• Clinton, Kaine make first joint campaign appearance


    MIAMI, Florida: Hillary Clinton and newly-named running mate Tim Kaine hit the campaign trail together on Saturday (Sunday in Manila) in the first test of the Democratic presidential team as the battle to beat Donald Trump in November enters its final stretch. The former first lady tapped Kaine, 58, late Friday in what was widely seen as a safe but wise choice: the popular Spanish-speaking senator from the swing state of Virginia is a political veteran and foreign policy hand who ticks a lot of boxes. Widely seen as a safe choice in a brutal election race—Kaine himself jokes that he is “boring”—the senator could help Clinton lock in two key voting blocs: Hispanics and his battleground home state. With working-class roots and a spotless record both as governor and senator, he is also seen as helping Clinton garner support among reluctant independent male voters—although at risk of alienating the party’s progressive left wing. The two were to rally supporters in Miami on Saturday afternoon. Fellow Democrats widely applauded Clinton’s choice of a man who she said has “devoted his life to fighting for others.”


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