• Civil society groups urge UN General Assembly action on Syria


    UNITED NATIONS, United States: More than 200 humanitarian and human rights groups called on Thursday (Friday in Manila) for the UN General Assembly to address Syria’s deadly conflict, citing the Security Council’s paralysis in dealing with the crisis. In a declaration published in New York, the 223 signatories said the Security Council “has failed Syrians” and particularly pointed out its inability to stop the Syrian regime’s offensive against east Aleppo. They called for the 193 member nations of the United Nations “to request an emergency special session of the UN General Assembly to demand an end to all unlawful attacks in Aleppo and elsewhere in Syria, and immediate and unhindered humanitarian access” to besieged civilians. The UN members also should find a way to bring those responsible for serious crimes under international law in Syria to justice, the declaration said.


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