• City of Pines meets the 3 Honda Musketeers


    When I was a young boy, the Three Musketeers were larger than life heroes that maintained peace and order by their swash buckling swords and unswerving loyalty to do the greater good. My siblings and I would always emulate them and no one could defeat us in our make believe battles.

    This scenario was revealed again when my forever partner Lindy Pellicer and I went on the recent Honda Media Drive with three newly refreshed variants of the Honda Jazz RS, City VX Navi and Mobilio RS.

    RS look
    The most stunning of the three cars is the Jazz RS. The sporty body kit, added onto the already highly lovable hatchback, made it even more desirable and aggressive lo oking. The front bumper of the Jazz RS had been transformed with its new side scoops, bigger fog light panels, a new dividing line in the middle and a more pronounced, lower apron with side extenders. The rear was adorned with a bigger spoiler and redesigned bumper to match the front fascia.

    The Mobilio RS was also something to be happy about. The seven-seater was suddenly available with a sporty version and was well designed. The front bumper was totally new and had been given more striking elements than the base unit. With new side skirts, big spoiler at the back and a very prominent, rear bumper look, this Mobilio RS made it one mean, Mom mobile!

    The Jazz VX Navi doesn’t have the RS version yet and is the tamest looking of the three. The newly styled look lacks the exciting cues of the RS variants and would love to see how the Honda designers can make this subcompact into a fire breathing, sporty machine. I just hope that they will be as inspired as when they created the above two versions, including the new Civic RS Turbo!

    Interior Navi
    The new interior of the three cars is now adorned with a 7-inch touch screen audio visual display in the middle of the dashboard. Its position and angle is different in each car and I find the Mobilio’s display to be better than the others as it is easier to see by the other passengers. Maybe it’s also because of the huge interior space of this cross between a station wagon and a compact car that made watching videos on the screen easier.

    The interior space for the Jazz and City was not far behind from the Mobilio and you can easily cross your legs at the back, even with 5’8” individuals occupying the choice seats in front. The big difference was the trunk space of the three cars and I believe this will influence your decision on what car to buy.

    The Jazz will have the smallest trunk, and the Mobilio will have the biggest. With another row at the back, the Mobilio is the hands down winner to move people around and was always a hit among the elder members of the group. Unfortunately, this will also be the hardest to park and will not be good for spirited driving.

    i-VTEC Engine
    The three cars are all powered by the same 1.5-liter, i-VETEC power that produces 120 ps and 14.8 kg-m of torque. These figures will not excite most of the enthusiasts and rightly so. However, if you remember that about 30 years ago, cars of the same displacement only had half of this power, then you will see appreciate the effort of the Honda engineers.

    The funny thing was that I expected the Mobilio to struggle up the mountainous roads but it just wasn’t so. The Jazz and City needed to be shifted manually to overtake and go up the twisties. The Mobilio though cruised with less effort up the same roads. I believe the gear ratios are different for the Mobilio and this would have been great if it was on the Jazz RS so it will be livelier!


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