A clear message from Tacloban


Saturday, November 8, was the first anniversary commemoration of the devastation of Eastern Visayas, particularly in Tacloban, Leyte, brought by super typhoon Yolanda that claimed over 6,000 lives, caused thousands more to be missing, and left hundreds of thousands homeless.

On Saturday, banners and streamers littered all four corners of Tacloban City and nearby towns, thanking the world for its speedy support and continuing help even a year after the deluge hit the area.

Surprisingly, not a single poster or signage in the city, not even a leaflet, directly thanked PNoy or his administration for the help given to the Taclobanons after the catastrophe.

A fish vendor, explained to me, “Ano ba ang nagawa niya (PNoy) dito? Pumunta nga mga bata niya sa Tacloban pero nagpa-pogi lang at wala naman silang nagawa sa amin. Inaway pa si Mayor (Romualdez) namin .”

One city official, who asked not to be identified anymore, simply said the posters and banners were put up by the residents and business establishments themselves thanking individuals, private corporations, the non-government organizations (NGO), and the various nations that immediately came to the aid of the Leyteños a day after the Yolanda/Haiyan devastation.

“Can you blame them if that’s what they see and how they feel toward their own government? Mabuti pa raw ang ibang bansa na pagkalayo-layo nakarating agad ang tulong samantalang sila na nasa Manila lang, ilang araw dumating ang ayuda at may kasama pang galit,” the same official asked.

A mother, who lost her husband and two sons, angrily said, “Bastos siya…inuna niya ang pulitika kaysa sa pagtulong sa amin na namatayan at nagugutom noon. Anong klaseng presidente siya???”

Experts explain the Taclobanons’ anger or hatred towards PNoy and his administration is understandable because the help that they should have received from their government came from either the NGOs or from foreign countries instead.

True enough, during my coverage in Tacloban last Thursday and Friday, I saw rows and rows of bunkhouses with markings outside that clearly says, “From the people of Canada, USA, Japan, South Korea, Australia in cooperation with the DSWD.”

Sixty-eight public schools and government buildings in Tacloban and Palo, Leyte were rebuilt by the South Korean government without a single centavo being spent by the Philippine government. The only contribution given by the PNoy administration was to provide the security for the Korean construction workers.

Over a dozen sari-sari stores around Tacloban City proudly display the USAID logo beside the name of the stores. The stores, which were then made of light materials and swept by the floods of Yolanda, are now made of concrete and steel.

A year has passed since the great devastation but the people of Tacloban City have yet to see the homes and livelihood promised by PNoy and his men to them, and Leyteños wonder if these would ever come.

Or is this another lie, Mr. President???


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  1. @Maria Clara.
    Ito, para malaman ung nagsasabi ng totoo.
    Magwaray tayo. Hindi magtagalog. haha
    Taga diin ka ha tacloban? Buwaon ka man. 5 days bago umabot an relief goods. Waray gad la karagbuwa kay namatayan na ngani it taga tacloban. Nagbibinuwa ka kun masiring ka nga nakakarawat ka na hin relief goods tikang ha national gov’t kay amo ngani nangawat nala an mga tawo kay waray pagkaon. Nag’evacuate nala ngani kami ha surigao kay waray pagkaon na ha leyte.
    Para sa nagsasabi na malaki ang 230 million. Sorry to tell you pero ambobo mo. Ung Airport relocation nga na plano ng governmet ay P12 billion pesos ang budget. At ang rehab, 230million lang? At advice mo na ubosin muna ang pondo ng tacloban para wala nang pera ang local government, nag’aral ka ba? Naiisip mo ba ang pinagsasabi mo? Magtapos ng pag’aaral muna kasi kulang ka sa logic. Kuha ka ng course ung may board exam ha? Kasi wala kang logic at analysis. Parang pangjanitor lang ung logic mo.
    For the sake of politics, kakampi ka pa kay lacson at noynoy. Sana mayolanda rin kayo at mamatayan. Lam mo, nung before ng bagyo, ung neighbors ko, 80% ay pronoynoy. After ng bagyo, wala na. Kasi nga walang ginagawa para sa mga nayolanda. Tinanggap lang ung donations. Nabasa mo ba ang COA audit na 1.58 billion cash donated to DSWD and DPWH are not yet distributed to Yolanda beneficiaries by the agencies? Di mo nabasa, or di mo naintindihan? Mag’aral ka, wag puro samba sa yellow leader mo. Mga hypocrites.

