• Clinton struggling to vanquish Sanders in California


    WASHINGTON, DC: Hillary Clinton ventures to California aiming to snatch a Democratic nomination victory next week and dash the White House dreams of rival Bernie Sanders, allowing her to finally turn to her election matchup against Donald Trump. Clinton has six days to press her case in the nation’s most populous state, where she is desperate to secure a symbolic victory and take Sanders’ last remaining argument for staying in the presidential race off the table. Still-popular former president Bill Clinton heads out West on his wife’s behalf, launching a five-day campaign swing beginning Thursday that will take him “up and down California,” while Hillary holds her own packed schedule of rallies there beginning on Thursday (Friday in Manila), according to her campaign. But Sanders is mounting a last stand of sorts in the progressive bastion, where he has campaigned relentlessly for several days. He is out to prove on June 7—the final “Super Tuesday” of 2016, with six states voting—that he can beat the nearly impossible odds to become the Democratic Party’s standard-bearer.



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