have done nothing! Except talk! Useless cheap talk! While leveraging from financing, trade, and investments with China in billions of dollars! Anyone with working brains could easily take note of that! They are pushing their errand boy Benigno Aquino III to trash talk China and promote anti-China hysteria at the expense of Filipinos and what do Filipinos get in return? Have Filipinos gained anything? Nothing! In fact, the US is even pushing for the BBL as extension of Malaysian grabbed Sabah. A Philippine lost territory to Malaysia.

  63. Kale Alaskador on

    Yan ang Pilipino ngayon. Magdusa tayo! Habang nagpapaloko ang taong bayan sa mga politiko, magdusa tayo!

    Gising na! Bangon na! Huli na tayo!

    Hindi ba? Filipinos, ALWAYS LATE!

  64. Very good article. If this is the case, we have a member in the Senate which a US citizen. It is really more fun in the Philippines…

  65. what was written here is very true. also, maybe she just want to make revenge on the death of his tatay-tatayan na dinaya daw. What is bad to this country is that…sa kawalan na ng tiwala sa mga namumuno, the more with utak voters don’t want to vote due to lack of confidence and trust,…so the bobotante wins…those bobotante votes for mga sikat like poe,estrada,revilla,and many more…..wake up Filipinos!

  66. Guillermo Hernandez on


    Only in the Philippines …….and we are the laughing stock of the world ,

    Our mentality is still like that of the Indios of the Spanish era…..we never grew up in the past few hundred years….. A great majority of us are uneducated and ignorant.

    • not only that, many of us are clowns and crooks. we vote based on popularity and not on track record. that’s why the country is considered a failed state and still semi-feudal society in the 21st century.

  67. Al guerrero on

    It is good to know that there are people like you and mr. Tatad who can see through all these political agendas of Aquino et al..majority of us don’t get carried away by people who have famous names …we stand by common sense and peoples accomplishments!! We don’t vote for someone just because Nora aunor says she’s gonna vote for her!
    Keep it up…

  68. Kung sina Poe at Binay ang pagpipilian, si Poe na lang ang pipiliin ko. Nakakatakot pg si Binay ang naging pangulo. Andito pero…

    • I would rather be ruled like hell by a Filipino than ruled like heaven by an American. That is kung si Poe at Binay lang ang pagpipilian.

  69. Rizaldy A. Javing on

    Mr. Tiglao you have a nice column and very convincing at that. I am not a pro Grace Poe and I am analyzing and deeply thinking of whom I will support to become our leader this coming 2016. Your twist as I see is in support of Binay and that makes things a bit sour. It makes me suspicious of your intention on writing a column about Poe. Hoping that your literary skill could be given much merit by avoiding to support questionable characters. Let us say that Binay is being probed as a demolition job for political reasons but the evidence is getting obvious and pointing to large scale corruption.

    You are in a good position to help in getting rid of the evils in our society so I urge you to become an instrument of change in this crucial moment in the history of our nation. During the time of Pres. Ramos we were almost over the hump to overcome our economic woes but his successor Joseph Estrada has ruined everything and at present the economic indicators under Pres. Aquino is getting investment grade commendations and we don’t want to lose that momentum by having a corrupt leader to replace him. Once we achieve prosperity there is no doubt in my mind that criminality, drugs and those petty corruptions in the lower ranks will gradually diminish.

  70. Bread and circuses 2016 – Grace Poe

    Grace Poe has,
    No experience – (would Microsoft make an intern with a couple of years on the job training the CEO)
    A lack of independence ( so quiet on so many issues/people involved in corruption – very selective, to match her memory)
    Two faced – to match her two countries
    Another trapo trading on a name ( no doubt reruns of FJP B-movies in the offing)
    No manifesto or vision, just a story to tell and sell, and to mention her ‘father’ in every other sentence to garner votes. Milking it.
    No gravitas, just a poor little rich girl acting a role. Hamming it.

    Grace poe can’t even decide if she is interested in running, just as she can’t decide which country has her loyalty. No conviction, just opportunism. No life-long interest in politics, and no strength of character or charisma.

    A fish out of water, but grace poe clearly revels in the attention and being in magazines/photo shoots. No connection with the average filipino – prefers high society and the tennis club. She likes to be whiter than white.

    Does the philippines want to go from dumb to dumber

    • Hector all those points you make towards grace poe, i say to you look at them in regards to binay.
      The experts are telling us the makati building was over priced by over 1 billion pesos. Binay agreed to it. He even defended it saying it was a world class bulding a green building & all that has been shown to be wrong to be a lie. & you think he is competent or honest to be president of this country. I say to you wait till you see all this evidence in court & you will see what not only binay is like but all his family members also. They are in power for one reason, money power & influence, all combined.
      Give me grace poe any day of the week.

  71. Samuel Santos on

    After reading this article, I am now fully convinced that Grace Poe is not qualified for any elective position in the Philippines.