  2. All i’m going to say is i know that Mar Roxas wasn’t in our city during the Typhoon. Puro siya pakitang tao. He stayed in cebu and bumalik sa Tacloban para kunwari andun siya. And si Mayor kaya nandun sa bahay niya sa tabing dagat kasi sabi ng taohan niya na bumaba yung level ng dagat. Kung maayos sana yung announcement ng PAGASA, e di dapat di mamamatay yung taohan ng PAGASA. And they’re (PNOY) claiming na 6,000 lang namatay pero yung mga NGO’s estimate nila is around 30,000 to 40,000.

    • Rodel, kung di mo alam na nandito sa Tacloban si Sec. Mar. Roxas BEFORE ng bagyo, WALA ka talagang ALAM! Na-interview pa nga sila dito. Available yun. I-google mo. Si Mayor nag Mountain Hiking 2 days bago dumating ang Bagyong Yolanda. KALURONG! An Mayor ha GUIUAN mayda na FORCED EVACUATION salit 99 persons la an namatay didto. Aton MAYOR cool na cool lang. HANEP naman! Kung naging ALERTO sana si MAYOR makakasama ko pa sana yung mga pinsan ko ngayong PASKO.

  3. I totally agree with the observations of maria clara. At first, blamed the national government for its slow action to help US- Yolanda victim. But after listening the side of the government it softened by stand. Yes, we then IMMEDIATE help. There was help but very minimal. We cannot totally blame the government. No one was or has prepared for the unimaginable destruction brought by Yolanda. As a matter of fact, the word “immediate” describing the word help is relative. As far as the destruction of Yolanda is concerned our Country has no standard yet on how fast and what would the government do to respond the same. All were facing a blank wall. It is unfair for us to say that the national government was so slow in extending help to the Yolanda survivors because we have no standard in which the action of our government will be measured on. Foreign NGOs who have been in different countries extending help to disaster stricken areas on the other hand tell otherwise.

    With respect to the financial assistance extended by the national government to tacloban city, Sen. Lacson has already given his piece. The initial bulk of the rehabilitation fund to the areas damaged by Yolanda was released to LGU of tacloban city. Sen. lacson is correct to say that Mayor romualdez is hijacking the rehabilitation of tacloban city. Mayor romualdez and his family can of course afford to make as hostage because they are INSULATED from the effects of Yolanda because of their money. While it may be true that his house, etc., were damaged by Yolanda, they have OPTIONS. They have several houses in Manila, perhaps, even abroad, were they could stay while watching from afar the chaos here in tacloban resulting from their misinformation.

    Disinformation/advanced subtle political advertisement. Recently Cong. Romualdez is heard in several radio stations relative to expressing gratitude by yolanda survivors. The advertisement has an ulterior motive, a callous and calculated one – for…

  4. Maria Clara commented like a victim during yolanda, purely Abnoy’s cohorts defending that you know it all president of yours. CNN’s cooper already uncovered that yellow dude was way incompetent plus that roxas bruhaha and the guts to pose for EsquirePh waving hands for tacloban. shame on Pnoy’s papogi para sa daang matuwid my @$$ http://getrealphilippines.com/blog/2013/11/cnns-anderson-cooper-versus-noynoy-aquino-on-the-typhoon-yolanda-situation-like-fact-versus-fiction/

    don’t expect Pnoy and his repressive gang to win elections 2016 especially in the Leyte and other Yolanda affected areas, they’ll never forget it no matter how much money will be toiled around. Babalik rin karma, lot of oppressed person by that yellow bunch are just waiting they won’t have government “powers” anymore


    Please be inform I am a residence of St. Anthony Subdivision , San Jose, Manlurip, Tacloban City. During the typhoon Yolanda I was at my residence during and after, we almost die but in god’s help he saved us. I feel dismayed on the situation of our government system. After the typhoon Yolanda, the Aquino Administration came to Tacloban City to help after a five days to be exact and yet they just only give us canned goods and other relief goods which is even almost expired. We didnt even receive any cash assistance from our Government inorder to rebuild our houses here and to start our new lives. The only they give is publicity and canned goods and small rice to think perishable. I hope this our President Aquino will be enlighten that we dont need your publicity and pa porma here in Tacloban City, we need their help. What happen to these green cards nothing ? for formality only. Where are those cash donations given from the different countries. Where did it go. It should be given to the Yolanda victims as these money are entitled to them. Kinurakot na naman niya ang pera, Nasaan na ang tuwid na daan?sana ma konsensya sya sa nanay niya na matinong Pangulo di parehas sa kanya na baloktot ang mga decision. Kami dito sa Tacloban nagagalit sa ating pangulo Aquino huwag siyang tutungtung dito kundi matitkman nya ang paging waray namin, ang waray Ugali

