• CleanTech introduces solutions for commercial users


    AS the demand for renewable energy continues to increase in the Philippines, CleanTech Global Renewables Inc. and its subsidiary, CleanTech Solar Rooftops (CTSR) recently launched Solar Rooftops by CleanTech to cater to industrial and commercial establishments.

    Saving the environment has always been a noble effort and CTSR takes part in reducing global warming by providing solar rooftops and its accompanying benefits such as lower electric bills and extended life of the roofs due to insulation.

    CTSR uniquely offers end-to-end solutions and is the only company that provides real-time monitoring for its customers through a partnership with Green Power Monitor. Its end-to-end service starts from assessing the load requirements of an establishment, designing the solar energy system, installation, and commissioning.

    When the solar rooftops are installed, CTSR gives its customers access to its real-time monitoring system to keep track of their solar panels’ performance. This only requires client-specific log-in details to the CTSR’s website where monitoring and maintenance can be tracked in real time. A team will also be readily available if there is a need to do an actual site visitation.

    CTSR’s innovative business model also includes an equipment lease agreement, which reduces cash-out, and extends payment terms to up to 20 years. While transfer of ownership will be completed at the end of the agreed term or if the customer opts to shorten the contract period, all products and services can already be used within the first month for small size installations.

    According to Melvin Nubla, Chief Operating Officer of CTSR, “This business model is unique in the renewable energy business and CTSR is pleased to be among the first to offer this kind of arrangement to our clients. Not only will it encourage more local businesses to shift to renewable energy, they also experience substantial savings as they heed the call to help save the environment.”

    The long-term business model also provides long-term assurance to establishments that they will have a sustainable renewable energy solution for 20 years or more.

    In line with its commitment to offer only best quality solar energy solutions, CTSR has partnered with premiere global energy companies such as Canadian Solar, Jinko Solar, ABB, Fronius, Clenergy, Solenergy Systems Inc and GPM.

    For more information and details about CleanTech Solar Rooftops, visit www.solarrooftops.ph.


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