Clinton trolls Trump on Twitter: ‘Delete your account’


WASHINGTON: “Delete your account.” Hillary Clinton’s snarky tweet on Thursday (Friday in Manila) to her White House rival Donald Trump was among the funniest of the campaign. Almost as funny as it was awkward. The message by the 68-year-old former secretary of state—actually written by a young staffer, a Clinton aide told Agence France-Presse—was in response to the latest broadside by Trump, who had commented on how “Obama just endorsed Crooked Hillary” on Thursday. “He wants four more years of Obama—but nobody else does!” the presumptive Republican nominee added. When Clinton trolled back, social media exploded. Within two hours her message was retweeted 200,000 times, making it “the most retweeted tweet of the campaign!” according to Clinton’s social media director Alex Wall. With “Delete your account,” Clinton, who has struggled to connect with young voters, embraced the quick-witted dry humor of America’s millennials.


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