    • I am also a resident of Tacloban City. I was in Tacloban before, during & after Typhoon Yolanda struck our city. Our house was submerged, most of our possessions gone, & 3 family members died. We were soaked, dirty, & hungry for several days. Luckily for us, we are situated in a very strategic location, we were able to receive relief goods from abs-cbn in the afternoon of Nov. 8, 2013. The relief goods were wet but we don’t care as long as we have something to eat. After 3 days, DSWD, thru our barangay officials distributed relief goods. DILG sent policemen, firefighters, and soldiers to help restore peace & order in our city. The MMDA cleared our streets of debris, the DPWH & DSWD launched the Cash for Work Program in cooperation with Tzu Chi Foundation, roads, bridges & gov’t office buildings repaired & built by DPWH. Electric posts were erected by different electric cooperatives heeding the call of DOE Sec. Petilla. All of these agencies are under the OFFICE of the PRESIDENT. These are facts that every Taclobanon should acknowledge because they are branding us all as “the most UNGRATEFUL people”.

      More than 2.1 million familes were affected by typhoon Yolanda and this is equivalent to around 9.53 million individuals. We are not a rich country and our leaders are just trying to do their job. They are just HUMANS and NOT SUPERHEROES.

      Thank you also to all local and foreign aid that our City Government received. We are very much grateful to all of you!

    • Hermes Paulino on

      I’m sorry but what you are saying cannot be accepted by people who know facts not hearsay or “chizmiz”. We were warned five (5) days before Typhoon Yolanda landed, Is Tacloban really prepared? A classic examples is – Yes, evacuation were conducted.but where were the people evacuated? Also near the bay which is the reason why many died.. Were the foods prepared by the City Government enough? It was reported that immediately after the devastation, the City Government declared bankruptcy. Does it not have funds deposited in the bank which cannot be withdrawn? Were all the calamity funds exhausted? There were reports that even before Typhoon Yolanda, there was no such funds to speak of because it was realligned and spent in purchasing multi-cabs for barangays with I love Tacloban signage, which has to be investigated. There have been disturbing reports that many funds received by the City Government from the National Government have not been liquidated. So that’s the reason why the National Government is very much afraid to further download funds to the City Government. Are we aware that Tacloban City is the last to submit its Master Plan of Rehab and Recovery? Are we aware that there are many “vultures” at the City Government? Going back to the assistance of the National Government, all goods distributed by the CSWDO came from DSWD, a National Government Agency. The temporary shelter (bunkhouse) of victims were erected by the DPWH, a National Government Agency. And how about the P230 Million from DILG of which P182 Million have already been downloaded and now being used for the repair of local government buildings like City Hall, Sangguniang Panlungsod, Kanhuraw Business Center, City Enro, City COA, City Comelec, Tacloban Convention Center, Public Market, etc. Just recently, the City Treasurer announced over TV Patrol the funds received by the City Government amounting to about P270 Million. However, thete’s no liquidation report awaiting approval from the…

  6. Having to read the comments posted on this page made me realize that people who were not there or did not experience the devastation has the audacity to give out their opinion without having all the facts. I have watched the news and it is infuriating that those who have judged Taclobanon say we are arrogant, stubborn and take note tamad.. May I ask you.. Are all Taclobanons have the capability of rebuilding without anyones help specially if you have already lost everything? To those who have relatives who are working abroad or to those family that has the funds of standing back up, they may have the fighting chance to rebuild right away, but how bout those individuals who only earns less than minimum wage, lives from pay check to pay check or are just driving a pedicab do you think they have the capabilities? Tell me if our mayor was not politicized when it was caught on tape what Mar Roxas said, he was saying like dapat magingat tayo kasi you are a Romualdez and our president is an Aquino, so you have to turn over everything or bahala kayo sa buhay niyo.. And for Ping Lacson to say that our mayor refused help that’s one damn huge lie.. Sa lahat ng politiko sa balat ng lupa ng Pilipinas ang mga Romualdez at Marcosses ang hindi mapapantayan ang pagmamahal sa Leyte at Samar, do you expect waraynons to believe your lies Mr. lacson? Now the president has expressed in transferring the airport to Palo or somewhere in Samar, is he out of his mind? There are a lot of airports in Leyte and Samar like in Catbalogan and Ormoc but why did the airlines chose the airport in Tacloban? Its because Tacloban is in the center to travel to Samar or Leyte, and have mind you Tacloban is the Capital of Region 8.. I can rant from dusk til dawn but nothing will happen, i just hope for those who doesn’t have the slightest idea what would have been like to be in Tacloban the day that ST Haiyan came, before you even say your opinion make sure you have the balls to back it up.

