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    For sometime now, I have been looking for a water stain remover for the windscreen of my ride. Always on the look out for an affordable, easy to use product. Been to the cars shows and saw several products being offered by reputable brands but the prices were a bit expensive. Even had the opportunity to have a demo from a product they were selling along Shell SLEX but price was steep. Around P700 a can. In fairness, it worked. Spray it on the area you want to clean and then wipe with a clean rag. Very simple. The product I decided to try was an item called “Amazing Stain Remover” from ACE Hardware. Funny thing here was that they couldn’t offer a demo because they didn’t have a sample that was opened to show me how it worked. Genius me, I still bought it because of the price. Paid for it then I went to my car in the parking lot so I could get home and try it out. Upon getting to my car, I could not resist opening the product to see what I just bought for myself. I opened it and saw the contents… the content was a course almost dry like paste. Since it was opened, I looked for a rag and decided to test it on the windscreen. It worked! The stains and water marks were removed. Then I realized it smelled exactly like the product I was using years ago. I forgot what the name of the product was but I remember stumbling upon it at the old PX section of Cash n Carry back in the early 1990s.

    Now, the way I used this “Amazing Stain Remover” was by wiping the area with a rag. Then I apply the product on a small area at a time then wiped it off, applying again if needed. When the whole area was done, I use a glass cleaner, I use Armor All Auto Glass cleaner to clean the residue. I use paper towels to wipe the glass cleaner off the surface. I use Armor All because it’s safe to use on automotive tint. After making sure the surface was clean, I use Rain X to treat the glass and make it water repellant.

    Now some of you might say that’s a lot of work to have a clean windscreen… yes, that is true. But it gave me the results I was looking for. How long will it last? That depends, in my area, the tap water has a high mineral content. There is a higher chance of the glass getting water marks if it gets wet from the garden hose rather than the water coming from the rain.

    Why not have it buffed or rubbed down?

    Well, the product that I used is somewhat like a rubbing compound. A very mild one. Now I would opt for the rubbing down of the glass professionally if I cannot remove the water marks by a DIY (do it yourself) process. If you do, decide to have your windscreen done by a reputable shop. They would have to assess the condition of your windscreen first. If there are signs of delamination, deep scratches and cracks. For safety reasons, they might recommend that you replace your wind screen. An expensive option. For the older cars, you might notice a “cloud” appearing near the corner of your front windscreen. That’s a sign that your windscreen is starting to delaminate. Mine has. So that means I need to save up.

    Now, I am still looking at other products to help me remove the water marks. It no joke rubbing all the glass surfaces of a car. Maybe, after I convince myself that it may be a bit more costly but less labor intensive, then I would buy the other products. At the rate am going, I am seriously considering the other options.



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