Co-members suspicious of Mocha’s meek ways at MTRCB meetings



IS MOCHA Uson only too gutsy and defiant on her blog against her colleagues in the MTRCB, but actually meek as a lamb in front of them? An insider – who requested anonymity – believes so.

Here’s what our source has to say, “Remember when she wrote on her blog about the two shows of ABS-CBN (Better Half and a recent episode of Ipaglaban Mo), which she thought contained objectionable scenes yet were allowed to air? Didn’t her blog also contain her gripes against the board? To us, these concerns could be raised and threshed out internally.”

But the truth is, it wasn’t until the MTRCB had called for a recent adjudication committee meeting—together with the members en banc and the representatives of both shows—that Mocha made a presence. [She’s not a committee member though].

“For the record, when Rachel Arenas assumed the chairmanship [replacing Toto Villareal], Mocha was not present when the first meeting was called. Ang hirap din kasi kay Mocha, uma-attend man siya ng board meeting, she would not speak up. Malalaman na lang namin, nasa blog na pala niya to think that whatever agenda during the meeting is supposed to be confidential!”

Mocha’s presence, however, during the scheduled face-off accorded her the chance to see through how the board is mandated to operate.

Mocha Uson

“I went up to her right after the meeting. I told her straight to her face, ‘O, so naliwanagan ka na? Na-address na ba ang mga concerns mo?’ Tahimik lang siya, pangiti-ngiti. Parang maamong tupa. Sa loob-loob ko, ‘O, nasaan ang tapang mo? Eh, sa blog mo lang pala ikaw matapang’.”

Could Mocha’s “tame behavior” indicate that the board members are comfortable working with her?

“On the contrary, no. You want to know the truth? Even her new co-appointees dislike her. And we in the board feel that Mocha has a ‘hidden agenda.’ And that is, she wants us all out so that she can lead the board!”


* * *

GUESS WHO? “Did she say she never got paid when she campaigned for a national candidate during the last elections? That’s a total lie!” a Vignettes source said of a controversial female artist (CFA).

Consistent with her pronouncements, the CFA takes pride in her pro bono services in exchange for her all-out support for a candidate. She claims that her performances were free of charge as she believed (and still does) in what the candidate could do for the country.

Our source, however, revealed that the CFA – who’s the main attraction in her all-female group – got paid P20,00 for every performance.

“So, what is she talking about? And one more thing, could somebody please tell her manager not to act as if her ward is an A-1 performer?”

Our informant bore witness to how uncouth the CFA’s manager was for not allowing members of a performing band to occupy his ward’s designated waiting area before going up the stage during a campaign sortie.

“’Yun daw ang instructions ng alaga niya. Eh, kung tutuusin nga, ‘yung banda ang hindi nagpabayad sa kampanya!”

In fairness to the CFA, her campaign efforts paid off as she now holds a post much to her colleagues’ disgust.

* * *

IS THIS hunk actor (HA) still on drugs? Showbiz insiders are wont to ask. In all indication, the HA appears to still embrace his vice based on his exhibitionist act he posted himself that went viral.

People close to the HA could only be sympathetic—not to him but to the kids he sired with two different celebrities whose fathers are a popular TV host and a famous political luminary, respectively.

“Saka sayang siya, may pedigree pa naman ang angkang pinagmulan niya,” one of them lamented.


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  1. Ernesto Dela Cruz on

    Why are the last two items BLIND ITEM? Why can’t the writer name the persons concerned? If you don’t have balls, don’t criticize! How will your readers understand you? Name names and show us that you’ve got guts and big balls. Shut up or put up.