  7. To Maria Clara:

    There was an announcement made by the national and local government how strong the typhoon would be. May I correct you? Tacloban City Mayor Romualdez was found stranded while his family stayed in a hotel far from the coastal. In an interview, Mar Roxas and other government officials were already in Tacloban before the typhoon hit the are. Dumating lang ng mas maaga ang bagyo than expected before PAGASA could forecast at 5am in the morning. The 11 pm forecast said na hindi pa siya tatama at 5am. Badly, it happened earlier than expected. The argument here is the system and disaster management of the government including financial accountability on the missing funds, hoarded funds and rotted relief goods.

    • Magsama kaya kayo ng pinakamamahal mong Abnoy …este Pnoy pala. Manood ka kaya ng news sa TV or makinig sa radyo. Parang ang dami mong alam. Or magtanong ka sa ibang mga yolanda survivors kung ano yung ginawa ni Abnoy!

    • Our Mayor failed to informed us the serious effect of Typhoon Yolanda. The President warned its people to seek higher grounds because this typhoon is a very strong one with storm surges. Did he heed Pres. Pnoy’s warning? NO! He even stayed in their house near the sea. So, the Taclobanons follow his lead. Stay in your house even if its close to the sea as long as it’s big enough & strong enough. What happened next? Our city had the most number of deaths. Now, we are blaming Pres. Pnoy & Sec. Mar Roxas for the tragedy. BEFORE, DURING & AFTER Typhoon Yolanda, the national government was there with us. The rescue teams & PNP personnel deployed to assist our local government came from other provinces. They were washed-out by the typhoon. Most of them DIED! They were all volunteers coming as far as Bohol, Cebu & Manila. In the afternoon of Nov. 8, 2013, I heard some noise flying over our roof. I saw huge planes which I later came to know as C-130 planes. We stayed on the roof wishing that they might drop some food for us but a bit hopeful that help is on its way. The delivery of the relief was hindered because of huge debris, lack of transportation, fuel shortages, and most of all NO ONE from the local government can help them because everyone were victims of Typhoon Yolanda.

    • To Maria Clara:

      Please gather the correct data before you say anything. Ayaw sige hin yamos hin dire asya it im igsisiring kay maaaluhan ka la. 5 days after ST Yolanda san-o umabot an tambulig tikang han gobyerno. By that time mayda na volunteers ngan nakapanhatag na hin relief an iba nga NGO ngan foreign volunteers. Nasiring it im presidente nga fully equipped for rescue an 3 nga C130 ngan naka-pre-position na an mga barko nga magdadara hin relief… pero huna-hunaa, manila to ormoc nga barko only takes up to 30 hours, kayano nga inabot man hin 5 days?

      THE GOVERNMENT ABANDONED US. In-epal la hira para magpagwapo.

      WHAAAT?? Most of them DIED???? Much better kun asya an nahinabo. Much better kun it nga mga korap ngan maglimbong nga opisyales an nagkamagtay.

      24 hours after Yolanda’s devastation, cleared na an debris ha airport. That was for sure. Pero hain man adto nga im nabatian nga sounds over your roof?


    • @maria clara,

      Where in exactly you live in Tacloban? I am from San Jose back of Elementary School. My family was starving for days before relief came and it is true – the national government even let the foreign foods in Cebu left to rotten instead of giving it to the victims because the foreign donors could not pay taxes.

      Kahit donations na lang– binigyan pa ng tax keysa ipamigay sa mga nasalanta.

      C-130.. they were flying all over — to survey and monitor.. I saw it.. Some of the military official were busy taking pictures as souvenirs. something that you have known since you were from Tacloban too.

      Try not to cover up the responsibility of the government. Because even before Typhoon Yolanda came, Sendong and Pablo caused thousand deaths of our fellow filipinos.. which the government kept on saying we were prepared..

  8. To all critics of Mayor Romualdez : Sige gawa pa kayo ng kwento.. If meron talagang tulong na galing sa national govt bakit wala man lang mga biktima ng bagyo na nagpapasalamat sa kanya..sa halip na kay mayor alfred? tapos ALAM NAMAN NA PALA NI PNOY ANG PANGANIB BAKIT DI NIYA AGAD IPINADALA ANG C130 AT NAVAL SHIPS NIYA PARA SAPILITANG ILIKAS ANG MGA TACLOBANON EH DI SANA DI MARAMI ANG NAMATAY. Although may pagkukulang si Mayor Alfred, Meron din naman si PNOY ITS NOT ONLY MAYOR ALFRED’S FAULT.. Ano yun nagmamalinis ang PNOY GOVT? I always believed in PNOY but after nung typhoon nawalan na ako ng gana sa kanya.. nasayang vote ko.. I am thankful for the help he sent after the typhoon.. pero wag naman ibinintang lahat kay MAYOR ALFRED coz he is also doing his job..alam yan ng mga taclobanon kaya todo pasalamat sila sa kanya at galit naman sila kay pinoy my fellow taclobanons WERE NOT BRAINWASHED BY THE ROMUALDEZES OR MARCOSES THEY JUST KNOW THE TRUTH. YOU JUST CANT ACCEPT THE FACT THAT PNOY FAILED DURING THE TYPHOON KAYA KAYO GANYAN..

