• Clinton on brink of primary history, but Trump awaits


    LOS ANGELES: Hillary Clinton stands poised to claim the Democratic mantle with Tuesday’s (Monday in Manila) primaries including California, overwhelming her rival Bernie Sanders and setting up a historic US presidential election showdown with Republican Donald Trump. The frontrunner is all but assured of locking in her party’s nomination, a monumental step towards fulfilling a dream of returning to the White House as commander in chief, 16 years after serving as first lady to president Bill Clinton. The former secretary of state neared the brink of victory with a strong win Sunday in the island territory of Puerto Rico, one day after the US Virgin Islands voted overwhelmingly for her. But a loss in California, the largest state in the nation, would blunt that momentum and potentially complicate Clinton’s efforts to unify the party.



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    1. David Wilson on

      ——————–EDWARD SNOWDEN for President——————

      Edward Snowden swore to uphold the Constitution of the United States, and regarded our right to privacy as a Constitutional right. He did not profit from his revelations, and was exiled to Russia.

      HiLiary Clinton sold arms to our enemies, compromised national security, and traded favors for financial gain. As a patriotic American and a war veteran, I would rather see Edward Snowden become the president, rather than this old bag.