• The clamor is against PNoy’s 2nd term plot


    Obviously scripted was the declamation of Interior and Local Governments Secretary Mar Roxas proposing that moves be taken to heed the people’s clamor to get President Benigno Aquino 3rd to rule our country for another term. There was no clamor outside Mr. Roxas’ head. And also obviously scripted was the response of the President, “Yes, I will, if that’s what my Boss, the people, want.”

    Instead of the masses shouting themselves hoarse to beg Mr. Aquino to grant their wish, what we have heard are faint voices of a few Yellow Army fanatics trying to make the joint fantasy of Mr. Roxas and Mr. Aquino come true.

    What we hear loud and clear are violent reactions to the plot to extend Mr. Aquino’s rule. The people are angrily rejecting his maneuvers to reduce the Supreme Court to an instrument of his will. He sees the High Court as his enemy because it has been trying to save—from Mr. Aquino’s abuses—what is left of the rule of law in our Republic. The people are thanking God for gifting us Filipinos our SC justices who are boldly defending the independent character and co-equal level of the Judiciary vis-a-vis the Executive and the Legislative branches.

    Too uncivil to print here are the angry words in letters to the editor and the thousands of comments in our online edition against Mr. Aquino’s wish to ape the late President Ferdinand Marcos. But to show that even some of President Aquino’s well-wishers oppose his moves to amend the Constitution so he could rule our country for another six years–and maybe for life–we reproduce below the statement of the distinguished Former Senior Government Officials group.

    The FSGO actively supported then Senator Aquino’s campaign to become president of the Philippines. Unlike critics of Mr. Aquino, the FSGO apparently believe that the Aquino administration has done some good in the past four years.

    Fsgo: No to term extension
    “We, members of the Former Senior Government officials (FSGO), recall our stints under various presidents, some of whom announced their intention to change the Constitution to allow them to serve longer than the years given to them by the electorate.

    “In all those instances, such announcements had undesirable consequences. Governance was disrupted, media became unduly adversarial, and the general public was dismayed by fears of dictatorship. Surveys of public opinion all showed disapproval of those moves to extend the term limits of elected officials, either in the executive department or in the legislature.

    “While the general character of this administration may admittedly be different from those of the past presidents, the public’s distrust of self-serving moves to amend the Constitution remains strong and admirable.

    “We strongly urge the administration not to pursue any amendments to the Constitution at this time, when genuine reforms have been put in place in the government. We should not lose in two years what we worked so hard to achieve in the last four years.”

    Another polite group, Ang Kapatiran Party, which many believe is the political party that fielded the most virtuous and morally unblemished candidates in the 2010 and 2013 elections, passed a resolution that serves as an open letter to the Filipino People and to President Aquino.


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    1. Roldan Guerrero on

      BSA visited Japan several times with closed eyes on the secret of beauty and progress of this country. If the Japanese Government will learn that his purpose of coming here in Japan is his clandestine meeting with Murad, Japan would never accept his entry in this very peaceful and rich country.

    2. Carlo L. Adan on

      Very very truthful and necessary editorial.

      It’s a pity you did not print the Ang Kapatiran resolution as you did the FSGO statement.

    3. I strongly believe that even with the strong economic GDP of the Aquino’s administration the following are realities which the president cannot deny, namely:
      1. The economic growth is not inclusive of all the sectors especially the poor workers in the local industries, the farmers and the poor unemployed populace.
      2. Only the few rich businessmen mostly with the service oriented private companies are biasedly favored by the administration.
      3. Yearly budgets are packed with pork barrels or DAPs or hidden lump sums for political scheming.
      4.Peace and order is in disarray and most peace officers are preoccupied on other activities just so to have additional source of income.
      5.Most political parties are not founded on a philosophy or wisdom about people and country first before anything, instead, politicians now are selfish and wealth and power hungry. This is evident during the transition period where politicians change their pol parties or switch to the party of the winning presidential candidate.
      6. Our ever increasing debts to local and international creditors. We are following the model made by Argentina instead of our neighbor S. Korea. We all know the story of Argentina in stark contrast of that hardworking and honest S. Korea.