    • @JUSTMYOPINION: Hindi po gawa-gawa yung kwento ko po sir. Puro factual issues po yun na puede po ninyong i-verify. Di po ako mahilig maglabas ng mga generalizations lang at lalong di ko po trabaho yung magmura ng tao.

      Pero natakot naman po ako sa suggestion nyo na ipadala yung C-130 planes at naval ships bago pa dumating ang Bagyo Yolanda para maghakot ng tao. Baka naman po mas madaming mamatay nun sir. Imagine, mag-papanic mga tao sumakay lahat, baka abutan pa sila ng bagyo sa taas o sa laot, at masira tuloy yung mga bago nating mga sasakyan. Buti na lang po di po kayo presidente namin.

      Simple lang naman po yung gusto ni Pres. Pnoy sa mga liders ng nga lugar na madadaanan ng bagyo. Ilikas ang lahat ng mga tao sa matataas na lugar. Madami po naman kaming kabukiran at kabundukan sa Tacloban eh. Di na po namin kailangang lumayo. Kaya lang, di po kasi ganun ang nagyari dito sa amin. Sabi naman ng mga kababayan ko dito sa Tacloban, kasalanan ni Mar Roxas at Pres. Pnoy po lahat ng mga pagdurusa nila.

  9. Taclobanons blaming Noy for the lack of improvements in their city after the Yolanda debacle are either too dumb to know who to really blame OR they are too dumb to know who to really blame. They keep looking to PNoy to fix their problems which are local in nature and therefore under the purview of the their mayor and congress representative. How come the names of the mayor and congressman of Tacloban are not mentioned in news stories about the lack of progress in the rehabilitation of Tacloban???? I bet you if the story was about how good a place Tacloban was, its mayor and congressman would be shoving their faces and names in front on news cameras.

    • Tony,

      A typhoon as strong as Yolanda is a NATIONAL ISSUE. It is therefore the role of the National Government to assist in rebuilding and rehabilitation of Tacloban and other severely affected areas.

      I suggest you visit Tacloban and see for yourself what the local government had done. They can only do so much.

      We are back on our feet because of the aid we get abroad.

      Who received the Yolanda donations? Was it the Local Government? No! It was the National Government. Therefore who has the fund that should have been used for the restoration, rehabilitation and rebuilding storm-stricken areas? Where is the fund now? Was it spent as intended?

      Other nations have long-term rehabilitation programs for us? Where is the governments?


  10. The TACLOBANONS were bombarded by false & malicious posts & videos made by the Romualdez & Marcos camps. You want to know the truth? Here’s the truth:

    Matigas po kasi ulo ng Mayor namin sa Tacloban. Mantakin mo ba naman na doon pa sila nag-stay sa bahay nila sa San Jose na malapit sa dagat. Meaning, di nya pinaalam sa mga constituents nila how strong & dangerous the typhoon was. Tapos isisi nila kay Pres. Pnoy at Sec. Mar Roxas lahat. The Mayor even left Tacloban with his wife & children & take refuge in Catbalogan City few days after typhoon Yolanda struck Tacloban. They checked in a nice hotel there, it’s called Hotel San Francisco. Who was manning the city then when Mayor Alfred abandoned us? It was MAR ROXAS! He was assuring the people that help is coming and where to get food & water. It was very chaotic then. I know all these because I have a small radio during those times. All communication lines were out. No phone, no internet, no tv, but I have my small transistor radio. Mayor Alfred was forced to come back to Tacloban because the supporters of Bongbong Marcos were pleading him not to abandon Tacloban. It will be a POLITICAL SUICIDE. It will adversely affect BBM political ambition to run for a higher public office, maybe as a VP to Binay come 2016. So, only the Mayor’s wife, 1st Councilor Cristina and their kids proceeded to Manila. And that was the inside story which all Taclobanons ought to know.

