• Clean energy for Cagayan Valley


    ILAGAN CITY, Isabela: The Commission on Climate Change has called on big industries in Cagayan Valley to use clean energy sources to minimize the effects of climate change.

    “The support of everyone is needed. We must act now to minimize the effect of climate change on our planet,” said Climate Change Commissioner Heherson Alvarez.

    Alvarez has made the call urging residents in Region 2 to switch to solar, hydro or wind power sources to minimize the damage of the ozone layer.

    A former senator, Alvarez was here during the interfaith dialogue on climate change held at Faustino N. Dy Sr. Hall at the capitol building earlier this month, warning big companies of the effects of the continued use of fossil fuels.

    “The continuous burning of fossil fuels used by big industries are aggravating the atmosphere as the emitted smoke from land, sea and air transportations and industries go up to the atmosphere and these cause global warming,” Alvarez said.

    He added that countries around the world have been using fossil fuels in industries for over 200 years that causes global warming.

    “Whenever we burn diesel and gasoline through machines using electricity, we are throwing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere,” Alvarez said.

    He cited experts who said that when excessive amounts of carbon dioxide are thrown into the air, the atmosphere heats up and causes extreme weather changes.


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