• The CJ herself must report to the people


    I have been a student for years of the Judiciary Development Fund (JDF) which, legal eagle Lolong Lazaro told this legal cub, he assisted Mr. Marcos in crafting.

    Under Sec. 1 of Presidential Decree (P.D.) No. 1949 of July 1984, “The Fund shall be used to augment the allowances of the members and personnel of the Judiciary and to finance the acquisition, maintenance and repair of office equipment and facilities; Provided, That a least eighty percent (80%) of the Fund shall be used for cost of living allowances, and not more than twenty percent (20%) of the said Fund shall be used for office equipment and facilities of the Courts located where the legal fees are collected; . . .”

    We want to see proof of any such augmentation and improvement of office equipment and facilities. Manila’s court system is a continuing disgrace. No majesty of the law at all.

    Sec. 2. “The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court shall administer and allocate the Fund and shall have the sole exclusive power and duty to approve and authorize disbursements and expenditures of the Fund in accordance with the guidelines set in this Decree and its implementing rules and regulations.”

    Thus, no one can really speak for CJ Meilou Sereno, at least from the time she became CJ. The House may even be convinced to increase the JDF, given a legally tenable, intellectually respectable and psychologically satisfying factual presentation.

    It was typically clever of Macoy, a criminal genius, to have the CJ genuflect properly. No fort is impregnable if you have two mules laden with gold.– Herodotus. A premium for canine loyalty shown by the Supreme Court from 1972-86 in martial law cases (but very good in non-ML cases).

    Sec. 3 states: “The Commission on Audit through the Auditor of the Supreme Court or his duly authorized representative shall quarterly audit the receipts, revenues, uses, disbursements and expenditures of the Fund, and shall submit the appropriate report in writing to the Chairman of the Commission on Audit and to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, copy furnished the Presiding Appellate Justice of the Intermediate Appellate Court and all Executive Judges.”

    I have asked my studes to get any report from any Executive Judge as required by this section, to pass. For years now, no one has succeeded. Apparently, the copying requirement, e.g., Exec Judges, has been blatantly ignored in our scofflaw society.

    Will the Supreme Court interdict current cross-border practices sanctioned by P.D. No. 1949? “Sec. 4. Nothing herein shall be construed to affect or diminish the duty of local government units to provide office spaces, equipment and facilities to the courts within their respective territorial jurisdiction as required under existing laws.” Overtaken by the 1987 Constitution?

    The Bersamin ponencia may have, willy-nilly, outlawed this type of cross-border transactions whose benevolent workings may be seen in the Makati court system. Blending, not separation, of powers I see. (Mayor Jun-Jun, the Bigasan St. sign has just again been vandalized; please replace, at a higher spot beyond the reach of the mischievous.)

    I assume CJ Meilou has done nothing improper with the JDF since she became CJ and therefore, JDF Sole Disburser. She must be concerned then about the disbursements of his predecessors from 1984. Hence, her steadfast refusal to report to the people, through their duly-elected representatives. (?)

    Will duly-elected PNoy run again for Prez? I doubt it. After four years of being told daily how bad and weak (ampaw) he is, he natcherly would want to live as normal a life as possible and not deal with the problems left by WWII, the Macoy-Meldy Dictatorship and the Glo-Mike power grab. Only human.

    Jail? Whatever for? Did he steal a singkong duling? I doubt it. A nation that cannot detain Imelda cannot possibly detain PNoy, lest the laughter by the whole world become louder.

    The Ampaw Prez has in fact just scored again. Jovito Palparan, who power-grabber GMA praised in one SONA is now in custody. It is the court’s call where to detain him but everybody is free to suggest.

    From his looks, reported health condition, and demeanor one could see the tough and pitiful life of a fugitive. He is presumed innocent of course but one could see the sleepless nights and grave anxiety of one on the lam, being punished far beyond what any court can impose.

    Palparan, Enrile, Jinggoy, Revilla, Napoles, et al. are charged with heinous crimes against our people. But, they continue to be presumed innocent under the Bill of Rights and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

    Who will replace PNoy? Maybe that should not be a concern. We have many columnists, including myself, who know all the answers. But, it is one thing to be in bivouacs, another, to be in the commanding heights, seeing so many valid competing claims on scarce resources. And we are now officially 100M rabbits. And multiplying.


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    1. … pnoy might not have (yet) stolen kahit singko’ng duling, pero nag-iwan naman siya ng bilyun- bilyong tonelada’ng pabigat sa krus ng taong bayan!

    2. Mr. Saguisag , tell the filipino people what are the development brought by your tita cory to the filipinos and sum it up againts macoy time,not even a single project that can surpass!!!! during your time as senator you are one of the creator of a gov’t that is 300 years in convent and 50 years in holywood! look at what we are now!blame t to cory’s constitution!