    • Tapos iiyak-iyak siya in national television na walang naitulong ang National Gov’t. Bakit, sa LGU-Tacloban ba yung nga C130 planes at naval ships na naglo-load ng relief cargoes & nagsasakay ng mga kababayan ko na mga sugatan, maysakit, matatanda, bata, at lahat na tao na gustong makaalis nga Tacloban? Sa LGU-Tacloban po ba yung mga heavy equipments na nag-alis ng debris at humakot sa mga bangkay para ihatid sa mass grave? Sa LGU-Tacloban po ba yung mga naghatid ng mga pagkain, gamot at mga gamit sa mga Yolanda victims? Sa LGU-Tacloban po ba yung mga pulis at sundalo na nagbantay sa ating siudad para maibalik ang peace & order sa atin? Sa LGU-Tacloban po ba ang nagpatayo ng mga poste ng kuryente at nagkabit ng cable ng telepeno? Di po ba galing lahat yun sa AFP, DPWH, MMDA, DSWD, DOH, DILG, DOE at DOTC? These agencies are all under the OFFICE of the PRESIDENT. The NATIONAL GOVERNMENT made our “TINDOG TACLOBAN” cry possible! I’m really saddened that some of my kababayans are very UNGRATEFUL to the assistance extended by Pres. Pnoy to us during our lowest times. He even sent his top cabinet secretaries to Tacloban before Typhoon Yolanda struck to assure that the need of city will be assisted. Two(2) of Mar Roxas’ bodyguards DIED during the typhoon. When many of the Taclobanons were taking refuge to other safe provinces & cities, Sec. Mar Roxas, Dinky Soliman, and their teams stayed with us. Thank you to my small transistor radio. I know the TRUTH from the LIES.

    • Transistor radio? Un lang po? I’m from Tacloban. It took me 6 days before me and my brother got out of the city. There was no help, no search and rescue on the days when it mattered most. I saw relief goods being horded because it wouldn’t be released until Mar Roxas said so. I saw people tired and hungry and desperate. What did the president do? He blamed us for not being prepared. Despite the fact that Mar Roxas was here assuring people we’re ready, despite the president saying he’s got relief goods to distribute right after the storm clears, the yellow team decided it was better to just blame us instead of doing their jobs and just helping. 6 days without food and water is an eternity. If not for the US Marines who went ahead and just started distributing relief goods, a lot more of us would’ve died of starvation. WAKE UP! Stop feeding off of this propaganda. Go watch Anderson Cooper’s report when he got here a few days later. THAT’S THE TRUTH. Watch Andrew Steven’s interview with Mar Roxas at the airport, that’s how unprepared he was. Watch Christiane Amanpour’s interview with PNoy, that’s how arrogant he is. WAKE UP!

    • question lang: taga Tacloban ka ba, Maria Clara? Nakaranas ka ba ng mawala lahat-lahat sa iyo? Nakaranas ka ba ng 3 days na walang tubig, walang pagkain, walang matulugan, walang damit na pwedeng mag-change clothes? Kung hindi, huwag sanang mapang-husga.

      THREE DAYS na walang national government aid sa Tacloban at outlying areas. Yung relief goods na dumating galing DSWD, mabibilang sa daliri.

      Punta ka muna dito sa Tacloban, Leyte at Samar at nang malamn mo kung anong nangyari at nangyayari.

      Walang tulong na bigay galing sa national governemnt kasi ngayon pa lang na-approve ni Pnoy yung rehab plan.

    • Iyak ng iyak?! How insensitive of you. The mayor lives in San Jose, that’s the worst hit area in Tacloban, thousands died there. His children almost died. IIYAK TALAGA YAN! Ako nga na di namatayan nagiging emotional when I talk about what happened. Hindi handa? One week sa local news ung warnings. Even besides this walang explanation tungkol sa storm surge ung Pag-ASA, bagong term yan sa vocabulary ng pinoy. Kahit America nga hindi handa sa Katrina na category 3 lang, Yolanda is a 5. No one can prepare for a storm of that magnitude. Despite this the mayor was walking around Tacloban doing his job even with the lack of personnel and equipment a few hours after the storm. DI siya macontact kasi sira communications dito and he was driving (ney walking) around the city assessing the damage. Si Mar Roxas hindi nagdala ng satellite phone, di nga niya makontak ung presidente, HANDA BA UN? I’m not even a fan of the mayor but I appreciate what he’s doing for us, at least he’s genuinely trying. Tacloban LGU was battered, it was barely functional. The entire city got destroyed, NAIINTINDIHAN MO BA YUN?! EVERYONE HERE WAS A VICTIM! Kahit nandun si Mayor sa city hall pero kung wala namang papasok na employee cuz they’re either dead or prefer to be with their families, pano sila makakapag function properly nun? As the president, PNoy should’ve sent military personnel to secure the CAPITAL, and do search and rescue pero di un ung priority nila. Pinolitika kami ng yellow army, jan kami galit. Tingnan mo mga smaller towns how much relief goods they got, it’s overflowing kasi kaalyado ni PNoy. NGO’s ang bumuhay samin. Heck mas mabilis pa nga tulong na dumating galing mayor ng Davao kesa sa pangulo. Pagdating sa ganitong trahedya, you secure the capital first, pero dinaanan lang kami kasi our mayor is a Romualdez and the president is an Aquino. Wake up. Transistor radio, yun lang? Nakinig ka naman kaagad sa propaganda. Nag ikot ikot ka ba dito to see first hand what was…

    • i honestly doubt that you’re from Tacloban as i saw Alfred himself driving a van to the downtown area on 9th of Nov

      you say 2 of Mar Roxas’ bodyguards died during the typhoon? so should we also say that they didn’t prepare?

