Clinton’s ‘Rust Belt’ tour courts white working class


PITTSBURGH: Hillary Clinton took a bus tour across the US “rust belt” region this weekend in a quest to win over white, working class voters who tend to support populist Republican Donald Trump. With her husband ex-president Bill Clinton in tow, the former first lady, top diplomat, ex-senator and now Democratic presidential candidate took her seat on a blue bus that meandered over 1,000 kilometers (600 miles) from Philadelphia to Columbus, Ohio. Here on this green and hilly landscape steel mills have been closing since the late 1970s, and many factories have shuttered since the 1990s. The 2008-2009 recession further aggravated despair, and the following economic recovery has produced only a fraction of jobs that pay as much as the lost industrial ones. “I understand that there are people who feel like the economy is not working well for them,” Clinton said at a rally in Harrisburg on Friday (Saturday in Manila). “But I understand that. Because I’m not satisfied with the status quo, are you?” she asked, joined by Bill Clinton and her vice presidential running mate Tim Kaine.



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