Cloud helps firms cope with resigning IT workers


Leading independent provider of information technology services in the country, DataOne Asia, said that IT professionals tend to leave their companies from time to time for much better opportunities, both local and international, which has huge effect on a company’s productivity, security and monetary concerns.

In line with this, DataOne said that in using cloud, the lack of an IT staff due to turnover wouldn’t be a headache for a company. With cloud operations, IT applications can be easily outsourced to a third-party provider.

“The problem of IT worker turnover often leads to the question, ‘Who will take charge of the tasks left by the employee?’” said Cyril Rocke, chief executive officer and president of DataOne Asia Philippines.

Rocke also said that, “An IT professional accumulates a lot of knowledge throughout their work, such as identifying and proper maintenance of software and network hardware and making them work together.”

DataOne also said that IT professionals also have a very crucial role in managing the security and business continuity of a company. These expertise make an IT employee a very valuable asset to a company.

Retention of IT talent continues to challenge businesses of any size. Local recruiters agree that companies lose highly skilled IT employees from time to time to bigger competitors both here and abroad, which offer more attractive pay packages and better growth opportunities. “If somebody leaves, you lose all that knowledge and the company is then exposed to catastrophic disaster. Even if only one employee leaves, the entire operation of the company is affected and it becomes costly for the management in the long term,” Rocke said.

Smooth transition
DataOne Asia said that a company must ensure that the replacement for the IT worker who left must have the same skill set. This is an ideal situation but usually takes some time to happen.

But in a cloud computing environment, the IT staff leaving the company wouldn’t be a headache for a company. This is because IT applications such as email, desktop office applications and data storage can be easily outsourced to a third-party provider like DataOne.


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