      FYI, Mar Roxas was DRUNK on the eve of Yolanda because on Nov 7 at 8PM he instructed the local officials that they still had time until 10AM the following day to relocate since the storm wouldn’t hit until the afternoon.

      amo iton tim ginmamakarit nga Mar Roxas? duda ako nga taga Tacloban ka

    • Ms Clara I doubt if you are really from Tacloban, Palo, Tanuaun. Because if you are a Yolanda survivor and staying in any of these places you will know the real score. No politics please! We are not ignorant people, we feel, we see and we are hurt!!!Yolanda was a devastation!Much worst the NO ACTION of the government to the survivors is much worst than the devastation itself…. I am from Palo, I do not expect help from the government to spare myself of frustration. BUT I am continually grateful to the NGOs, International Communities who are up to this time – holding our hands to HELP US…What is your story Ms. Clara?

    • please miss, spare us your bullshit.. our mayor did nothing of what you claim. in fact, after those said interviews when romualdez said his piece, we haven’t heard anything about aquino again.. thats how professional our mayor is. di katulad ng pnoy mo na puro pansisi lang ang ginawa.. i’ve lived in Tacloban all my life, and i think, People here know more of what’s going on, than you who haven’t gone through the shit.. and you’re defending Mar Roxas?! katawa tawa ka, te.. even the people who he encountered hates him because of his promises… so magkano ba ang binayad ng mga petilla at aquinos to tell ur shit story? kasi if yo’re from tacloban, u’d know whats happening..so please, before you open ur mouth and rave bullshit.. get your facts straight!

    • @Tactown: My transistor radio was very reliable and travels fast. I don’t need to be walking in the streets of Tacloban and die of fatigue & hunger. We just stayed in our barangay and watched desperate people looting appliances and gadgets. I don’t mind those getting food and other essentials, God will pardon them, I guess. Sec. Mar Roxas even distributed transistor radios to the barangays so people will know where to get food & water in your area. If you panic, you won’t think straight. In the same way that if you post your comments in any forums using your emotions, your rational mind will shut down. CNN Anchor Anderson Cooper’s report was only limited to Tacloban Airport where he was at that time. That area was one of the worst hit, and of course he won’t be expecting Pres. Pnoy’s cabinet secretaries to meet him there for an interview because they have work to do, and besides we don’t have enough transportation then. That’s the reason why he reported that he didn’t see any officials from the national government because he was just staying in San Jose Airport. He should rather go to the command centre if he wanted to see them.

    • @ maharlika: I am a Taclobanon & a Yolanda survivor. I did not leave Tacloban since the typhoon. I saw Sec. Mar Roxas & other cabinet secretaries here in Leyte. When other Taclobanons left Leyte, Mar Roxas & his team stayed. The C130 planes that carry relief goods & transported thousands of Yolanda victims to other cities were by virtue of the order coming from the National Government. The police & the soldiers that secured Tacloban for several weeks were there precisely because of the order of DILG Secretary Mar Roxas & Pres. Aquino, respectively, the latter being the Commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces. MMDA cleared our streets of debris. The MMDA Chairman being under the Office of the President. Our electricity was restored on Dec. 13, 2013 because of the joint efforts coming from the different electric cooperatives responding to the call of Secretary of Energy Petilla, whose office is also under the OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT. President Aquino came to Tacloban several times after Typhoon Yolanda. I’m grateful for the help & assistance that our national government extended to us. I’m tired of reading comments maligning the President & Mar Roxas for the things that they’ve done. They are not SUPER HEROES, people!

    • @maria clara,

      what the heck are you talking about. My family was starving for days. Some people have died because of hunger.

