• Clinton strikes back at surging Sanders


    DURHAM, New Hampshire: Hillary Clinton mounted a sharp attack on Bernie Sanders Thursday, accusing her Democratic challenger for the White House of smear tactics and warning his promises of political revolution “don’t add up.”

    The 90-minute debate at the University of New Hampshire in the small college town of Durham comes three days after Clinton clinched the narrowest victory in Iowa caucus history against Sanders and five days before the first state primary in the 2016 election process.

    Sanders, the 74-year-old independent senator from neighboring Vermont, leads by 20 points in the latest New Hampshire polls with a campaign that outstripped the Clinton fundraising machine in January.

    While most expect the former secretary of state to ultimately win the Democratic nomination, she faces a much tougher battle than once thought as Sanders whips up passionate support among young voters with a grass-roots campaign.

    Clinton sought to dilute some of Sanders’s support among left-leaning voters by presenting herself as a battle-hardened progressive who can get things done to improve the lives of struggling Americans.

    “Senator Sanders and I share some very big progressive goals,” the former first lady said. “But the numbers just don’t add up from what Senator Sanders has been proposing.”

    Sanders, who identifies as a democratic socialist — unique for a US presidential candidate — hammered home his opposition to what he believes is the corrosive power of Wall Street on American democracy.

    He insisted that Clinton couldn’t claim to be both a moderate and a progressive, criticizing her for raising $15 million from Wall Street — prompting some of the night’s sharpest exchanges.

    “Enough is enough,” said Clinton after listing her record on racial injustice, children’s rights and fight to widen American access to health care. “I don’t think these attacks are worthy of you,” she said.

    “I think it’s time to end the very artful smear that you and your campaign have been carrying out in recent weeks,” she added to a smattering of boos among the in-house audience of 600.

    Sanders hit back by insisting that billionaires undermine democracy in the United States by spending unlimited funds on election campaigns.

    “I am the only candidate that does not have a Super Pac,” Sanders retorted to cheers, saying he had raised $3.5 million in individual contributions averaging $27 from ordinary Americans.

    Sanders presented himself throughout as a fresh voice calling for a political revolution to raise the voice of working Americans and young voters in the political process, offering universal health care and tuition-free public colleges.



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    1. Billy S DuBose on

      ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………WHAT IS NOT TO LOVE ABOUT DONALD TRUMP?. …………Man the wolves are circling after a close second win in Iowa! Cruz gets one delegate more than trump, and the media is circling the wagons ready to bash Trump! Well, we Trumpers, know we have many , many better days ahead…..and one race doesn’t say much of anything, especially in light of the voter fraud scandals…..But we keep preaching Trump’s message! In spite of the rotten political machine “We The People” are standing by our man! Trump is a better person than all of the rest (1) He is financing his own campaign (2) He is for States running their own Educational Programs and against Common Core! (3) He is for making our military strong and making America safe (4) He is for Controlled borders to better vet those entering our country (5) He wants to use his business skills to bring businesses to America to increase jobs, (6) He wants to use his experience in construction to make sure we get the best price for a good job ,we get it on time ,and with no waists (7) He wants to use his negotiation skills to get the most for America’s dollar, both foreign and domestic ( 8) He wants to eliminate the super expensive Obamacare, which has caused everyone’s insurance to double, and , instead, give us all a more affordable and comprehensive program. (9) He is going to make sure our Vet.s and our Sr.s are given the best in health care and monetary assistance…(10) He will secure our Social Security Program for future retirees and disabled people. (11) He will strengthen Homeland Security and give it the necessary tools to investigate potential threats. …….and (12) He is doing all of this , at no charge, simply because he loves America and wants to preserve and improve America’s Greatness, for you , me , and for his kids. He sees America’s needs and he feels he can do for America, what he has done for himself, and who better? Trump is a loving family man who has deep concerns for the future in America, because he wants his children and grandchildren to enjoy the kind of America he was raised in,…….just as “We the People” desire. How many candidates are donating their time, salaries, and themselves just to serve the country they love. Trump’s wealth allows him to avoid all of the lobbyist money, and act strictly on our behalf! Who has “ever” done that? Join us in supporting the most generous President we have ever had……one who will actually do it …..and not just promise to do it! Trump loves us and we love Him! Nothing will change our loyalty! Go Trump! You are the Best! Who better than Trump ,to straighten out Capitol Hill? VOTE TRUMP !!!!!!! He’ll get rid of ISIS in short order!!! And I think that Business man Trump will certainly be able to balance a budget , unlike the establishment on Capitol Hill!