  72. we need a presidential candidate who is competent and has a platform of government and clear vision where he/she wants us to go. i used to think that being president is an easy job, that all you have to do is listen to the advice of your cabinet secretaries and you choose and make the best decision.

    but how can you make a wise decision if your knowledge of political situations, economy, etc. is limited. Your cabinet secretary gives you economic, financial data and graphs and a president just listens with wide eyes and looks bewildered because he/she did not understand what is being said.

    o pagagalitan pa ang cabinet secretary niya at sasabihin na hindi magaling magpaliwanag at bakit hindi lang simplehan ang presentation.

    a candidate who is not competent and wins the presidency will realize that he/she has no time to learn and be on the job training, because papers continually pile up every day. he/she will be signing papers even if he/she does not understand the contents and what will be the consequence thereof

    • Name one president in any country who is or was an expert in ALL matters that a president has to deal with i.e. Economics, defense, civil rights, energy, immigration, financial, banking laws and reforms, agriculture, climate change, education etc…

      Kaya nga lahat ng presidents, may advisers! In the U.S. as soon as a person becomes a candidate, he/she is put through a rigorous crash course on all topics of concern, kung baga eh, like cramming for a final exam covering all subjects under the sun. Kaya at least pag sampa nya sa opisina, may idea na sya. At tuloy tuloy yan, adviser dito at duon. Anytime of the day or night the president needs advise, tawag lang on the phone.

      Kaya dapat ang iboboto ay isang taong may intelligence naman at education, well rounded, and willing to listen. Hindi yung mga nagmamalaki dyan na pumapatay daw ng mga kriminal, inakupu!!

  73. Kahit saan tignan, kahit sa pagsasalita,kahit sa mga umampon magulang,lalo na sa mukha ni grace Poe ay hindi maitatangi na siya ay tunay na pilipino! Ewan kulang sa tunay na ugali! Puedi bang baliwalain ang batas?
    Ang tingin ng marami na siya ay harmless at may mabuting puso!
    Ito ba ay sapat na upang ang lahat ng argumento ay bali wala na?
    Sa election lahat iyan ay masasagot kapag inilukluk ng taong bayan si Poe sa pagka pangulo!
    Sabi nga ang taong bayan ang batas!

  74. She could not be your leader because she probably would not allow the Chinese to have there way under her leadership as they have been doing for many years. Your Gov’t and its leaders have been nothing but pawns pulled left and right by Red China.

  75. MyrLA bryant on

    Very good comments, Mr Tiglao. Realistically, when an alien applies for US citizenship, one has to renounce his òr her original citizen status.

  76. Pete Gabriel on

    Maybe we need an American to become Philippine President, the country was doing really well when we had American Governors, those are our glory years. Today the Philippines is running like hell due to corrupt politicians’ greed and self serving motives. I don’t think this is the kind of hell that Quezon was talking about. Our problem in my opinion, is that we are too nationalistic without really understanding the why and the how. One thing is certain, China is grabbing our territories, and there is not much we can do about it. Why not Grace Poe for President?

  77. That is how lowly we have become. Very, very sad.The culprit? The politicians, of course!

    • jason bourne on

      By the post of some here, I think they can not differentiate what is good or what is bad. So spare the politicians.

  78. P.Akialamiro on

    I am not surprised if Sen. Poe was, at one time, a TNT. However, she must have been in the U.S. when marrying a U.S. Citizen could enable one to stay, by virtue of her marriage. which is no longer true these days.

    One good and big question is: Is her husband still an U.S, Citizen? If so, can one imagine having a president, or vice president for that matter, to lead the country, but married to a foreigner? It would be a case of “namamangka sa dalawang ilog”!

    I tend to believe that she may be ‘qualified’ to run for a higher office, that of Vice President or President of the Republic of the Philippines. But, has the Philippines become so poor that even its native intellectuals have depleted so low to the extent that we do not have a Filipino, by heart and soul, to be a candidate for any of the highest positions of the land?

    Any oher better or best qualified possible candidate, corruption-accused and having a ‘dynasty’ included?

    ‘Wawa naman ang Pilipinas!

  79. Johnny Ramos on

    I wonder what would happen to us during our Independence Day celebration with Grace Poe as our president raising our flag in Luneta Park. Our president will be the first to took oath in front of American flag to become its citizen. How will Grace Poe address our Armed Forces to respect the flag when she herself with no financial difficulties or political duress abandoned alligiance to our Philippine flag. Do we have to change the meaning of patriotism in school because our president have lead us by example. Why did Grace Poe did not renounce her acquired American citizenship the very moment FPJ announced his intention to run for Presidency in 2004?

    • As the article denotes CITIZENSHIP BY CONVENIENCE..kailangan may fall back plan…. at baka sumipyat …… the other fall back is US citizen husband nya… kaya Naka safety net talaga

  80. Clarence Land on

    She cannot renounce her Filipino blood. Is Filipino citizenship by blood or not?