      Dinky Soliman and national government left truckload of foreign relief good to rotten in Cebu because the foreign donors were not able to pay taxes

    • How I wish you were at our place and experience it. Mas gugustohin mo pa siguro mamatay kaysa mabuhay na ikaw lang ang natira. Talino mo rin. Si Mr. Palengke na ang ngsabi kay Mayor na “you have to understand that you are a romualdez and the president is an aquino……bahala kayo sa buhay nyo.” Sabihin mo sakin wala ba yang bahid ng pamumulitika!.Bobo ka ba? Kung ikaw nasa kalagayan namin matutuwa ka? To tell you this, the LGU of the places affected by the surge was paralyzed. Trucks are down, foods are lacking, thousands of dead people on the ground, and all this time you are thinking paninira kay pnoy ang mga reklamo namin? Bakit? Sa tingin mo tatayo ang tacloban at ibang lugar sa sarili nilang paa? Nag aral ka ba? Look at the tsunami in japan. Compare it. Yung tulong dumating agad. Hindi yung panay papogi mga gobyerno bumisita kunwari ay tumutulong. Nasaan na b ang mga pagkain galing sa ibang bansa? Wala! Pinalitan ng mga bulok na sardinas at bigas! Sa tingin mo ba sapat ang ilang kilong bigas at de lata na mga sardinas? D kasi ikaw nasa sitwasyon kaya wag ka mgmarunong. Nasaan na ba ang bilyong ayuda galing sa ibang bansa? Ang GMA ngpatayo ng “kongkretong mga bahay” samantala ang gobyerno ano? Mga bahay na yari sa kahoy. Nasaan na ba ang green card na assistance na pondo para sa mga nasiraan ng mga bahay. Sabihin ko sayo wala kaming natanggap ni mga baranggay officials walang magawa kasi hinihintay lang nila yan sa national. Hindi yan mula sa local na pondo. Mga koreano nasa leyte pa ngayon tumutulong. Kung mag jojoyride ka dun makikita mong madami pa ang mga naka tent at tagpi tagping yero ang bahay.

  11. jose btaganahan on

    I am not an admirer of this idiotic President. Although he botched the initial aid and rescue of typhoon Yolanda victims in Tacloban, I submit that much help was already funneled to Tacloban City by the national government thru the DPWH, DSWD, DOH AND NHA but first to the City government infrastructures destroyed by the typhoon as well as those infrastructures of the regional offices based in Tacloban. Direct aid to typhoon victims by the national government maybe minimal compared to private donations both from local and foreign source for the simple reason that there is less or virtually no red tape in the private sector. The blue print of the master plan for the development of the areas devastated by typhoon Yolanda was only approved by this idiotic President last month and subsequently funded.

  12. as i said before, aquino and his kkk brigade seems to be hoarding all the donated funds and timing the release for 2015. do not be surprised if the one who would give out the funds would be boy pick up. sinimulan na ni boy pick up ng namigay sya ng pondo sa mga mayors ng bohol. hindi ba nagalit pa sya kuno dahil sa bagal daw kumilos ang mga mayors sa pagpagawa ng mga nasira nuong lindol? kaya lang binuko sya ng isang mayor na ibinuro ni boy pickup ang guidelines sa paggamit ng pondo kaya hindi magamit ng mga mayors yung pondo hangat hindi nila nakita yung guidelines ng paggastos.

  13. I support the people made victims of Yolanda. I admire and thank the help given by individuals, private corporations, the non-government organizations (NGO), and the various nations. I will always always remember the policitcs brought in by the Aquino gang and their refusal to help. Aquino not going to Tacloban is a disgrace.

  14. I could not imagine how those officials could sleep well. They are in the goverment service and holding specific position in order for them to serve to the people but look, all you can hear from them are all alibis, lies and promises. What they have in minds is all POLITICS. Puro papogi. Politics is even inputted during the times where we the Taclobanon needs HELP? Marami na nga ang namatay at naghihirap hanggang ngayun, pero politika pa rin ang nasa kukute nila. You are all right Sir Erwin. I salute you…God bless

  15. Noynoy has no more time to do much of anything he promised to deliver. His time is just about done and over with. The only good thing I can think of about his term is that it showcased, in all it’s smelly “glory”, what the Aquino legacy was all about. All propaganda, and zero accomplishments.

  16. Its always nice to interview one or two victims and deduced from them that our government had not done anything. Look back one year ago, the following day after the storm, the Mayor of Tacloban is no where to be found but in the safe ground by flying his whole family out of Tacloban . Its just easy to criticize because we always listen to the wrong people. Even in the US, the rehab of New Orleans after Katrina took them years to complete. In Ace, Indonisia this tsunami ravage region took ten years to recover.

    • If you were in his shoe, you’d get your family to safety first. What matters was he was with his people all along (after he secured his family). Driving around to held clear debris, do search and rescue.

      What about the President? Where was he? What was he doing?

  17. P. Akialamiro@yahoo.com on

    The Taclobanons should not hold their breaths; too early to expect, the national elections is more than a year away. Hindi bale, “buhay pa naman sila, di ba?”