Cleanse with absolute sophistication


Axor, the pioneer in developing stylish and state-of-the-art main pieces and accessories for luxury bathrooms and kitchens, continues to flourish with designs that seem to never run dry.

Axor has created various collections of classy showers, tubs, taps, plus other bath and kitchen necessities. The brand’s stylish approach to innovation showcases its dedication to make every single piece to perfection.

With over two decades of consistent excellence in combining artistic touch and technology, Axor has become an influential force in bathroom and kitchen design.

Recently, the brand joined forces with some of the world’s most exceptional designers and architects including Antonio Citterio, Jean-Marie Massaud, and Philippe Starck. The Axor Starck, Axor Massaud, and Axor Citterio is a series of marvelous collections that continuously improves our way of living.

The Axor Starck tap collection launched the practical innovation of controlling the flow of water through the archetypal joystick handle. And the Axor Starck V made the whole collection even better through its movable and detachable spout made up of either porcelain or organic crystal glass. The Axor Starck Organic is not only an addition to this dazzling collection. It also conserves water more efficiently and provides better user-friendly capacity through its spray mode function.

Channeling the neoclassicism of the 1930s, the Axor Citterio collection is splendid with its angles and edges. Its accents are its clear-cut edges and flat surfaces that can reflect light so stunningly perfect.

The Axor Massaud is undoubtedly an avant-garde yet effective water-saving design. It is a sleek waterfall-model sculptural tap that is created from the latest technical capabilities. This particular design is an epitome of grace and substance.

Besides these cutting-edge collections, the brand also unveiled Axor Montreux, a classic archetypical model of old-school bath and kitchen taps. But although it portrays an industrial design with a little fusion of contemporary lever handles.

Axor Uno is the complete embodiment of Purism. This tap model is an advocate of both elegance and minimalism in design and function. It is available in three different on and off methods to choose from – pressing the Select button, twisting the “Zero” handle, or lifting the ergonomically-shaped loop handgrip. AXOR Uno comes in standard wash bin tap and floor-standing tap.


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