    3. I thought the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of a democracy like the Philippines are co-equal. Why the Judiciary can over rule the Executive or maybe the Legislative branches? Was it in Pakistan when the president, a former general got to fire some justices? I am still clinging to the beauty of check and balance. If there is balance. do you remember when former president packed the Supreme Court with her favorite appointees in the SC? How could it be balanced now? At first, I believe PNoy should be given a rest. But if that will be impossible under the political situation when the power hungry and gold digger will take over, I agree that PNoy agreed for a second term. Is it not too long the 16 years? Well, your friend Marcos was there for 20. From the start I admired Mar Roxas for his education and demeanor but yielded to PNoy for good governance if not in deference with the funeral of his mother. Then the daang matuwid(straight path) principle should prevail. What I remember was that Magsaysay would jail his relatives if convicted but Mt. Manungal in Cebu snapped it. Even Marcos was in parallel time with Lee Kwan Yew of Singapore but a friend reminded me that we were 80 million( now 100) at that time and Singapore had three million. Economy of scale and span of control. But who does not want a change for the better? According to chronicler Chau Jeu Kua, the Filipinos(natives) would collect bartered merchandise on the shore to be paid in items of equivalent worth the next morning. Honor or honest system until we had the pulpit, the casiques and hacienderos and later Hollywood. I still believe we can regain our past if everybody will help. We need a leader like PNoy who devoted his life as a single person married to public service or his cohort who will continue the crusade. Also, the naive voters should now insert a divider to separate the state from the screen(stage) as the church and the state. Mabuhay !!!

    4. The mere fact that the president cloaks his desire to “what the bosses want” draws everybody to a conclusion that he entertains the idea of another term. Is this not akin to your EDSA II text brigade you so oftenly preach in lawschool? “What the bosses want” may often be “owned” by “what the chosen few want,” as EDSA II is a desecration of EDSA because of the whims of the chosen few text brigade? So shall the bosses’ “desire” be misconstrued as the allies’ desire?

    5. Lolita marquez on

      Rene if you could get a copy of the audit blame your boss Pnoy by reneging on his campaign promise of passing the FOI Bill.

      Marcos maybe a tyrant and an evil genius but his creation of JDF fund is to make the Judiciary independent instead if every now and then asking for budgets from power brokers and bribers like Pnoy.

    6. nod if you agree on

      Wow! Just wow~Former Senator Saguisag.

      I have been following the Opinions page of the Manila Times for a few weeks now, and all if not most of your columns have (correct me if I’m wrong) been an attack on the Supreme Court. I wonder though, would you still be writing against the SC if they have ruled for PDAF or DAP and not against it?

      I used to admire what you stood for when I was younger (maybe I was just too naive back then).


      Yes, what accomplishment have you done when you were a senator and a lapdog
      of corazon aquino. Do you and aquino have anything to speak off. Icon of democracy?
      Do you think your boss aquino was able to ascend to the presidency had it not been
      for enrile, ramos and sin who treacherously turned their back against marcos? In your
      analysis, you should be honest. Is the Philippines better off today than before.
      saguisag, think about it. Or, you find your place as a yellow fanatic.

    8. I dont need to spend years, months weeks or hours to see that something is not right. Just simple mathamatics tells you its not right. So the court gets different ammounts of money each year & 80% of that money goes to the allowances of the staff. Lets give examples this yer the court makes 1 billion pesos x 80% = 800 million pesos. Next year they make 100 million pesos x 80% = 80 million pesos. So now these people will have a huge diffrence in their allowances. Just look at that system how crazy it is & how corrupt it is. There should be a pay scale for everyone in the service of the courts. Why are all these allowances needed. Just think back to the impeachment of corona & see all his allowances & perks & its disgusting. It makes a joke of this country. You are making these people millionaires for doing their job. Does it happen in other countries, well not my country ( england ). But we have intelligent people who want to do good for the country & not do good for themselves.
      If we looked more in depth then we could see it for exactly what it is, but that is a very simple way to show you that it was set up to help people like themselves who will in turn help them. In other words its the old boys school, you scratch my back & i will scratch your back.

      • You forgot to take into account the wealth of the Corona family, their source of their wealth , both came from already wealthy parents of CJ Renato Corona and his wife, well known Basa family, for your info, and as they claim they were frugal and did not live a lifestyle of the pretentious rich.

    9. Roldan Guerrero on

      My dear Ex.-Senator Saguisag, You must be too harsh of telling in your column that Marcos is a criminal genius. He maybe or not but I doubt if you accept that his accomplishments could not be out- performed by consolidated accomplishments of all Phil. Presidents. It is so sad that you continue to malign him until now! What about you? what have you done as a Senator? This country had been suffering from power shortages yet the costliest in Asia as a result of your initiative in mothballing the BNPP.This is the second time Im daring you to lay down your reasons in doing it. Of course you did it with the support of your late boss,CCA whom you convinced to give you full support. I would say your biggest mistake if not a crime you committed, was what you did to BNPP. I hope you know very well that the government is still paying the debt incurred in its construction. Once again Ex. Sen. Saguisag please explain what you did was not a crime against the Filipino people.

      • saguisag, u convinced clueless Cory to revive pork barrel.. u are responsible for creating the monsters that are now called PDAF and DAP.. SHAME ON YOU !!!!!!!

      • Yes indeed Atty Saguisag. The BNPP after all was paid for by the blood sweat and tears of Filipinos through their taxes— not by you and your Yellow fellows— and they got nothing for it because You did not want it operated.

        You get so loud about the corruption of others but you are mum about your corrupt Yellow mellows. Rumors had it that PNoy got some P300M from MVP for approving the PLDT and Smart merger. What do you say about that huh?