• City Assessor Orders To Act On Boundary Dispute


    ILOILO CITY: Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog has instructed the city assessor’s office to act promptly and settle the boundary dispute of a portion of land between Barangay Libertad and Barangay Jalandoni Estate, both in Lapuz district, which the respective barangay captains are claiming to be in their respective village. Mabilog said that city assessor Nelson Parreño must act promptly and show an official cadastral map of the barangays to settle disagreement between Libertad Barangay Captain Sumakwel Nava and Jalandoni Estate Barangay Captain Efren Gimeo. Both village chiefs wanted that certain portion of land be included in their jurisdiction that only an official cadastral map showing the boundaries of the barangays can settle.


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