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    Hollywood ‘Golden Boy’s’ new film ‘War Machine’ sets the tone for New Age film viewing

    Contrary to gossip reports saying that Brad Pitt, after his breakup with Angelina Jolie, looks so thin and frail nowadays,Hollywood’s “Golden Boy” was actually looking far more fine. He’s upbeat and fresh than he’s ever been on screen.

    In The Know started the week in Tokyo, Japan for Pitt’s new Netflix movie “War Machine,” which he starred and co-produced with Dede Gardner and Jeremy Kleiner under his film production company Plan B Entertainment.

    Director David Michôd was also present at The Ritz-Carlton where the media conference was held.

    Pitt faced the press looking like a million bucks in his casual yet well thought of outfit. More strikingly, the actor entered the hotel’s grand ballroom with high energy.

    The actor-producer look upbeat and fresh despite his much-talked about breakup

    The “Interview With The Vampire” star even managed to crack jokes, which kept the mood as light as the movie he was promoting.

    “Thank you all for coming out, now I’m going to sing a little song. I’m taking requests, anyone? If I could sing, I wouldn’t be in acting,” Pitt jested.

    “War Machine” is a satirical flick about the rise and fall of a four-star general who went to war in Afghanistan. The movie is based on the non-fiction book “The Operators” that the late journalist Michael Hastings wrote.

    You will see a very different Brad in this movie as he morphs into the character of General Glen McMahon. He acts in such a different demeanor—like wearing weird shorts while exercising—that oftentimes he makes you forget he is a Hollywood heartthrob.

    As it turned out, that was what Pitt exactly had in mind when conceptualizing the fictional character with director Michôd.

    “Truthfully, he made us laugh the most. From the get go, we wanted to illuminate the absurdity of the machinery of war and we felt that it was best embodied in the absurdity of the general. That was the first springboard for us,” Pitt explained.

    “I think it speaks to the delusion of the character himself and he portrays and sees himself as an emblem of greatness when actually he looks quite silly. But I take full credit for the shorts. I dare everyone here. We’re going to start a new trend together. We unite,” the actor added.

    Additionally, what makes War Machine not your typical war-and-Brad-Pitt movie, is that it was first released in Netflix, the leading internet TV streaming service and not in cinemas.

    Brad Pitt says delivery systems will provide more opportunities for Hollywood filmmakers

    As such, instead of taking tabs on the box office receipts, the number for streaming will determine the success of the movie.

    For Pitt and his team, this new viewing habit is actually good for Hollywood; it should not be seen as a threat if producers choose to release their films via Netflix instead of the traditional movie houses.

    As Michôd noted, “Netflix, for us is just a good thing. This movie is bold and unusual. There’s something exciting about making it with Netflix. We’re all in the risk together. We are all swinging for the fences.”

    With the resources and boldness of the Silicon Valley-based Netflix, it would not be surprising if more out-of-the-box Hollywood stories far from the superhero franchise would be produced frequently.

    Brad even confessed, “Quite honestly, without a delivery system like Netflix, this movie wouldn’t have made. Or if it did get made, it would have been at one-sixth of the budget only because challenging materials like this, where there is a great degree of difficulty to pull off, I guess the financial risk is really difficult for the studios to take on at this time.

    “What I found with, and why this is exciting for us, and why the rise of Netflix and delivery systems like it are exciting for all of us is because actually there’s more content getting made, there’s more risk out there, there’s more films, there’s more stories being told, there’s more filmmakers getting shots.

    “I think this is nothing but a fantastic moment for all of us. It was very exciting for us, as David said, to take a big leap for this one specifically. It was a big, bold move for Netflix, quite frankly.”

    Pitt (second from right) with (from left) Jeremy Kleiner, David Michod, and Dede Gardner at the press conference of Netflix original film ‘War Machine’ in Japan

    War Machine is now available in Netflix and In The Know is giving a shoutout to our fellow Filipino Belle Baldoza, one of Netflix Asia’s PR head honchos, for making the momentous event in this new direction of film viewing possible … and for having Brad Pitt in Asia too!

    Guess who? (Hollywood edition) This A-list classic Hollywood hottie, which is not Brad Pitt, was recently the talk of Hollywood journalists after weirdly presenting himself in a press conference.

    Journalists can hardly understand him as he was garbling his answers. Moreover, during the photo call with his cast mates, classic Hollywood hottie could not even look at the right direction. His assistant had to step in and move his head to the right direction so photographers could get good shot. Oh my!

    Tune in for more of our adventure. Next up is Tom Cruise for “The Mummy!”

    Until then, ta ta!


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