• Clinton hits Trump at core: his business record


    WASHINGTON, D.C: Hillary Clinton on Tuesday (Wednesday in Manila) targeted her White House rival Donald Trump’s very rationale for being a competent president, painting the provocative billionaire as a “dangerous” and manipulative businessman who would sink the US economy. The Democratic flagbearer’s comprehensive condemnation of Trump’s business dealings came as the presumptive Republican nominee revealed unprecedented financial deficits heading into his general election push, the latest of several setbacks and self-inflicted wounds that have plunged his campaign into disarray. Clinton piled on in her speech in Ohio, an important swing state, where she argued that Trump’s lack of a plan to bring back manufacturing and other jobs could yank the nation back into recession. We can’t let him bankrupt America like we are one of his failed casinos,” she thundered in Columbus. “We can’t let him roll the dice with our children’s futures.” By laying into Trump’s corporate empire, Clinton aimed to disarm her rival’s potent claim that he can translate his business acumen into Oval Office success.



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    1. Who bunkrupt America? Trump? You, and the globalists did that. It’s a fact. Your cohorts are the driver of America as of this writing. Don’t point to Trump the present failure of your (Obama and Clinton’s) doings. 9/11, e/malis, election contribution from Saudi Arabia, Bengazi, transfer of mfg to China losing jobs for American citizens, Etc.?