• Clash over land turf renewed


    KIDAPAWAN CITY: At least six people were killed in another clan clash involving Moro and Ilonggo tribes fighting over land territory at Sitio Saban of Maybula village in Tulunan bordering North Cotabato and Sultan Kudarat. North Cotabato police spokesman Supt. Bernard Tayong said armed men raided the village of Ilonggo settlers and Bla’an natives on Tuesday that left dead Renato Tadiaque, Anthony Camiring and a banana plantation security guard Loloy Lumacad. Three other bodies were recovered in the clash site on Wednesday identified as as Borhan Nanding, Polis Kapya and Pasigan Matas, reportedly among the Moro attackers. The clash forced about 64 families (or 200 people) to abandon the village for safety.


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